new look long blazer
The Sunday after I finished work for the summer I flew out to Edinburgh to see my older brother graduate and to spend a much needed couple of days with my family at our favourite cottage in Scotland. We took a trip out to Carlisle, which is just over the border in England, for a little bit of shopping and I picked up this beautiful long light-weight blazer from New Look and a pair of acid wash jeggings from River Island. I had been itching to find a new pair since I have had a love/hate relationship with the Dr Denim Kissy and the Topshop Leigh ones. I do love them but they discoloured so quickly that the money was not quite worth it.

I love how these River Island ones fit and they are so incredibly comfortable to travel in! Trust me, the multiple 3h journeys between Brussels and Luxembourg have provided me with enough proof of that fact. I usually stick to leggings for long journeys but these are most definitely a winner.

French coming soon...


karinablog grey hat cold shoulder dress
With my hair being so dead straight and heavy, sometimes the easiest thing to do is to pop on a cap or a hat over my head. I own three snapbacks but I also do have a great love for fedoras. I found this one when I was browsing the shelves of Accessorize in Carlisle and I hesitated for a bit before deciding that it would be a reasonable purchase.

I absolutely love wearing it on drizzly rainy days but here the sun decided to make an appearance and luckily enough I was wearing a back cold shoulder dress which I picked up in New Look. I have one in blue from Motel Rocks but this one is a bit longer and so I am not as worried about being too indecent.

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kaorianne asian long hair
It seems like the weather has taken a turn for the gloomiest of glooms today. Mama, who used to be a flight attendant back in the day, spotted the Cumulonimbus cloud the other day and said that this crazily hot weather would not be lasting much longer. I do enjoy sunny weather but cross that with heavy humidity, and super long and thick hair... You have one melting Kaori. Tying my hair up in a pony tail doesn't work because it feels like it isn't even up. I swear my hair adds at least 2°C.

I do love, however, how my hair stands out against bright white outfits like this one - especially if I have it is wavy! Here I am wearing a simple white cami from Topshop - a must have for any wardrobe as it can literally be worn with anything. I also have one in black and I recently bought one from Zara which has a beautiful scooped low back.


A vue d’oeil, le temps devient menaçant aujourd’hui. Maman, qui dans sa vie précédente était hôtesse de l’air, a aperçu il y a quelques jours à peine des nuages cumulonimbus, et elle m’a dit que cette vague de chaleur accablante allait toucher à sa fin. J’aime bien un temps ensoleillé, mais si on ajoute une humidité élevée et ma chevelure longue et abondante: voilà Kaori qui fond sous la chaleur!! Attacher mes cheveux en queue de cheval ne sert à rien, car j’ai l’impression que rien ne change, qu’ils ne sont même pas attachés. Je vous le jure: avec mes cheveux la température monte d’au moins deux degrés.

Quand même, j’apprécie vraiment la manière dont mes cheveux se démarquent quand je porte une tenue d’un blanc éclatant comme celle-ci, et surtout quand mes cheveux sont ondulés. Dans ces images je porte un débardeur blanc simple de Topshop: un must pour n’importe quelle garde-robe, car il s’associe à toutes sortes de vêtements. J’en ai un en noir, et récemment chez Zara j’ai acheté un joli débardeur, arrondi et décolleté au dos.


kaorianne ootd
Having a capital city as small as the one we have in Luxembourg means that Christine and I are often very limited in places to shoot outfits whilst we are in the city centre. One of our favourite places to go is the Place Guillaume if there aren't too many people milling around. Another favourite is on the Rue de l'Eau. On this particularly sunny day we decided to wander down closer to the Montée de Clausen to shoot this outfit. The small square in front of the MNHA (Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art) also has a cute little cafe which Christine and I have yet to check out. We have a little list of places we have never been to in Luxembourg City but would like to try - including restaurants. We have already ticked off Brasserie LOL on rue Chimay, a couple of doors up from Golden Bean.

This top that I am wearing here was one that I found in Zara whilst in London a while back. I fell in love with the print as well as the blue and white combination of colours and how this top is semi-backless. The two bits of fabric at the back hang loosely which is great for those really, really hot days but not so great when there is a gust of wind! During the same shopping trip I also found this grey textured skater skirt and I of course had to pair the whole look with my favourite bag.

French coming soon...