HOLA - I'm so excited right now. I even woke up at 7am although I'm not quite sure how I managed that without an alarm. Yesterday I met up with the Manfriend and we went to the Schueberfouer (an annual fair which lasts for about 3 weeks) and the fair actually started back in 1340. We played a few silly games and ate white chocolate covered strawberries mmhh. I think it's my favourite thing about the fair.

Moving on.. YES the day has finally come. I'm flying to NYC this evening and I'm so damn excited. Emily and I are pretty lucky as we're sort of just missing the hurricane. The week that we're there it's supposed to be above 25'C WUUHUUU. Well, I must get back to packing. I've decided to take a different suitcase which means I have to shift everything out and into the new one which means I'll probably lose a pair of socks or something along the way considering the state of my room.

PS, I'm not sure if I'll be blogging from NYC but hopefully I will be!


New hat! 480 THB (11 EUR/9.80 GBP)
Today has been another rainy day. We don't want to risk elephant trekking in the rain so we might just have to pass on it this time.. At the moment we're chilling in the lounge "house" more or less in the centre of the little hotel village. It's so cute, the entire complex is like a village. There's a separate building for the reception, the library, the spa and so on. Here in this lounge I'm sitting on (more like sprawled out on) a hanging/swinging couch. I seriously need one of these in my future home!

We went to starbucks again today where I had a cinnamon bun and a matcha frappuccino - the best cold drink at starbucks! Although I've only ever seen it in Japan and here in Phuket. I have two on-campus starbucks at my uni so I may just have to convince them to start serving it. I imagine it would be super tasty if it was hot. Mmmh. I kinda can't wait for winter when I can curl up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a cinnamon bun. I think I'm going through a cinnamon phase right now.


My new bikini!
Creepin' in da pool
Hey there again my lovelies, I hope you're all doing well. The Manfriend and I had a pretty lazy day yesterday and he are some photos. I wore that new bikini I showed you a while back and now it's my favourite hehe. Before I left I realised I couldn't find any bottoms so I bought a black stringy/tie at the hips kinda thing with small tassles and golden. It looks much nicer than the way I'm describing it to you right now, I promise. Maybe I can show you a close up of it?

Today.. I'm afraid I don't have much to say about my day today. It rained from last night around dinner time until about 5pm today. We still want to do the elephant trekking so hopefully the weather will perk up for a few hours in the afternoon tomorrow. Speaking of elephants, when the Manfriend and I took a stroll to a nearby starbucks we also (well, I also) stopped to buy a few things and on the way back we saw a bébé elephant! Too cute. I got to feed it as well hehe.

It's slooowly coming towards the end of summer for us. Some of you may have school in under 2 weeks, have already started and some of you may be like me and beginning a new chapter of your lives and starting university. To everyone going back to school and especially my fellow undergrads, good luck!

PS, if you see any spelling mistakes please don't hesitate to point them out!


Miss Selfridge bag I bought 4 years ago & gifts for my family
Yummy ice cappuccino - hah, I think I may need to repaint my nails

Being a bit silly - here you can see what I wore, sort of haha. It's a bit on the shorter side so I wore my cotton shorts underneath

HOLA! Today we decided to treat ourselves and have a completely lazy day. We had a lie-in and then hit the mall in Patong where we had lunch and went shopping for some gifts to bring home. We stopped for some coffee and the ice cappuccino I had was sooo good. I think we might go back there on our last day. Now I'm going to go chill outside by the pool with a book. I hope you're enjoying your summer holidays as much as I am enjoying mine!

PS, looks like I'll be going to the uni of my choice and I found out where I'll be staying for the next year as well, wuuhuuu! I'm coming for you topshop...


 Phang Nga Bay
 Going into Panak Island
 Phang Nga Bay is probably the most beautiful place I've been to...
 Inside the cave
Why hello there, I don't want to brag or anything but I literally had the best day. EVER. Oh my gosh I don't even know where to begin. We booked this trip for today hoping that the weather would be okay and it was so much better than we expected. With a very early start I thought I would be groggy the entire day but NOPE. We were all shuffled onto a boat and we headed towards Panak Island where the first round of canoeing was done and then we were shipped off to Hong Island to take in more of the beautiful scenery. 

