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The day of the Blogger_LU meet up, at Cathy Goedert, two and a half weeks ago was a such a beautiful day that warranted for a breezy outfit. I bought this Forever 21 playsuit at the Dubai Mall - the same time I found this gorgeous hat! I was definitely um-ing and -ah-ing over it but in the end, the button on the front which prevents an all embarassing slip from happening convinced me to parrade to the tills and make a purchase. I love it when clothes have nifty little designs like that. I have come across a few tops in Japan that have clippable straps inside the T-shirt to prevent bra straps from uncomfortably rolling down your shoulder - how have we not seen more of those?!

I decided to wear the plasuit with a long New Look blazer for a little more of a Saturday day-time modesty as the playsuit is also backless along with my trusty H&M heeled boots which I have had for what feels like ages. It must be around two years or so! I love how easy it is to incorporate typically A/W shoes with more summer-y outfits.

As for my nails in the last photo... My friend has now really got me into having my nails done! I've already been back a second time to the same place and I will definitely be going again just before my graduation and heading off to Japan for 4 weeks. Expect a post and my thoughts about the place then!

forever 21 playsuit

forever 21 halterneck playsuitblack summer outfit with hat from forever 21

Jacket - New Look
Hat & playsuit - Forever 21
Boots - H&M

silver midi rings and nude nail manicure


forever 21 hat
Happy Friday people! Ever since I've started my internship I have a new appreciation for the weekend because at university, my scheduled classes seemed so sporadic and I often spent Saturday or Sunday in the library. The concept of a weekend break had completely escaped me but now I love making the most of my days off, especially when the weather has been perking up so nicely! It also makes me want to do a spot of shopping for summer clothes and that's exactly what I did last week... Oops.

I have never been one to wear tight fitted clothes that shows off my figure but I decided to pick something way out of my comfort zone and I ended up loving it! I found this aztec print crop top which reminds Christine and I of something you would find in Topshop, even though it's from H&M. I also bought these cute black shorts with a lace detail - PERFECT for summer. I will certainly be packing these for my trip to Japan next month.

long hair and hatkarina blog

Hat - Forever 21
Top, shorts & boots - H&M
Sunglasses - Quay Australia

long hair and hat
black lace summer shorts


white vest cage back
Before Christine came on board and we started working together on the blog, it was my mother who took most if not all of my photos. The last time we ventured out to this garage, which was my regular background (see here and here), must have been well over a year ago! So the other day mama and I decided to potter along to our old spot and snap a few shots for the blog - just like old times.

I'm wearing a skirt which has perhaps been the most difficult thing to style for me. You wouldn't think so as it seems to be such a simple piece, but no. Don't be deceived. The amount of times I stepped in front of a mirror looking like an Amish milk maid has escaped my memory. I have finally found myself a solution, though: the flimsiest of light-weight tank tops. Why I didn't think of this pairing earlier, I have no idea... mais voilĂ . I absolutely love the detail on the back of it but I will have to wath out for the super sunny days to avoid weird tan-lines and looking like I have gills on my back!

quay australia black sunglasses

Top - Zara
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - R&E (Japan)
Skirt - H&M

forever21 black hat
luxembourg blogger
blogueuse belgique
quay australia black sunglasses
black midi skirt summer outfit
forever 21 black hat


all black ootd
The sun has been shining so much on Luxembourg and boy does it feel good! I've just finished the first week of my internship in social media for a tourist office and I cannot wait to get into my second week. I finished uni incredibly early so I knew I wanted to secure an internship for at least a month. I was fortunate enough to do a work placement year as a part of my course but gaining professional experience is ever more important these days when having a bachelor's degree is the norm and having a master's is not uncommon.

Quite a few people manage to set up internships through connections they already. It's certainly not something to be ashamed of! If you that someone do that something who could likely help you get your foot through the door then don't hesitate to ask them to set up an interview or an introduction of some sort. One of the things I have learnt, though, is when I don't have that connection I need to go after and build it myself and I cannot be afraid of that especially if I want to get into an industry that doesn't entirely relate to my BSc Sociology degree in terms of practical knowledge and understanding.

It has been only one week but I have already learnt so much from my supervisor and it has been great learning about how social media is used in a more professional context rather than for blogging where personal branding is more at stake than a whole company's.

With that being said, it still baffles me how I was able to jump over hurdles to land this internship and yet I still cannot seem to bring myself out of my monochrome madness. I just love an all black outfit way too much! Here, I'm wearing my all-time favourite jeggings from River Island, the "Molly" style, along with my long blazer from New Look. My sandals and tote bag are from H&M, and my sunglasses are ones that I picked up in a random Japanese store quite a few summers ago. I do love  a good pair of tortoise shell sunnies but Kristiana got my these (here on instagram) black, slightly cat-eye, Quay Australia ones for my birthday and I have totally been loving them since.


Necklace - Topshop
Bag & sandals - H&M
Jacket - New Look
all black summer outfit