Hi, it's Christine again!

We're back with another collection reveal for the Paul's Boutique HS15 campaign. I thought we'd start off with these three beautiful coral bags. For these two collections we thought it would be best to shoot somewhere that had quite a neutral background as the bags are so bright and should remain the focus of the photos (along with Kaori of course!). We decided on shooting at Marble Arch, another great London landmark and a beautiful white structure.

When we arrived on location that morning to shoot, a group of people had already gathered there for what appeared to be a protest. Luckily, they didn't get in the way of us using Marble Arch as a backdrop!As usual, Kate did an absolutely amazing job styling the looks that went along with each bag, adding a pop of pink/colour to complement the bags while keeping the rest of the look neutral.

We were also pretty lucky with the weather. The entire time we were shooting the sky was grey and gloomy. It looked like it would rain any second. We were all rather relieved when it didn't! Little did we know that later on in the day it would rain, but it all worked out pretty well as you can see here.

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