Art & Antiques Fair

The art & antiques fair started today at luxexpo and I'm thinking about going tomorrow afternoon. It's on every day until Monday (from 11am to 7pm). It's free for anyone who is under 18 but I have to pay 8EUR. You know, sometimes it sucks to say "yeah i'm 18."

I bought this cake tier at the international bazaar last year and I've just started using it for my jewellery. I never used to buy silver things but now I'm starting to prefer silver rings. My fav rings are:
-Superman logo
-Black jewelled ring (I actually bought this from Victoria)


  1. My philo prebac went allright, but I couldn't concentrate at all so I did it really slowly.. I managed to finish it anyway so I'm happy with it! And yours went okay? It seemed quite complicated from what I read here but I guess it's cause I'm used to philo in Swedish ;b
    Love your rings! Especially the L0VE one!

  2. I LOVE THE RINGS! THE SUPERMAN LOGO one is just AMAZING!!! where did you buy it!? And when?

  3. oh I think I will go there to on sunday hihi:)
    Do they have many nice things there?:)
    PS: I LOVE your rings x

  4. Wow amazing rings,
    love them!