I hope all of you have had a very merry christmas with your family and friends! Being back in Luxembourg has been great. I have not met up with friends that much but I have spent loads of time with my family and the Manfriend. I have a little "what I got for Christmas" post for you so I hope you do not take this in the wrong way and think I am bragging/showing off the things I received this year. Click the Read more button at the end of this post to see the rest!

My Christmas celebrations started with Italian feast on the 24 December with the Manfriend and the 20+ members of his famiglia. It was insane! There was so much food and conversations flying about all over the place... I stuck with his cousin girlfriend a lot of the time because it was the first Christmas with the boyfriend for both of us. Midnight came around and this year it was the Manfriend's turn to be Babbo Natale (Father Christmas). We did not get back to my place until after 4am but we had such a good night.

The next day the Christmas festivities continued with my family's tradition of opening the gifts that Santa left by our beds. As old as I get, I still love this tradition because it not only reminds me of all the Christmases I have had growing up but it gets me excited for the day! The Manfriend and I then watched the first two Home Alone movies. Helping my mum with the turkey prep (and the rest of the dinner) is another one of my favourite parts of the day. It makes me feel like I will be capable of cooking my future family a decent Christmas dinner! All in all, I had an amazing couple of days and I hope you have had an amazing Christmas too. I love you all.


Beautiful Luxembourg from the top of the ferris wheel 

I actually spotted this bag back when I was in Scotland in July - I had no idea my sneaky mum got it for me!

I received this gift set from the Manfriend's parents when I was celebrating Christmas on the 24th with him and his crazy, loveable Italian famiglia

Topshop faux fur collar

No Christmas would be complete without getting a few books! They may be set in different times but both books have a female spy protagonist. The Expats is actually set in Luxembourg!!!

My brother got me these wedge trainers - absolutely loving the studded detail!

The Manfriend got me this snuggly, lazy looking leopard (which I have been attached to ever since I got) and a proper chocolate fondue machine!

My beautiful new wallet - this gift was totally unexpected!

This is perhaps the only present I desperately wanted this year! Haha. While I was in Scotland, the family and I became obsessed with puzzles.

 I did received a few other things but I do not really want to be too braggy by posting everything