Another outfit from when I was back home in Luxembourg last weekend. I really do miss it so much. Some people were so desperate to get away and I understand as there was not a lot to do but for me it's home. I love how in Luxembourg you can just chill at home without thinking you should be out and about actually doing something. If I was somewhere like London, New York or Paris I would feel like I would have to be constantly doing something, whereas when I'm in Luxembourg I feel like I can relax completely. I'll be home again in a month - just in time for Christmas! I better get that Christmas shopping done soon then. Do you guys like to make lists for the different things you plan on getting for people?


Hey there guys! I just got back from what should have been a pretty short day. I'm going to make this quick post and then dive straight into work. I seriously have to give myself a kick in the butt because I have an assignment coming up and an in-class test worth 50% of the module. FUN STUFF. In other news, I'm currently saving up for that lovely parka through the money I earn from my part-time job. Those boots are basically eye candy right now and I am drooling like a little kid in the Wonka Factory. LOOK AT THEM. How badass are they? They're currently sold out but that momentarily doesn't bother me as I currently have my eyes firmly set on the parka. I'm also looking for a new wallet to hold my bank cards and the numerous amounts of bus, train and discount cards I've managed to accumulate these past 2 months.

Do you ever have those days when you feel like time has sprinted away like Usain Bolt? I'm gradually starting to feel that every single day and it's not good! I seriously need to have a sit down and draw up a week to week schedule of what I need to do because other wise I just lose track of time too easily. I must get cracking with my coursework!


Good morning. Look who has an outfit post for you guys! I got back from Luxembourg last night and I had such a wonderful and amazing weekend. It felt so good to be home again and I can't wait to go back for Christmas to be with the famiglia and see everyone again. I arrived in Luxembourg late on Thursday night and the Manfriend picked me up so we could spend the one hour which was left of our anniversary together. I did some shopping the following day and on Saturday afternoon I met up with Kristiana to take photos and to grab a hot chocolate. Do you know how much I missed using euros? It's the little things like that which I miss. The familiar things.

I have to finish getting ready so I can run off to catch my bus. I never really leave enough time so I always end up power walking to the bus stop! Anyway, I hope you are all doing well.


BONSOIR ♥ What am I meant to do when it starts getting dark around 4pm and I'm not back from uni until then? I finish at 11 tomorrow but then I have a 5h shift at work so I won't be back until about 5pm. Sorry about this! I just don't have anyone to take photos for me right now. Perhaps I shall ask my neighbour from downstairs. How has your week started off so far? Good? Bad? Ugly? Today I took a power nap in my department's common room so I was super pumped for my lecture which I guess is a good thing but it means I'm not getting enough sleep at night. I really shouldn't be using university facilities to have a siesta.


Hey there you guys, thanks so much for your detailed suggestions about Prague! It's making even more excited about the trip now. I'm try to get back to all of you personally but in the meantime I'm snacking on tasty cinnamon squares cereal while reading up about Durkheim and pondering about how to write up my research methods assignment. I might start doing videos because I never really get the chance to take outfits photos.

This weekend I'm flying home to Luxembourg for the first time since I've been to uni - WUHUUU. I can't wait to be home. The Manfriend and I are celebrating 4 years together so I'm glad we get to be together on our special day!


The past few days have been so gloomy so it was great to see Tina release these photos which were taken back in April. I love how she has captured the light in them! We'll probably shooting together over the Christmas break so I better start saving up some inspiration photos for then. Being in England I'm obviously surrounded by a lot more photographers so I hope I'll get a few shoots done with people based in and close to London.

In other news, my friend and I will be going to Prague in December! I'm so excited as I haven't been to an eastern European country since I was about the age of 2 - so I obviously cannot remember much of it. It was a spontaneously chosen destination which gives it all the more excitement! Have you guys ever been to Prague and/or are Czech? I would absolutely love to be given suggestions on where to go, where to eat etc.