kaori anne jolliffe
pauls boutique 2015
Hello, Christine again! Today's the final blog post for the first launch of the Paul's Boutique HS15 collection. These next sets of images we shot on the last day of our 2 day shoot for this project.

Seeing as it was the last day things were a little hectic towards the end of the day. After the tiny downpour that occurred on this shoot with the neon look, we were losing both time and light for shooting. So we raced on the tube with all of our suitcases full of bags, clothes and gear to the Thames, where we had decided to shoot these last few bags.

The reason for choosing to shoot at this particular location was pretty simple, it's an iconic place in London and since the brand is also London based, it just seemed to make sense to shoot somewhere that was recognisable as London but not super touristy.

This first set of photos we decided to shoot with Kaori's back to the water so we could have a little bit of London in the background as well as take advantage of the way the light was falling on her at this particular moment.

classy outfit inspiration
paul's boutique camo bag


casual outfit inspiration
pauls boutique
pauls boutique suede

This second set of photos we shot with Kaori facing towards the water and also in the place that I had been standing at to take the previous set of images. Here the sun was almost about to set, so we took advantage of that magical time known as "golden hour" to shoot this particular look and bag. "Golden hour" is a favourite time for both Kaori and I to shoot, we just love the way the light is so warm and falls so beautifully on the subject in the photo.


kaori anne
graduation outfit inspiration
pauls boutique
In this final set of photos we managed to catch the last little bit of light right before the sun set - lucky for us! This is one of my favourite looks, the dress that Kate chose just fits so beautifully with this gold clutch bag and that is why I love to work with her. Unfortunately, this clutch will now only be available in silver from the 3rd April onwards.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback we've received on this project so far. See you all in the next blog post, where we'll be revealing some new bags for the second launch of the HS15 collection.