I'm finally back in Luxembourg! It feels good to be back but I do miss how relaxing Scotland was. I woke up super late today despite having slept a lot on the journey back. On the way back we stopped to visit my mama's friend so I decided to wear my simple white dress from topshop but I didn't want to look too formal/dressed up so I went for the dame cardigan which I wore in my previous post. I don't have much time here because I'm leaving again in just under a week to go to Japan. I can't wait!


Necklace - New Look
I usually post by midday central european time but this time around we had to leave Scotland on a 4.5h drive. This is not exactly the kind of outfit you would first think of wearing on a long car journey so but I wanted to shoot something to update for you guys. I decided to pull away from my comfort zone of blazers and I went for a cardigan this time. I'm wearing my favourite lace shirt, which I also have in black. Have you guys been keeping up to date with the olympics? I can't wait for the synchronised swimming.


It was quite dull yesterday so I went for a slightly darker look by wearing my navy blazer over a white top with my black Dr Denim jeggings and my two new loves: the Topshop boots and River Island bag. I'm pretty much living in these boots now. Now, I'm sitting in the cafe again having 'tea for two' with my mama which consists of tea, scones, cupcakes and triangle sandwiches. The woman working here even but a little GB flag on top of one of the cupcakes. 


This is probably the first really decent outfit post which I’ve done in a while. Do you guys ever just not feel like it sometimes? I know it’s a bit of a lazy thing to say but my unless I’m in Japan my outfits tend to be quite casual, repetitive and bland. Converse, leggings, a white top and a blazer are pretty much my standard outfit but yesterday I felt like making a little bit more of an effort. I think it’s my new boots from Topshop which are doing the trick. They have a heel so I feel like the rest of the outfit should match up.

So, I went for my standard white top and leggings, this time opting for my white Zara blazer and my new bag from River Island. I saw it when I was first in Edinburgh but I hesitated buying it and eventually completely went off the idea because, well, honestly... Do I really need a new bag? The thing is I’ve been eyeing about for a structured black bag and to be frank I won’t be buying a Prada Galleria any time in the near future, so I thought it was okay and somewhat justifiable.

Either way, I think I’ll use this as my travel bag for when I eventually do go to Japan in less than two weeks – I am so excited! It’s currently around mid-thirty-degree weather there so I shall be melting like an ice cream cone but it’ll be good. There’s a 24h convenience store just around the corner from our apartment and I can’t wait to be sneaking off for nighttime snacks at 1am in 24°C heat.


I ordered this and another necklace from galibardy.com the other day and I am absolutely thrilled to finally have it hanging around my neck. I love takeaway coffee cups in general because it reminds me of this one time I was with my mama at a conference in Chicago and there was a Starbucks counter in the hotel lounge. On a few mornings she would leave me a mini breakfast of some kind of pastry and a caramel macchiato before heading off to a morning meeting. ANYWAY, I just generally love how quirky every piece of their jewellery line is. You may not fancy every one but I think within their collection anyone can find something that suits them and their taste. This isn't a sponsored post in any way. I just wanted to let you guys know about an awesome jewellery brand if you didn't know about it already! Happy online shopping ladies!


Double post today! On my last day in Edinburgh I was frantically looking for a Liz Earle counter in John Lewis because though I brought the cleanser and scrub, I had completely forgotten to bring a muslin cloth with me. I picked a pack up but I couldn't help letting my eyes wonder over the make up range. I asked the lady working out the counter to match me with a loose powder which I could use over the summer. Even though my face isn't so tanned now,  and with the evident lack of sun here in scotland, I colour really easily when the sun does come out so I always get so frustrated when picking a foundation. I never know the perfect time to pick one! She first tried the Natural Beige on me which suited my skin tone fine but we decided to go for Natural Honey which made my skin look warmer but it still wasn't too orange. The powder is so light and velvety smooth. I could totally wear this on its own when it's just too hot to put any foundation on. I really do prefer to put minimal amounts of make up on unless I'm going out with my girls. As for the brush, it's so super soft and I'm glad I got it because I've realised that I don't have a proper powder brush in my collection. Once I get back to Uni I think I'll check out my local Liz Earle store to explore their make up collection a lot more.


