Top/h&m divided, hat/accessorize, tribal necklace/h&m, chain necklace/topshop
Yep, still crappy webcam photos. This is what I wore today. I'm so gad I've bought this hat! It instantly makes an all-black outfit really interesting. I thought that I couldn't leave it just at that and added the tribal necklace an re-painted my nails with my topshop "gone fishing" colour. So guys, I'm off to Italy tomorrow! Well actually on wednesday because the bus leaves at 00h15. How fan-faloofing-tastic. I have so much to do before that so if I don't get a chance to post before I really sorry! I hope you have all had a good start to the week. Come on guys, a few more days until weekend again. TTYL.

sunday lustings

sunday lustings

Hello earthlings.. The sun made a brief but super bright appearance which made me want summer to come sooner. The earrings and bag are from dorothy perkins and everything else is from topshop. When I fits saw the bag (while I was in the UK) I thought the colour was a bit too crazy, but now I can stop looking at it. Same with the shorts.. I tried them on and they fit amazingly but for some dumb dumb reason I didn't get them. Grrr...


I got these boots when I went on had my crazy primark day in guildford. I haven't worn them out yet but they'll be great for school when I don't really feel like dressing up but I don't want to be boring either. I'm nearly done with my article! Wihuuu. And it's nearly 1am... Damn. I'm off to have a shower and curl up in bed. The man-friend (he's 22 in june, can I still call him boy..? Haha, I love that bit in the SATC movie) is just over the border in france for a gig tonight so my tootsies will be freezing. YAY for hot water bottles! Night night m'darlings.

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Yes I dress

Hey guys! I have a blog presentation for you. Melanie is a 20 year old blogger who began her blog not so long ago (some time in the beginning of January). She updates quite regularly with outfits, wishlists, a blog presentation here and there and some sprinkles of her every day life.
As you can see, all her outfits are simple yet amazingly stylish and I'm so jealous how effortlessly gorgeous she is. Click on the link below to follow this wonderful blogger:

Lazy bum

I've been wanting to buy an yellow OPI nailpolish for ages now. I'm not exactly sure why I've fallen in love with this colour but I think I watched a make up tutorial months and months ago and the woman was wearing this colour. I've also been thinking about a lilac colour.

PS, boring post I know. I'll try do something a little more interesting once I've worked a bit longer on my article and my esssay.

TGIF kinda

Earrings/topshop, Rings/primark&topshop&vintage, cardigan/primark, skirt/primark, scarf/alexander mcqueen.
Hey darlings! This is what I'm wearing today. I'm off to see a friend and then I'm going to take my camera to Hi-Fi to see if they can find out what's wrong with it. After that I'm going to buy a newspaper, chill at a café down by gare (it's sooo cute, lovely and modern) and try to write my essay and article.

I love reading/studying/writing on my own in a café. It's so relaxing. OH! I dunno if you can tell but I've pushed my bed into the corner of my room: a) for more space and b) so I don't push my boyfriend out of bed haha.

Red lippy at ten to twelve

As I said only webcam photos for now. Unless the sun decides to make an unexpected appearance tomorrow. Which I doubt. It's nearly 00h00 and I think I should get the red lippy and gel eyeliner off my face. Oh by the waaay. I totally forgot to get back to you about the estée lauder tinted moisturiser I bought a while back. I love it! It looks a bit like porridge when it comes out and smells a bit cucumber-y, but I haven't used any foundation or powder since I got it until today when I tried some covergirl liquid foundation. This is the ring I wore in this post. I wanted to show it to you guys a bit more clearly but YAY my flash is a-bye-bye for now. I'm still sad. Waiiihn..


For the first time ever (I think) I actually have no idea what to post! I haven't done anything all day. Yeah, that to-do list didn't go down very well hah.. I've been browsing topshop and river island, watching clips from the ellen show. A very productive day as you can tell! What do you think of a middle parting btw? I've been wanting to leave it like that but it gets in my face all the time and I'm really fidgety (?) with it, grr.

PS, I'll try make a better post later tonight! But boohoo.. It'll probably be another webcam photo because the flash on my camera is broken !£?*+@ I'm so angry with myself. Luckily I still have the guarantee on it. I think. They're usually 1 year right??

