christine xuan
It's not very often that I get photographed for the blog, mostly because I feel a lot more comfortable behind the camera as opposed to being infront of the lens! Kaori convinced me to have my outfit photos taken this time as I was wearing this beautiful bright pink playsuit from Missguided, a colour which is very much the opposite of what I usually wear. It was a hot summer's day, the perfect weather to get my legs out and wear something a little bit out of my comfort zone. I have to admit I did feel like a giant pink candyfloss while wearing it but it was nice to not be wearing an all black look, which is my usual go-to. I decided to pair it with this light brown bag that I bought from New Look if I remember correctly, and these sandals from ASOS. I also decided to take this piece with me on my recent holiday to Mallorca to catch the last bit of summer and it was perfect for the 25C degree weather, it kept me cool and although the fabric isn't super lightweight I didn't feel too hot in it. Possibly not the most weather appropriate look to post given that it's currently rainy,cold and grey in Luxembourg at the minute, but it's one of my favourite looks and I couldn't resist posting it, even if it is a little bit overdue!