Wow, it has been a while. Remember me? Of course spluttering out excuses is no way to make up for the past few days so all I will say is that I have taken these much needed days off to take some time for myself as well as to think about where I would like to see the blog go next year. I have some exciting changes coming up which have been in discussion for a few months now as well as some on-the-side projects, the first of which I will be able to announce quite soon so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime I shall leave you with this outfit post. If you have been following my blog from the VERY beginning (and I mean second post ever beginning....), then you would know I have been pining after a Maje parka for so damn long. Every now and then I would pop into a Maje store just to try on one of their parkas but could never fully give in. But when my parents came to BXL to visit my Dad and I happened to be walking around the Rue Dansaert and came across the Maje store. I then fell in love with this black parka and my Dad may have passed on a secret little message to Santa haha. The bag was definitely a surprise though. I had spotted it whilst in Scotland back in the summer and this time my Mama may have secretly slipped a little note to Santa! I really am such a lover for monochrome. Also, this bag has three main compartments with many many many pockets which makes it all the more perfect!


I went back to Luxembourg for a very short visit to see Katie Melua. As I had taken the next day off, Christine and I decided to have a spontaneous shoot and I am so glad we did. It was so foggy that it gave an extra little something to the photos. You can check out some sneaky peeks on our Instagrams here and here. I of course had to fully benefit from spending the morning with Christine so I asked her to snap up a few outfits photos for me. I am still completely in love with this coat I found in a second hand store. I never thought I would buy a coat this long but I am starting to prefer this oversized and  long style for the colder months. I do still love my leather jacket but I much prefer to feel as if I am being cuddled in a blanket.


IMG_5655 copy
Oh I have been absolutely itching to show you these photos which Christine and I shot back in October. I was so lucky to be able to keep three of the dresses that I walked in at the #axparty and I thought it would be cool to take some extra special photos with Christine when she came to visit. You may remember the sneaky peeks I put up in my post here. These photos were definitely worth waiting for and I am beyond happy with how they came out! Of course we were incredibly lucky with the weather, and the beautiful sunshine makes it seem like I am relaxing on a balcony somewhere in the south of France. I also love how the light glistens over all the little sequins - it almost brings the dress to life and gives it its own personality. I will without a doubt be wearing this AX Paris dress on a ladies night out with my gals when I am back in Luxembourg. Bring on the holiday season!


I met up with Claude earlier this week on my lunch break to do a spot of shopping and grab some food. Of course, we ended up browsing so much that we kinda lost track of time and I ended up buying a sandwich to go and eating it at my desk haha - priorities. This is the kind of outfit I would wear to work on a good day. A good day being if I wake up early enough or if I have just done washing the night before and found some time to set aside an outfit. Along with the black fluffy jumper, I also got one in pink. I just could not resist it. I feel like a giant marshmallow! It certainly does keep me warm and I cannot wait to get more wear out of it. Pastel colours like this are such a great way to bring colour to an otherwise dull outfit so I am really loving all the pink items that are in store right now!


I placed a large order on Topshop recently and bought this black cropped fluffy jumper. It is so insanely snug and cozy. The only down side is that it is very cropped so I feel a tad uncomfortable wearing it with trousers. It could work but I am not too keen on having my love handles on show. I wore this outfit when I went shopping with Mama in the recently renovated Belle Etoile. My dad was away that weekend so we could get up to some mischievous girly shopping. It is starting to get a bit too chilly to be wearing short skirts but the mall is a great place for all the skirt and shorts lovers out there as you do not have to worry about that bitterly cold wind when going from shop to shop.

PS, sorry if this is incredibly brief. My parents are here for the weekend and they have brought my little dog up too! Mama and I will definitely be watching Beauty and the Beast tonight - a little tradition of ours


You can never have too many monochrome pieces in your wardrobe and this Poppy Lux harlequin-print dress is a just another way to wear the trend. At first I thought the sleeves would be a bit of an odd length but I quite like it. It also makes the dress slightly more wearable for those winter nights out although you definitely cannot get away with bare legs - oh it is just too cold for that. Since the print is quite loud, a dainty piece of jewellery, like this hummingbird bracelet from Jana Reinhardt,  will probably be enough to complete the look. I have kept it quite casual in terms of accessories but you can certainly jazz it up with a statement necklace for a ladies night out.

PS, you can get £20 off any full-priced item from Jana Reinhardt with the code blogger20 - if you still have a Christmas present to by you should check out the jewellery. It is so pretty and delicate!


I came back to Luxembourg this weekend and one of the things I did was pull out all my old winter clothes which I had packed away earlier this year. With Lux/Bxl temperatures ranging between 5 and 7°C, an extra jumper or cardigan is simply not enough anymore. Sometimes going through old clothes is as if you are going shopping (again) - you rediscover so many things! Although, this may be a sign that I need to sell on or donate a few bits... One of the things I pulled out was this red coat which I bought in New Look about 5 or 6 years ago. The red coats in the online New Look store seem to be heavily dominated by bordeaux/oxblood coloured coats but I did spot this one on ASOS in good ol' primary red. 

PS, don't forget to check out my looks on Stylight! xoxo