Gotta love vintage

This store had some of the funkiest items I'd ever seen in a vintage store. I didn't feeling like ploughing through everything (lazy me, oops) so I ended up buying the scarf thing and then I bought the wallet in a separate store across the street. If you ever go to Edinburgh go to Grassmarket, but my all-time fav store for vintage has to be beyond retro in London.


I forgot to bring a hat with me to the 'burgh so I popped into accessorize and bought a fluffy leopard print beret. I was looking around the store and it was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on the pair of cupcake earrings. They were way too cute. After going down Princes Street, where they have river island, topshop, urban outfitters etc., we popped into costa coffee for a snack (hehe you can see it in the background to the left on the first photo). Where can you buy stencil thingies so you can make chocolate powder shapes on your cappucino? My mum and I have been searching for them everywhere.


What is uuup you guys? I'm home! And I already miss topshop hahaha. This is what I wore on my second day there so a few things were bought the day before.
Earrings - topshop
Rings - topshop&dorothy perkins
Bag - dorothy perkins
Cardigan - topshop

The bag is actually the one which I posted here, but in black. I knooow I said I wanted to get a light coloured one for spring but I couldn't resist plus, the black one was on sale. How could I say no? Mmh, I wasn't sure about the colour of the cardigan at first but now I lav. It's so comfy as well. 

Hello from Scotland!

Hey you guys! I'm in Edinburgh now. It's so beautiful here. I hit topshop straight away and I bought two nail polishes and a pair of rings. Whaddya think? I have to go down for dinner and then I'm hitting the town with my bro and some of his mates to catch a bit of the 'burgh night life.

The winners of my giveaway are
1) Mandy! You get the feather set
2) and Nora, you get the simple skincare products
I'll email you guys soon for a time to meet up and the rest of you thanks so much for entering. I might have another one for when I reach 75 some day.

See yaaaa xx


My favourite magazine. I love the layout of their layout! It's really easy on the eyes: not too simple but not too overwhelming. They have really interesting articles as well (as you can see on the third photo). This one is about a bunch of women who commute between two countries. I think I'd like to do that some day after uni because there's something about travelling on a plane which I enjoy so much. I love watching people rush around, seeing business men on their blackberries and laptops... I think I get this love of travelling from my dad and also the fact that I've been flying to Japan twice a year since I was 5 months old. I'm so lucky that I get to go back to my other homeland. Not many people get the opportunity to do that and I'm really thankful.

Big Softy

I bought these two cardigans in topshop the one on the left is a bit more light and I think it will look great with a baggy white tank top tucked in a pair of high-waisted shorts (which I still must buy some time). The one on the right is the comfiest cardigan I've ever bought. It's thick and perfect for fresh mornings when I want to wear a coat which isn't so thick.

Hello Goodbye

Phew, I just got back and now I'm unpacking... so that I can re-pack. Tomorrow I'm going to Hahn and staying the night because my flight to Edinburgh on Saturday morning is pretty early. Which means I'm missing this event. I'm so bummed. My flight was delayed by 2h because the flight before was delayed and the one before that etc. But the kind lady managed to put us on the flight before us which meant my dad and I had to run through the airport. Luckily it was the London City airport and we didn't have far to go. Well darlings, these are two flats I bought in primark (both 8GBP I think - correct me if I'm wrong - which makes them about 9.51EUR each).

PS, do me a huge favour and sign this petition. If you want to read about what you're signing for then all the info is on the page under "sign this petition". Thank you.

Snow you know

Two photos from a relatively recent shoot I did with the super talented Tina

Her flickr
Her facebook page

Sunday lustings - bags

Barrel bag from River Island

Envelope clutch from Dorothy Perkins

Tassel shoulder bag from Dorothy Perkins

Grey satchel from River Island

Twist lock bag from River Island

I already have way too many bags so it's going to be hard to only choose one or two!! I own a lot of black bags so I think the neutral tassel bag is a must. I think the satchel is my second fave but i love the shape of barrel bags.. I'll see what I can find when I go there. I SO CAN'T WAIT.

