Phang Nga Bay
 Going into Panak Island
 Phang Nga Bay is probably the most beautiful place I've been to...
 Inside the cave
Why hello there, I don't want to brag or anything but I literally had the best day. EVER. Oh my gosh I don't even know where to begin. We booked this trip for today hoping that the weather would be okay and it was so much better than we expected. With a very early start I thought I would be groggy the entire day but NOPE. We were all shuffled onto a boat and we headed towards Panak Island where the first round of canoeing was done and then we were shipped off to Hong Island to take in more of the beautiful scenery. 

After a lunch break we made our way for James Bond Island (pictured in the very last photo; click this link for the famous scene). I don't remember the name of the last island we went to but we were allowed to go swimming or canoeing by ourselves for 40mins so the Manfriend and I chose the canoeing option. Although I'm terrified of deep water being in the canoe wasn't so bad and the views we got were amazing. I feel like I owe this trip/experience a lot longer and more descriptive text as I feel I'm downgrading it by mentioning simple things. I'm utterly pleased with today's trip and wouldn't change a single thing about it if I could go back in time. Everyone, if you go to Thailand check out Phang Nga Bay. It's really worth it!