I don't post about a lot about make up so I thought I could do a bit of an in depth of what I have been using:

Shu Uemura eyelash curler
I bought this when I was still in Japan because I was curious about how good it actually is. Considering that it's sold in Japan at almost half the UK price I thought I could give it a go. For me, an eyelash curler is an eyelash curler. I always believed that there isn't much you can do to its design for it to make any considerable difference but oh how I was wrong. The curler is actually amazing - just like everyone says it is! Although curling your lashes may not be a necessity for you, I prefer the way mine look with them. I would totally recommend this but I can imagine how the £20 price tag may be a bit off-putting for some.

Maybelline hyper curl volum'express
So, you may be wondering why on earth I purchased a "curl" mascara when I find that the Shu Uemura curler does such an amazing job. I have to be honest with you: it was hello kitty which caught my eye. I had not seen it anywhere else so I thought I try it out but it is not anything special.

Diorshow mascara (090)
The diorshow mascara was actually one of the first high-end mascaras I purchased. I absolutely loved it but I never went back to it because I was too busy trying out new and different ones. But here we are with that same mascara and it's just as good as I remember.

Kate super sharp liner (BK-1)
This is the first time I ever bought this eyeliner and actually, it's the first time that I have bought a liquid eyeliner in a while - I'm more of a gel eyeliner kinda girl. It's very easy to use and it doesn't mess up if I decide to build it up to a thicker look.

Bioderma eye contour gel
Over the summer the skin around my eyes became really sensitive and on quite a few occasions, really itching. I headed straight to the skincare department in Auchan before going to Japan and spent ages browsing all the different eye gels. I finally came across the Bioderma one which appealed to me the most for a couple of reasons: It clearly stated that it is suitable for contact lens wearers and I have been using the Bioderma make up remover. It ended up helping with my sensitive eyes and now they don't get so itchy when I wake up.

Benefit Porefessional
I'm pretty sure I asked you guys a while back whether or not this product was worth it to splurge on. Before moving back to England I went to Sephora and bought it. I've been using it for about a week and a bit now but I have to say.. I was really unimpressed with it. After I applied it my skin felt like I had rubbed flour all over the centre of my face. It did not feel nice. Do you guys still really like this product?

Nars bronzer (casino)
I wanted to buy a powder bronzer so I headed straight for the Nars section in Sephora and decided to get a bronzer in casino. It is really good but I have to get used to putting it on lightly because I seem to have a bad habit of swooping the brush around for way to long and applying waaay too much on my face.

Sleek contour kit (medium)
I first heard about this when I started watching Sammi's youtube channel (beautycrush) a while ago. She always said how amazing it was and she continues to say the same. I gave in and decided to try it out as well. I LOVE IT. Again, I need to control myself when I apply it because I'm still not quite used to using it. Do you guys use this too?


Remember these boots from Zara which I was dying to buy? I was shopping in town today and found a similar pair in Primark for just £18! I actually prefer these a lot more because of the buckle and the silver studs (instead of gold). I'm not really a huge Primark fan but I am so so so happy that I put off buying the Zara ones.


Hello my loves! I have finally settled into my new place so blogging will get back to normally quite shortly. Right now I'm getting ready with my girl Alex to go out for the first time! We're heading to the piano bar and hopefully there will be quite a few 2nd years about. 


Hello Hello! I met up with Elizabete yesterday to pay her for the Stenders bath powders she got for me while she was in Latvia (THANK YOU SO MUCH) and to make a visit to LuxCupcakes - which was so yummy by the way! I'll be making a separate post with more photos because I really wanted to get this one up. I've been so busy these past few days - mainly because of something to do with that little newbie-banner there on the right. We have so many things planned. I'm so excited!

Blazer - F21
Scarf - Oysho
Bag - Urban Outfitters


I got back from an amazing weekend trip to Portugal so normal posting should resume shortly! I have just a couple of days left of being home before moving back for my second year of university so I'm definitely going to make the most of it.


If you loved that blouse I was wearing two posts ago be sure to enter this giveaway which Dahlia are hosting on their Facebook page. As I have gathered, there are many ways in which you can enter to increase your chance in winning! (Following them on twitter, sharing on facebook, liking them on facebook..) I've entered but fingers crossed for any of you that have entered too!

Click HERE to go to the giveaway


I bought this lipstick back when I was in Japan. I had seen the Chifure make up products here and there but I never really took any interest in them. I've been looking for a bright red lipstick but I didn't really want to splash out on a YSL or a chanel one if the colour didn't really grow on me. Now, I don't think I even need to splurge that much because I feel like the quality of this one is just as good but I'm pretty sure it was waaaay cheaper (can't remember how much, I threw away the packaging). Do you guys have favourite drugstore lipsticks? I really want to delve deeper into the world of lip colours so I wouldn't mind hearing your suggestions!


 I received this top from Dahlia today and I was super excited to open it up - it came wrapped in polka dot print tissue paper! I've never really been a girly girl and I have always loved a bit of edge when it comes to clothes and accessories so I went absolutely mental browsing through all their pieces. I think many of you will absolutely love SO MANY of their things. They have a lot of collared tops, perfect flavourful colours for fall and I've already said this but loaaads of collars. I'm really starting to love collared things because it generally means that I can keep accessories minimal and just throw on this edgy/cute top. Personally, I'll be slowly stocking up on short tops like this one because it will be getting colder and I will soon have to abandon my beloved leggings... (I seriously need to go to leggings rehab and wean myself off). So if you wanna treat yourself to some back to school outfits be sure to browse the Dahlia website with your credit/debit cards at hand!

Top - Dahlia
Bag - River Island
Jeggings - Dr Denim
Boots - R&E

PS, got these boots back in April and I just found them again, haha!


I really wanted to do nautical themed nails but I don't think blue suits me so I decided to go for a coral colour instead. I used a pearly white to contrast with the boldness of Chanel Distraction (549). I definitely like the pearl/bold combo on nails. I think i girls it that extra "pop". I used a gold polish to line the stripes in order to give it a neater look and added gold micro beads to create the anchor. I bought this set of stickers (shown below) when I was in Osaka with my mum. I thought the reath would come out more flat but I'm definitely going to be using a lot more of the stickers. I've been thinking of doing a Baroque themed nail in tribute to the new season's trend.