Sunday lustings - beauty

From left to right: Isn't That Precious, Pink-A-Doodle, I think in Pink, It's a girl.

Chanel Pro Lumière foundation
Lola by Marc Jacobs

I don't normall go for big brands when it comes to make-up and other beauty products, but I watched pixiwoo's review (click here) on different chanel foundations and now I'm lusting of the their pro lumière foundation.

I bought the lola body lotion a while back when the sales were on and it smells so good. Maybe I should go for the perfume next time round?


Hello darlings! Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I literally passed out right after dinner. I was supposed to go to the cinema with my boyfriend tonight to watch the new jack black film (love him!) but I started getting a reeeeally bad headache and so he said we should have a night in. He brought me a dafalgan, a cup of tea and left me to take a nap while he went to buy our dinner (burrrrrrrritos yum). He's so adorable and I love how he takes care of me. I'm such a lucky girl.

I have double free for geo today so I went to sephora and used my 15% discount on the estée lauder tinted moisturiser. I didn't just spontaneously buy it, I've been reading lots of reviews and I had been considering buying it for ages. I only tried it on my hand when I was testing it in the store but I already love it so much! Which is actually a bit silly I know, so I'll let you know in a couple of days to a week how it's going. I want to try and use only tinted moisturiser throughout spring and summer.

Wihuu, we gonna watch a film now so have a great night if you aren't out already!

PS, it's the prebac party tomorrow so I'll have lots of photos to post on Sunday for you (for those who don't go to my school, it's basically the party celebrating the end of the prebac exams)

How 'bout a quickie?

I'm preparing my french homework at the moment so I can't stay long. We have to study a passage from our book Tristan et Iseut and in tomorrow's lesson we have to present it to the class as if it were an oral exam. I think.. Anyways, this is what I wore today: All black besides my primark denim vest and my grey snood from h&m. With it I wore a pair of black converse. I kept the jewellery simple and decided to go for my all time fave necklace and my black sapphire gem stone ring.

Why hello there, I've just come back from heaven

Yeps that's right. I've just got back from the art & antiques fair at the luxexpo. It was amazing! Of course a lot of it was furniture, musical instruments and paintings but there were a lot of jewellery stands as well. There were a lot of vintage cartier, rolex and patek philippe watches along with vintage jewellery from dior, tiffany, chanel... So many things were priced around minimum 700EUR (reaching up to prces of over 10, 000EUR but what do you expect?) but there were other stands which weren't selling designer jewellery and this is where I found my new ring. There's no brand name to go with it but the gem is black sapphire and it traces back to London in the 1920's. Don't you just love wearing a piece of history?

Saturday night movie night

I normally don't like pictures of myself where I have my hair tied up but I don't mind this one hehe. I'm wearing that military cardigan I told you about in the river island post with a black H&M snood. I love the H&M ones- they're just so incredibly soft!

Art & Antiques Fair

The art & antiques fair started today at luxexpo and I'm thinking about going tomorrow afternoon. It's on every day until Monday (from 11am to 7pm). It's free for anyone who is under 18 but I have to pay 8EUR. You know, sometimes it sucks to say "yeah i'm 18."

I bought this cake tier at the international bazaar last year and I've just started using it for my jewellery. I never used to buy silver things but now I'm starting to prefer silver rings. My fav rings are:
-Superman logo
-Black jewelled ring (I actually bought this from Victoria)


I can't wait for friday 12h00.

© Christine Xuan

River Island

A few things I want to buy while I'm in England/Scotland. I have the cardigan at the very end already, but in another colour (dark navy w/gold buttons) and it's one of my fav summer cardigans so I really hope I find it when I go to the UK. I just remembered that I'm missing two days of school just before the Feb holidays to go visit the uni of surrey for the applicant day. I've already gone to the general open day and got a really good impression of it but now that I've made surrey my firm choice, I have so many questions. I don't think I'll get the chance to shop while I'm their but it doesn't matter so much because 1 day after I come back from Guildford, I'll be heading off to Edinburgh to visit my older bro! Wihuu, I can't wait.

PS- Chemistry prebac tomorrow. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH!