My oldest and one of my best friends, Christine, came to visit me this past weekend and it was so nice to finally spend a good, long weekend together. Check out my Instagram to see what we got up to! We of course had to take some photos in the park where a lot of the leaves had fallen already allowing for a beautiful outfit photo backdrop. decided to wear my black Zara trousers with a simple H&M top and my pearl necklace from Topshop. I then put on my striped blazer from Primark to complete my monochrome look. I must have made somewhat of a good choice because when we were having lunch at the Grand Place, two sweet, elderly and fabulous-looking American ladies complimented my outfit! It totally made my day.


After the circus-themed AX Paris party earlier this year I thought it would be pretty hard to top but the Etail PR and AX ladies definitely pulled off one hell of night. Perhaps one of the things that made it all quite fabulous was that I was asked, along with Kristiana and Amy, to walk in their fashion show to showcase a few of their new pieces. We had a run-through of the walk and then we had our make-up done by the lovely Jilly. By the time all three of us were done, bloggers were starting to pile in and my nerves started to kick in.

I am the kind of person who hates having all eyes on me so why I ever chirped and said I would do this is beyond me... But I am so happy I did, I have never experienced anything quite like it. Once one look was done, we had to rush and quickly zip out of the dress and into another. There was not enough time to zip up one dress the entire way so I ended up going out with my hair covering it. The adrenaline rush was intense.

The venue was absolutely amazing. It was my first ever Burlesque experience so I was thrilled that we got to enjoy a night of performances by burlesque dancers and a hilarious presenter - the dancers were absolutely gorgeous! They had butts to die for. I vowed to hit the gym and do my squats whilst I was hovering over the pick-n-mix stand that was set up.

It was also a great opportunity to mingle and to chat with a few people who I only knew through their blogs. I finally had the chance to meet Kavita – I love how much of a chatterbox she is. She is absolutely lovely! Jade, who won cycle 7 of BNTM was also there which was insane. I felt the fangirl inside of me leap to a whole new level.

One of my best friends, Christine, came to visit me this past weekend. Our days together pretty much consisted of eating yummy food, shopping and taking silly photos in the Cinquantenaire park. We did, however, get up relatively early on the Sunday to shoot on my balcony in the morning sunlight. It was quite spontaneous but we got some great shots! After a couple of looks a I slipped into the Sequin Kickout dress which I wore in the show – the sequins picked up the light beautifully and I am beyond excited to see the final result. Until then, I have added a sneaky preview at the end of this post.

PS, check out the #AXParty tag to see even more photos


Warning, a hot cup of tea or something of that sort may be needed to get through this post. It is quite image as well as text heavy! Kristiana and I got to feast our eyes on a multitude of upcoming collections the other day and my oh my are you guys in for a treat. The above dress was one that stood out for me from Suzannah's collection. I had first heard the brand through Wish Want Wear (an online designer dress hire company) so I was ecstatic to be able to see the collection in front of me. 


During my last couple of hours in London, my friend and I had a bit of a walkabout in her neighbourhood. I wish I did not have to hurry off to catch my Eurostar as there were so many awesome second hand stores to browse. I very recently purchased this simple Cheap Monday top when I finally had the chance to meet up with Toni. I completed the outfit with my leather Zara jacket, Zara trousers and black H&M boots. It is quite a dark look but the Cheap Monday adds a touch of brightness. I also slipped on my lionhead necklace from Choies and my new H&M skull ring.


Necklace - Choies
Top - Cheap Monday
Jacket & trousers - Zara
Bag - Primark
Boots - H&M



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I found the perfect midi skirts when I went shopping on Friday! I had been on the hunt for a specific style because all the others I have come across were too thin, too long, too this, too that... All of them were just a little bit "off" for my liking. But then I wandered into H&M and saw this one hanging. I pounced. I do think this outfit would have looked better with a short jumper - perhaps a cropped one - but I am not a major fan of my belly jelly so I opted for this Zara monochrome jumper (see better photos of it in this post). If you are pear-shaped like me, I would love to know how you style your midi skirts and dresses so do leave a comment and/or leave a link to a recent outfit or look you have put together.



Skirt - H&M
Top, shoes & jacket - Zara
Bag - Pimkie



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Claude and I decided to go to last weekend's Brussels Fashion Days evening and we got to have a look around at the wonderful belgian talent. The venue itself was pretty awesome and we both found a bag brand which we absolutely love! Vers Versa was started up by Belgian-Irish actress Sinead with the amazing concept of interchangeable bags to fit any lady's personality. "Trends change and so do you" - I could not have put it better myself! I love that you can buy a bag and adapt it to whatever occasion or time in your life! We all go through a leopard phase, a bold colour phase, a "I promise I don't hate the world but I love all-black" phase... The list goes on. I will definitely have to hunt down a store which will be selling the latest collection as this is definitely something that I would save up to spend my money on. They are priced around 200-400 EUR depending on the style and size you buy. What do you guys think? Would you buy one too?

 I am seriously so obsessed - I cannot stop thinking about these beauts!

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I met up with Claude yesterday and we did a spot of shopping at a nearby mall. I have to say it was quite a successful one as I finally found a new leather jacket! It was 80 EUR but considering that the ones I had come across until yesterday were peaking at prices such as 120-140 EUR I thought it was a pretty damn good purchase. I also bought a few basics in H&M which I will definitely be featuring in future outfit posts. I managed to hunt down the perfect midi skirts so expect a few looks with them soon!





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I have been itching to show you this look for such a long time now! A few months ago, I was contacted by a lovely girl who works Nylon Japan. The excitement I felt when the words "Nylon" "Japan" and "feature" registered in my brain was out of this world. Each word on its own made me incredibly excited but all three together made me feel as if my mind was about to implode. I could not even handle it. I decided to put together this very autumnal look with an incredibly oversized bordeaux-coloured top with my favourite maxi skirt which is, coincidentally, the one I wore in my previous post. To top it all off I thought my floppy camel hat would go perfectly. As for the shoes... I bought these in Topshop in the sale and I thought it was such a steal (around 38 GBP reduced to approx. 17 GBP) but they are so incredibly painful. I was disappointed because my other flats form Tophop were so comfy! I am on the lookout for a new pair of black flats so if you know of any super comfy ones please do let me know.


Hat & top - H&M
Shoes & bracelets - Topshop
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skirt - Primark





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