When Luxembourg was hit with that intense heat wave, all I wanted to wear were short or loosely fitted clothes. I came across this random store on the Avenue de la Liberté down by Luxembourg City's central train station one day and while some things were far from what I would usually having hanging in my wardrobe (think leopard print and rhinestones. Combined) I found this gorgeous printed top that reminded me of the Alhambra which the boyfriend and I saw during our trip around Andalusia (see the post here). I love it when clothes spark a memory even if it does turn you into a perpetual clothes hoarder... but that's a whole other story. I decided to steer away from dark colours and opted for blues in different shades and textures which seem to work quite well together! I'm not sure why I'm so surprised but I wasn't expecting the Bershka denim shorts to fit that well with the top. But HOORAY!

I tend to prefer cross body or over the shoulder bags because of the problems with my elbows. I'm not sure if I've addressed this on the blog before, but basically I can't fully extend my arms. They are always a little bit bent, which you can see in the first of the side-by-side photos below. Yup - that's as far as they will extend. So if I am not careful, I can sometimes look like I'm standing with an invisible bicycle pump which cracks both Christine and I up. This is why I love strappy bags like this one from marc b and multiple compartments/pockets are ALWAYS a winner for me. I like be able to access little things like eye drops and lip balm without having to zip open my valuables as well. I also prefer having the bag over my left shoulder as well as having the zips face forward when closed so this one is a win-win-win! Does anyone else have these weird little criteria when picking a new bag? 

blue marc b cross body bag

Bag - Marc b
Sunglasses - Quay Australia
Shorts - Bershka

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blue marc b cross body bag