Hello, it's Christine here! We're so happy and excited to finally share with you ALL one of the biggest projects we've worked on during our time as KARINA. Sometime last year, the wonderful Paul's Boutique got in touch and asked us if we wanted to shoot their High Summer 2015 campaign. Of course both myself and Kaori jumped at the opportunity to work on such an amazing project with a brand that we love and have worked with before.

Paul's Boutique gave us a lot of creative freedom with the shoots for their bags and we were so grateful for that. We were going crazy with so many ideas and it seemed to make sense to us that with so many bags to shoot with matching outfits and so little time to organise everything that we add another person to our little team. This is when I got in touch with an amazing stylist - Kate Sutton. I had worked with her many times before when I was a photography student at University and she styles to perfection no matter what the brief is.

Now with our little team complete we could start to finalise all of our plans for the shoot that would take place over 2 days in London. We picked London mainly because Paul's Boutique is based in London as is our stylist (and her assistant) and Kaori wasn't far away from it either, so it just made sense to have that as our location. The day before the shoot I hopped on a plane from little old Luxembourg with all of my photography gear and a lot of butterflies.

Those 2 days in London were some of the most amazing and stressful days I've ever had but I wouldn't change it for the world. We'll be releasing our favourite photos from each shoot over the next few weeks to go along with the official launches of the collection.

Here is a preview of the first 3 bags from the first official launch which will be on the 20th March!

Here are a few of our favourite photos from the Art Deco Black, Tailored Pop Stone and Colour Pop Black collections. Styling wise Kate decided to bring out the colours of the bag -black, white and yellow which I feel works quite well. We found this amazing shuttered wall somewhere in central London and knew that it would look great. Unfortunately as soon as we had prepared for shooting this bag it started to rain! Admittedly not heavily but I felt bad that Kaori was modelling in the rain. Although she has modelled for me in weather conditions worse than a little bit of rain!

pauls boutique 2015
paul's boutique 2015
pauls boutique
Styling wise this look is much more subtle than the previous one but I love that we have a small pop of bright yellow/green in the bag and the rest of the look is neutral and casual. We decided to shoot against quite a neutral background too so that there weren't many elements distracting from the bag.

Keeping with the same look as the previous bag, - with the exception of a pop of green/yellow in the socks - we decided to switch location to bring in a little colour into the image while still having as few distractions as possible. This is probably one of my favourite sets of images because of all the glass reflections in the background and the nice subtle hint of colour it adds to the photos too.