I decided to 'dress up' a little for uni yesterday. My boots, long top, cardigan, scarf + jacket combo is getting a bit too boring for me. wearing my tights with my boots actually kinda worked and worn under the maxi skirt it definitely kept me warm! I of course had to wear my favourite scarf and new Dahlia necklace to complete the look. Last night I had a super chill night with my uni girls, painting nails, splattering on face masks and watching Love Actually. Tonight I'm PJ-ing it up and i'm on my third cup of tea.


I was in London again yesterday afternoon to go to the Dahlia Christmas bloggers event. As soon as we walked in, Kristiana and I had our eyes shooting off in every direction. So many pretty things, so little time! I don't even remember the number of times I said "Oh my god, look at this.."! When we walked in we had our polaroid taken and we each got one to keep which was awesome. I have already stuck it up on my wall.

Dahlia has a small, cute boutique just off Carnaby Street so it is super convenient to get to. I love how the clothes, accessories and bags really cater to different tastes. There are studs, lots of gold and sequins, but there are also a few antique style pieces. It is very feminine and quintessentially British. Statement necklaces seemed to make a very prominent appearance and I even won a voucher in the luck dip to pick an accessory of my choice! (see below for more photos). Beautiful collars are another main focus of Dahlia so there were plenty of embellishments about.

We were all allowed to try on clothes and so I tried on a two-piece embroidered lace top/sheer shirt. I never thought that the combination would go well but it totally works! I loved it so much that there is no doubt that I am going to head straight back to store as soon as its out. They said it should be about 10 days - I cannot wait. Sadly, we eventually had to get our train out of London and I had to leave that  beautiful dress behind but we each received a beautiful goodie bag with so many useful things! Kristiana and I ended our day with buying sushi and completely buzzing over everything that we saw.

The first of many outfits that made me go all google-y eyed 

Isn't it just gorgeous?

 Burgundy. Studs. Satchel. Oh hello there...


It was another very gloomy and shakespearean day yesterday so I opted for a super cosy outfit. I got this pullover yeeears ago and it actually keeps me so warm! I was almost breaking a sweat on my way to uni! I have come to realise that I do not actually that many pullovers so I think a sneaky trip to primark is in the books.

Still one of my fav bags! I stopped using it for a while to give it a break 


Hey guys! I've been super stressed with assignments (three to hand in in the space of two weeks..) so it was great to let loose a little at the Motel Rocks Christmas showcase at Floripa with Kristiana. The venue was very chill and had a strong tropical feel to it - a place which I would certainly like to return to. With Christmas and NYE parties coming up (way too excited for Xmas right now), it was great to have a chance to check out their up-coming pieces which feature A LOT of sequins, which will make any girl feel absolutely sassy and fabulous. Their Wonderland  trend (which you can view HERE) was something that immediately caught my eye. My favourite piece from that category (pictured below) was a pair of high-waist shorts/hotpants featuring a b&w psychedelic print and a leather detail down each side.

Although a tad short for me taste I wonder how they would look with super opaque tights and a pair of Litas? (photo via Kristiana V)

 Motel Rocks now stock Jeffrey Campbells!

 Just when I thought there was nothing else I could use cinnamon for, I discovered this Apple Strudel cocktail which they were serving... WITH CINNAMON

Lee Stafford and his team were doing hair for the night and I decided to get some loose waves. Aaron gave me some really useful tips to help the waves last longer because my hair is just so long and carries a lot of weight

Another favourite from the pieces they had on show. The jacket felt really really nice and the studs were sturdy. 

Velvet was also a strong feature

They also had a little stand with jewellery from Rock n Rose

One of the many sequined dresses featuring an off-the-shoulder look

The more I think about this cropped pullover the more I love the idea of wearing it with a high-waist black skirt


I flew out to Cologne over the weekend to see the Manfriend and to celebrate our 5 year anniversary together. I arrived late on Thursday and left late on Sunday so we pretty much had three full days together. We went around the city centre, saw the dome, ate bretzels, went to the chocolate museum and the zoo, and just spent loads of time snuggling and having movie nights and watching American Dad over breakfast and dinner. I unfortunately missed out on the Karneval celebrations but I plan on being in Cologne for the huge parade in February! A quick bit of googling tells me that the Cologne Carnival is the largest and most famous - oh this will be good... 

Blazer - Zara
Boots - Topshop

Best breakfast ever


Christine came to visit me back in June and we could not pass up on a chance to have a mini shoot  - especially considering how long my hair had grown! We have a few exciting shoots which are still in the early stages of planning but they are going to be awesome. Please do check out her work on her WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE.


I thought I would show you a mini snapshot of what I am wearing today: My favourite scarf from Oysho, my top from Ingni (Japan) and my new cardigan from H&M which my obaachan got for me when we went shopping in Luxembourg. I also wanted to let you guys know about a news site called The Surrey Scholar of which I am the current Fashion Editor and one of the writers. You can go to my first article by clicking HERE. I would love it if you could check out the other articles under the Fashion section and even have a browse in the other ones! Have a fabulous day everyone.


I've been really love the idea of a midi bodycon lately. I really would like to wear more figure hugging dresses but I feel a little too naked in the mini strapless bodycons and I am really not up for showing off my legs - not that I have much to actually show off... I found these three Missguided ones which all vary in style and colour - and all under £14! - but I think I'm leaning towards the plum one on the far left. The colour is just so pretty and I love that it slightly covers the shoulders. I have also been eyeing a galaxy print one but it is a lot shorter than these.