After a lunch break we made our way for James Bond Island (pictured in the very last photo; click this link for the famous scene). I don't remember the name of the last island we went to but we were allowed to go swimming or canoeing by ourselves for 40mins so the Manfriend and I chose the canoeing option. Although I'm terrified of deep water being in the canoe wasn't so bad and the views we got were amazing. I feel like I owe this trip/experience a lot longer and more descriptive text as I feel I'm downgrading it by mentioning simple things. I'm utterly pleased with today's trip and wouldn't change a single thing about it if I could go back in time. Everyone, if you go to Thailand check out Phang Nga Bay. It's really worth it!


 Waiting for our plane to Bangkok
 View from plane as we approached Phuket - amazing!
Hey you guys, I'm finally in Phuket! We've had our first night here and I'm so in love with it already. We chilled in the pool for a bit where the poolside bar-tender challenged us to a game of jenga. I love it when there are little sparks of personality from hotel staff as it makes the holiday all the more enjoyable and memorable. We then had an amazing dinner and I'm so excited to try more Thai dishes. Thai food is so delicious!

We planned to go to the beach today but the storm hit which we aren't too annoyed with because we knew we would be going during the rainy season and were aware that we might get caught up in it. Luckily there's quite a bit to do and I'll probably read my book with a cup of tea under our porch outside. There's something quite soothing about the rain, isn't there?


YSL beauty booklet

Hey guys! Here's another outfit post for you. I'm wearing the new headband which I bought today and my new leopard print heels. I'd been thinking about getting leopard print shoes/wedges but I was never sure about it. Then, the more I thought about having leopard print footwear the more obsessed I became hehe. The beauty book you see is something which I think you can only get in Japan (correct me if I'm wrong but I've only ever seen it here). Last year I bought the Marc by Marc Jacobs lookbook and this year I found this in the book store. Most of the time it comes with a gift and with this one came a slim YSL bag which I'll use for carrying around my laptop in uni.

Tomorrow is my final full day in Japan. I'm really sad. I'm so used to being here now that I don't want to leave. This happens every time. It really does feel like my other home. I feel so relaxed here. Oh well, next year I hope I can come in the spring to see the cherry blossoms!


Bracelet from F21 & ring from my friend Caley. TANKSS DEBU FUTOI.

WASSUP. Here's another outfit post for you. I love my new stripey skirt!! Today was the beginning of the Obon festival in my area (click here for more info) so I was with my grandma and mama to greet the family monk. Later, I changed into this outfit to go to the mall and buy a few things for our apartment (ironing board, bin etc.). It's my friends' last night here but tomorrow morning the three of us are heading off to Hiroshima. It'll be my first time there - I can't wait!


Hello peeps! We had an awesome day of shopping at my favourite mall. I did buy a few things but nothing to amazing besides these two items above. I bought a new travel make up bag with cute little compartments and straps, a dew birthday gifts for friends back home, some simple tank tops and matching PJs with ma girls.

The bag was on sale and it was 1,999 JPY / 18 EUR and the shoes were half price (from the same shoe store as the other two). I've pretty much completely my shopping list of must buys in Japan besides a few more gifts for friends and I want to find a cute but cheap summer dress for Thailand. TWELVE DAYS UNTIL THAILAND WOOHOOO!


The Castle


Waiting in line for Thundermountain

Hello, sorry for the absence. I just got back from Tokyo and now we're chilling in my apartment. We're going to be here until we go off to Hiroshima. Anyways, tomorrow we're going to do some sightseeing and the day after: SHOPPING. I can't wait to show them the stores and so on. I'll try have some more photos for you tomorrow!


 Hey! So this is what I wore today. The bag is new and it's from ANAP - a japanese brand. The hooks are a bit weak which I'm disappointed about but I was lugging around my fat camera which pulls it down quite a bit. In Kyoto I didn't buy much besides things to take to uni and a light-weight top. As I've mentioned I'm heading to Tokyo tomorrow to meet the girls. We might be eating at a ninja restaurant one night hehe. Goodnight, I'm off to bed as I have to wake up at 7h30!


So these are the two pairs of shoes I bought yesterday. I absolutely LOVE wedges but I find that heels can be too showy for the day but I already own a pair of decent wedges so these babies are perfetto. They are both from R&E, a japanese brand. Check out their online store here. I'm off to buy my shinkansen tickets to Tokyo and then I'm heading to Kyoto to go around and to check out some stores there.