Hey guys! The Manfriend and I spent Friday going around Edinburgh (sightseeing and of course shopping) we first went to see the castle which was then followed by a trip to the Scotch Whiskey experience. I would highly recommend it if you are going to be visiting Edinburgh. That day I wore my flow-y zara top with my navy blue blazer and my scarf from Accessorize. In the evening we met up with my brother and his girlfriend for dinner and then we went to this vodka bar where I tried their homemade fudge vodka! It was so deliciously yummy. The day after I wore pretty much the same outfit but with my white topshop dress and my new heeled black boots from topshop. I'm sorry for the lack of posts - I was too busy being a tourist!


This is what my usual set-up at the local cafe. They provide free internet access here so it's the best I can get in this small scottish village I'll be staying at for another week and a half. I actually have to run off now because I'm picking up the Manfriend at Edinburgh airport. We're staying two nights in the city and tomorrow we're going on this whiskey tasting experience! I'm so excited. We'll then be coming back to this little quiet village. I must remember to check out an HMV while I'm in Edinburgh. Does anyone know if you can buy "Who's line is it anyway?" dvds in their stores?


Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that AX Paris are having a sale and if you use the BLOG10 promo code at the check out you get an extra 10% off. You should definitely check out their dresses and shoes. I couldn't help placing an order myself!

So be sure to check it out here:


I've definitely mentioned this lipgloss before on my blog but it's totally worth mentioning again. This is my all-time favourite lipgloss. I've tried loads here and there but this is the only one I've re-purchased four times. It's N°20 in Perfect Nude by Sephora. It's so smooth and it certainly does not feel like you are wearing glue, unlike some glosses which I have tried. I'm at a local cafe right now but later in the day we might be driving 45mins to the closest city to do a bit of shopping. I won't buy much (I always say this....) because on Thursday I'll be going to Edinburgh to pick up the Manfriend and we're spending two nights there. I can't wait!


This is one of the blazers I bought when I went on my Zara rampage about a week ago. I think it makes an outfit looks so much more finished than just a leather jacket or a plain black blazer. I'm really into mixing dressy and casual so I would wear this with my converse to balance things out (even though on that particular day I wore my bébé uggs).


There is not much to do in the village that I’m staying in right now but they do have a pretty big store there with loads of Scottish souvenirs such as tartans, traditional clothing, food etc. but they also had a huge Yankee Candle area! I was even happier when I saw the 25% off sign. I'm quite particular about scents and I much prefer my room filled with floral scents rather than vanilla or cinnamon. I find them just a bit too heavy for my taste. I’ll probably save these for when I move back to England for my next year of uni. I cannot wait to decorate my new room! As well as spending my time online-browsing Zara and Topshop, I’ve also spent my time browsing Ikea for anything I could purchase to personalise my room.

The lack of internet connection in the our cottage has been so liberating. I have so much time to read! I could do this back home of course, but I just have no self-control haha. I've now finished "Private Lives" by Tasmina Perry and I started the Ahern book but I don't find it as captivating as her other books. Maybe I'm just growing up? It seems like ages ago that I was reading Jacqueline Wilson books. The third book that's peeking out there is "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks. I've never actually read any of his books despite seeing most of the film adaptations of his novels. The other three are none fiction books which I'm planning on reading/re-reading in the hope that it might help for next year. I actually bought the "Social Intelligence" book after having read "Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ" by the same author, Daniel Goleman. It's a really interesting read; I seriously recommend it.


I only ever used to wear a standard colour on my nails and whenever I jumped slightly out of my comfort-red-zone I never really stuck to the colours nor did I actually paint my nails that often. Over the past year I have been slowly stocking up on go-to nail polishes.

OPI – Start to finish base & top coat
I have purchased this about three times now. I love that you can use both as a base and a top coat because it means I can carry more colours with my when I travel.

