I was in Paris this weekend to see the Manfriend play and lemme tell you it was a pretty awesome night. It's a pretty chill club and I always love seeing him play when I get the chance. The day after the gig we went around a bit and this is what I wore: the fur collar and leather jacket which I've been wearing almost every day and a dress from vero moda. I'm really starting to like dresses a lot more. Before I would always steer from wearing them during the day but actually they're quite cute with a pair of tights and ankle boots and I'll always keep it from being too girly but spiking or studding up the outfit a little.

I'm so happy that I got such awesome comments about the Occitane post. It's really nice to hear other people's experiences with different products and their preferences. I'm still discovering the brand product by product and so far I haven't been disappointed.


Most people know this skincare brand already but I don't hear it being talked about enough (or I'm just not on enough beauty blogs and youtube channels). After having bought a 30ml tube of the 20% shea butter hand cream last summer I've been obsessing over their products. I must have bought around mid July when I was in Paris and I still have a little bit left - it has lasted so long! You really don't need to squeeze a lot out for your hands to feel well and truly moisturised. The other product is one that I have only just started using. It's a toning fact mist with organic olive tree leaf extracts and I like to use it either after I wash my face or after I wash off a face mask. So far I really like it and the only issue I have with it is that it's a 150ml container so when I travel short distances and without checked luggage, I wouldn't be able to take it with me. I really want a few of those Travalo bottles which you can pump your perfume into. Do any of you guys use L'Occitane en Provence products? Are there any you'd reccommend?


This is what I wore on my last day in Luxembourg. My mama and I went for bagels in the morning and we spent the rest of the day wondering around town and doing some chill shopping. We also checked out Lush and we both bought a soap each which we later split half/half so we could each have a bit of both. I can't wait to be back in Luxembourg again! Although tomorrow I'm off to Paris for the weekend to see the Manfriend play at Social Club so if you're around that area come along! It's going to be an awesome night.


I bought these earrings when I went to Extrabold with the Manfriend over the weekend. I had been looking for some funky new earrings and so I was super excited when I saw these because I don't own anything like it. It reminded me of Nancy Sinatra's song Bang Bang - take two and a half minutes and check out the song above.


So, I can't be the only one that's excited?


Hello you all, how's everything going on in your life? I'm so sorry my blogging has been so absent lately. I'm flying home tomorrow morning so hopefully I'll have some free time for outfit photos although I do have an assignment coming up in a week and a half which I need to get cracking with. Uni is so chill and then suddenly so stressful. It's always up and down. I'm currently trying to find a house for next year which doesn't exactly help with my already stressed mind. I feel comforted in knowing I'll be home tomorrow. I miss my family but being in England has taught me a lot about myself, what I believe in and things I perhaps want to change about myself for the better. Like every new step in life, being at university isn't just to educate yourself in the area of discipline which you applied for but it also teaches you about yourself and you see yourself in a new light which you had yet to experience. I must dash but I hope I'll have a more interesting post for you next time. I may add to this a little later XOXO