Well well well, look what we have here, an outfit post! I can finally show you this dress which I received from AX Paris back in December. I had never really been one for bodycon dresses as I was never that confident to wear them but seeing the simple black one on their website made me wanna take the plunge. When it arrived I stripped out of my baggy PJs immediately and slipped into the dress and my god was I so happy. I loved it so much that I wanted to wear it all day! I decided that I didn't just want to wear it on a casual night out so I saved it for my uni's 007 themed Snowfall Christmas Ball (Skyfall/Snowfall get it? Don't worry, it took my like 2 weeks to realise it haha).

Because I am not exactly super duper toned like the VS models I worried that the material wouldn't be thick enough but it was just right. I love that it's really stretchy. The dress is quite low cut and it certainly does accentuate the boobage which was alright for a ball, but a tad inappropriate for an outfit post so I'm actually wearing a long black H&M tank top underneath it. They have quite a few variations of this accented shoulder bodycon dress like one with no sleeves but studded shoulders which Kristiana is wearing.



Photos by Kristiana