kaori anne jolliffe
Hello, it's Christine again!

Thanks so much for the feedback on the last post. Today is the official launch date of the first of three Paul's Boutique HS15 collections which you can see here. To celebrate this we've decided to share another set of images with you all. These happen to be a personal favourite of mine, the light and airiness is something that isn't common within my photography work so it's nice to have experimented with it on such a big project.

We shot both sets of images on a very windy afternoon right outside the Shard. We felt that the reflective nature of the building would complement the all white looks that Kate had put together for this set of bags and add even more brightness.

I'm a sucker for movement within images and so the fact that it was windy was perfect - it added that little special touch with her hair and dress being blown about in the wind but without it being too much of a distraction or a hindrance.

all white outfit inspiration

paul's boutique 2015

spring summer bags

spring summer white outfit

white outfit inspiration

For this second bag we decided to shoot against this white textured wall which was opposite the Shard. I felt like the lines on the wall and on the ground add some interest while not distracting you away from the main focus which is Kaori and the bag. It wasn't quite as windy here but we still managed to get that little element of movement when the wind blew in the right direction. We had to keep an eye on our portable changing tent to make sure it didn't blow away, though!

pauls boutique 2015

spring summer bag inspiration
I've actually quite enjoyed my little venture into writing for the blog so far and I hope I'll be writing a little bit more in the future. It's been nice to branch out into something different from what I usually do here on the blog.