My friend recently uploaded this photo from months ago (this is the outfit I wore) and it made me realise just how much I do not smile in photos. Having worked part-time as a sales assistant for the past year I have definitely realised just how big a deal something as simple as a smile can be. While a new year should not always be the only time moment you decide to change something within you, I feel like it is an ideal time to look back and ask yourself: "If I die today, would I be proud of the way I have lived my life?" As deep as it sounds, this is a question which I have been thinking about a lot since starting university (Don't worry, I'm not going through a pre-midlife crisis). Instead of setting myself new year's resolutions of what I should not do, I wanted to set myself things which I should and, more importantly, want to do. So far it is a small list but I have a feeling that it will grow and few of them most people know of already:

-Become a registered organ donor: This was the first thing which I was able to cross off on my list! It was one of the things that prompted me to make a list of goals.
-Donate my hair
-Learn British Sign Language
-Climb Kilimanjaro

So far that's it. It's small, but it's a start. If you want to ask me any questions about anything on that list  then just comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

On another note, a guy I know from back home in Luxembourg is running the ING Marathon and is aiming to raise £1000 for Every Man Male Cancer and Oxfam, so click on those links to go to his JustGiving pages! Thank you.


HI GUYS, it's 11am and I'm currently snuggled up in bed because you know why? BECAUSE I CAN. No more exams! I am so happy to be done. Yesterday I went to town with my girls and we went shopping. I bought a few things for my family in Japan but I aso treated myself to some things from primark, topshop and lush (they will definitely be coming up in a post soon!). It was quite cold yesterday so I decided to wear this beeeautiful tartan/fur collar cape over my black coat. I decided to use this H&M satchel which I bought almost 2 years ago - I am surprised it has lasted so long in such good condition. I think the bag goes quite well with the dark blue/green tartan. To tie the outfit all together I decided to wear my dr martens because well I have actually been wearing everyday since it started snowing. They are amazing for this weather! What have you guys been wearing a lot of lately?


Did I ever show you guys this awesome necklace I got in Primark? Go on, guess how much it was... No? THREE POUNDS (although it was reduced). I did have to go through a few of them on the rack before finding one which didn't have a few of the jewels missing but it was worth it. I haven't been putting a lot of effort into my outfits recently because of exams but tomorrow (in exactly 24h as I am writing this) I will have just started my final exam! It kind of sucks that the exam is so late but it just means that I'll get home and have a chill night in before spending a few well deserved days with my friends. Is there anything you guys would like to see more of in terms of anything other than outfit posts? I have been meaning to do a video about my hair but I might have to ask Kristiana for help with that as I don't have a video function on my camera hahaha.



Dang was that quite a bit of snow or what? Kristiana and I decided to meet up yesterday to take photos but we didn't really expect it to snow so heavily for that long. While it was nice to get some photos taken in the snow, it was just really really cold and I wasn't exactly wearing snow appropriate shoes. I'm off to trek to the library in my millions of layers to study for my crime, gender and sexuality exam which is on Tuesday at 6:30. PM - anytime after 6pm all I can think about is snuggling in my bed with a cup of tea. It's such an interesting module but the marker is so harsh so I better get going and revise like mad. Just this one exam to go now! 



Well well well, look what we have here, an outfit post! I can finally show you this dress which I received from AX Paris back in December. I had never really been one for bodycon dresses as I was never that confident to wear them but seeing the simple black one on their website made me wanna take the plunge. When it arrived I stripped out of my baggy PJs immediately and slipped into the dress and my god was I so happy. I loved it so much that I wanted to wear it all day! I decided that I didn't just want to wear it on a casual night out so I saved it for my uni's 007 themed Snowfall Christmas Ball (Skyfall/Snowfall get it? Don't worry, it took my like 2 weeks to realise it haha).

Because I am not exactly super duper toned like the VS models I worried that the material wouldn't be thick enough but it was just right. I love that it's really stretchy. The dress is quite low cut and it certainly does accentuate the boobage which was alright for a ball, but a tad inappropriate for an outfit post so I'm actually wearing a long black H&M tank top underneath it. They have quite a few variations of this accented shoulder bodycon dress like one with no sleeves but studded shoulders which Kristiana is wearing.



Photos by Kristiana


Oh hey there... Remember me? It has been way too long this time. With my two major assignments handed in, I thought I would be able to get a grip with my blogging and get back into it. The truth is because I have been cooped up in my room, in the library or spending 2h studying in Costa for the majority of the time that I have been back in England, I honestly did not have anything great to show you. I did not really want to put up random photos of my food or whatsoever so I thought I would just wait it out. And so wait it out I did and here we are with something I genuinely forgot to show you! I bought this oversized thick aztec bordeaux could-you-possibly-fit-anymore-trends-into-it cardigan in Primark back in December before I headed home. It is so cosy and I have been living in it ever since (trust me I have washed it haha). A lot of my cardigans fall to my hips so it is nice to finally have one that covers my bum too!