OPI – Passion
I would normally wear this pale colour when my outfit is really vibrant or if I don’t want my hands to distract too much from my outfit. This is the kind of colour I would use if I had a job interview. I also prefer to use this when I’m planning on wearing red lipstick on a night out so my hands and face don’t clash.

OPI – Just a little rösti at this at this
This super dark red/wine colour only really comes out around autumn/winter but I use it throughout the year for my toenails are feeling naked. I’m actually trying to find a red which falls between this colour and the super vibrant Russian Roulette (N°61) by Essie.

OPI – Feelin’ hot-hot-hot
This was my it-colour last summer. I wore it almost every day and you can see it on my nails from this post here. It’s very vibrant so if I’m having a bit of a crappy or down day I’ll pop on this bright pink and it usually instantly lifts my mood.

Chanel – Distraction
This is the most recent nail polish I have purchased and so far it’s my favourite! It appears ever so slightly pearly through the glass, a characteristic which is hardly noticeable once applied but when the light shines on it has that extra twinkle. I was a little skeptical about buying a 22EUR nail polish but I figured that since I’m now more interested in nail maintenance it would be worth it. This coral colour is a bit more subtle than the pink but it still adds that vibrant “pop” to an outfit.

Do guys have any suggestions which I could try out? (not only OPI!) – I would love to know about your favourites.

Thanks so much for your opinions on the boots by the way! The beige pair are definitely starting to grow on me now haha.


I was browsing Zara last night and I came across these two pairs of boots! They are so pretty... I need them in my life. Sadly they are both about 100EUR so I would really only be able to buy one pair. I would never be able to choose between the two. They black one will be easy to pair with an outfit and the material can probably sustain the winter better than the suede, but the beige boot is just so pretty as well. Which do you guys prefer?


 So pretty!

The fam and I are currently driving up through wales before arriving in Scotland on Saturday and I have to say, despite the weather it is really pretty here. Last night we stayed in such a cute little hotel. When I travel I tend to stick to leggings and a baggy top because it's just so much more comfortable. I opted for my bébé uggs as footwear since they are so easy to slip on/off and it is kinda cold. It's time for breakfast now so I'll hopefully be able to blog from the next hotel!


Hey everyone! I'm currently in a teeny village somewhere in Wales right now and the weather is super crappy so I am confined to the walls of the hotel room. Luckily, there is free Wi-Fi access so I can blog - wuuhuu. I kind of went mental in Zara and bought a few things on sale, one of them being this slouchy messenger bag with a rose gold clasp. I've wanted a neutral/beige/grey bag for ages but I never really found the perfect one. I saw this back in April when I came back but I didn't think I would use it that much so I put off buying it but then, of course, I could not stop thinking about it. I was so happy to see it on sale on Tuesday! It is now my travel bag for the summer. I bought a few other things but they are all packed away so expect a post soon. Bye for now lovelies.


Heeey! I'm heading out to the movies with the girls because it's ladies night and guess what! We're bringing our mamas with us. Yaay. I'm wearing my F21 blazer over a white new look top tucked into a h&m skirt which I found for half price. My necklace is also from new look and my bag is from linea - it's my current favourite! Anyways, I gotta run. Have a fabulous week.


I am gonna be having a major haul on my hands if I don't start filming soon.. Anyway, I got this necklace from H&M a while back and it has been my favourite ever since! It is so perfect for when I just want to wear a baggy white tee and leggings which, I have to admit, I have been wearing a lot of. I've been so lazy with my outfits and I usually am in summer because I got hot so easily and I just can't be bothered to feel sticky and sweaty. Gross, I know, but that's just the way it is. My hair tends to spend most of its time up in a bun which I like to call 'Maurice'. My maurice is ever growing - I NEED A HAIRCUT. But I haven't been to a hairdresser's for like 3ish years. It's like going to the dentist for me.. I'm terrified. Anyway, for all you finish off your bac this upcoming week: GOOD LUCK. You can do it.