New beginnings

Polaroid photos of KaoriAnne and Christine Xuan

When Christine and I started The KARINA blog together, it was very much a way for us to unleash our creativity and it brought us even closer together. We absolutely LOVED working on collaborations together, with The Hotel Brussels being one of the highlights of this project.

We're still best friends but we have moved onto other projects of our own.


Should you wish to contact Christine for any photography pojects, please do so via her photography Facebook page:
Christine Xuan Photography

KaoriAnne has set up her own business and is providing social media management services for social impact and sustainable businesses. You can reach her via email using or reach out to her on Twitter or Instagram.


christine xuan
It's not very often that I get photographed for the blog, mostly because I feel a lot more comfortable behind the camera as opposed to being infront of the lens! Kaori convinced me to have my outfit photos taken this time as I was wearing this beautiful bright pink playsuit from Missguided, a colour which is very much the opposite of what I usually wear. It was a hot summer's day, the perfect weather to get my legs out and wear something a little bit out of my comfort zone. I have to admit I did feel like a giant pink candyfloss while wearing it but it was nice to not be wearing an all black look, which is my usual go-to. I decided to pair it with this light brown bag that I bought from New Look if I remember correctly, and these sandals from ASOS. I also decided to take this piece with me on my recent holiday to Mallorca to catch the last bit of summer and it was perfect for the 25C degree weather, it kept me cool and although the fabric isn't super lightweight I didn't feel too hot in it. Possibly not the most weather appropriate look to post given that it's currently rainy,cold and grey in Luxembourg at the minute, but it's one of my favourite looks and I couldn't resist posting it, even if it is a little bit overdue!


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would have noticed by now that I have become hat-obsessed more so than ever. I've just started my master's course and I am pretty sure my classmates have yet to see me without one. And now, a beautiful burgundy felt hat has been added to the growing collection. The weather has been up and down in Leuven but on this day, it was thankfully a perfect and sunny autumn day. I decided to wear my lace hem shorts over tights along with this white ribbed turtle neck sweater from Urban Outfitters which is SO soft and cosy and perfect for those kind of days where it's a little bit breezy.

With sitting out on the terrace of a bar being such a big thing in Belgium, turtle necks are a great alternative to having to lug around a huge chunky scarf. What are your autumn staples? Are there any colours that you have been absolutely loving?

Jacket - New Look
Hat & top - Urban Outfitters
Bag - TK Maxx
Boots - H&M

Photos by Robin Teuwens


blogueuse mode belge
I had never been to one of Emilie's (My Little Fashion Diary) blogging classes before, so I thought the photography one would be interesting to check out. For the longest time ever I shot blog photos on automatic or had them taken for me. Usually by Christine, and occasionally by my boyfriend. The point is that I wasn't sure how extensive my knowledge of photography was. What I found out is that I had actually learned a fair amount from the times I had more competent people take photos for the blog. The class was also an absolutely fantastic opportunity to meet other bloggers in Belgium, because the class was hosted at the Smets store in Brussels. It's always great fun to meet other like-minded people!

It was at this class that I found out about the brand Essentiel Antwerp. I had not heard about it before and I was incredibly curious to go check it out after I was told that there was a store in Leuven. As soon as I walked in, my eyes went straight for this bucket bag. I have banged on about this before but boy do I love my pockets and compartments on bags. There was a choice between black, brown and this stone-pink colours. Of course, my immediate thought was "do I play it safe and go for black?" but there was something about this rough-looking pink bucket bag that was calling out "LOVE ME. TAKE ME HOME".... So I did. It's so practical as a day bag because it's really easy to whip out a train or bus pass from the outer pockets. I can certainly see myself using this throughout the year to brighten up an outfit.

Here, I decided to pair the bag with a slightly subdued seventies look. If you walk into any highstreet store or browse any clothing brand Instagram accounts, you'll see that the seventies trend is very much here to stay. For me the denim flares, brown suedes and flowing florals are all a bit too much. Some people pull it off really well with high levels of sass, but for me? It's just not my thing. I've often mentioned here on the blog about my monochromatic tendencies in outfit combinations but you know what? To hell with that. I like to think I'm a fairly mellow person and that tends to reflect in my choice of colour palette - or lack thereof... I love the casual and laidback look of the seventies trend but it has been overwhelming until I found this beaut! It's right up my alley. It sits nicely on the chest and so a "hello" to my new go-to LBD is in order.

black seventies bell sleeve zara dress
essentiel antwerp bucket bag outfit
karina blog
autumn pull & vear outfit with essentiel antwerp kimmy bag
kaorianne blogessentiel antwerp kimmy bag
Photos by Robin Teuwens