OH, hi there. It seems as though I am starting this blog post with one of those typical "hey, remember me...?" openings. I am very much a person who likes to stay on top of things but towards the end of the summer some things for me had changed and I was opening myself up to new, happier beginnings and exciting projects (like this one).

Being back in Guildford has so far been really good but surreal. I joined the Canoe Club, something which I never thought I would ever do. Before heading off to Sardinia I was quite scared of being in water but now I love it.

Another thing which has been looming over me like a ginormous grizzly bear about to wake up from hibernation is my final year dissertation project... Oh boy where do I even begin? My proposal is due in just over a week's time and I have not fully decided what angle I want to take on it. I definitely want to incorporate the blogging world into it as it has been such a big part of my life that has changed me and introduced me to so many new things and people but most importantly, new friends.

Wow, so shall we get on to the actual outfit itself? These shoes are from a Japanese brand called Rose Essence that reminds me a lot of what you can find at Office and Topshop. Have a peek at some of their stuff here but be warned, the site is in Japanese haha. This hat is one that I have living in since I bought it at Accessorize along with this Zara scarf which I got at Gatwick South Terminal because I was on my way back from Tunisia to Luxembourg and I was not prepared for the chilly breeze back home. I have a similar one like it in black and I cannot stress how comfy it is. It also doubles as a fabulous neck pillow for ultimate nap-time on morning commutes.


HELLO FROM ENGLAND! Yes, I am finally back and it feels weird. I cannot believe I am about to start my final year already. So far I have not really done much besides settling in, shopping and bumping into familiar faces. Unpacking was such a chore but I have to say that it is such a relief to have everything in its place. I also rediscovered some clothes I thought I had lost like this grey top! I had absolutely no idea where it had gone and then TA-DA, turns out I had packed it and it was in the bottom of one of my many, many, many bags.

I love the low scoop on this H&M vest as it is such a lovely way to show off some skin without it being too revealing up front/"booby". You could easily where it on a night out with a sleek blazer and a chunky necklace or a long dainty one - a design which I have been starting to fall in love with.

Jacket, top & boots - H&M
Bag - Missguided

HELLO FROM ENGLAND! Eh ben oui, je suis de retour et ça me fait bizarre. Je n’arrive pas à croire que la dernière année de mes études commence déjà. Jusqu’ici je n’ai pas fait grand-chose: je me suis installée, j’ai fait des courses et j’ai retrouvé des visages connus. Le travail de tout ranger était une vraie corvée mais je suis tellement contente que chaque chose est maintenant à sa place. J’ai même découvert des vêtements que je croyais perdus, par exemple ce top gris. J’en avais perdu toute trace et tout d’un coup: voilà, il apparaît que je l’avais mis au fond d’un des nombreux sacs qui m’ont accompagnée.

J’aime bien l’encolure dégagée et arrondie de ce top H&M. Elle montre de la peau mais n’est pas trop révélatrice. Lors d’une sortie nocturne on peut porter ce top avec un blazer élégant et un gros collier, ou même un collier délicat. C’est un style que j’aime de plus en plus


long hair
Oh boy, the end of my Summer is approaching and I still have so many things I would like to do on top of the things I must do. I now have just a few days left in Luxembourg and so being on the internet, behind this computer screen is one of the last things on my mind. I had planned to have a multitude of blog posts featuring outfits from Tunisia but I unfortunately got really sick while I was away. I am pretty sure it was down to my already weakened immune system from when I went to e-lake festival  (Luxembourg) with Christine where it rained like crazy. I managed to enjoy the first couple of days in the sun, though - we even went sand buggy-ing one day! (photo here).

This is actually the outfit I wore to e-lake: something incredibly simple and oh so comfy. I found this slouchy sweater in H&M and I bought these black super stretchy trousers in River Island. I cannot remember what the name of the style was but do go try out the trousers in RI as I have been living in these ever since I bought them, along with an acid wash pair as well. Now I cannot rave enough about this white Missguided bag... Holy moley it has hands down been my favourite summer bag. I still cannot get over all the little compartments it has! It seems to have gone down by 3 GBP which may not be a huge difference, but you can get it here.


L’été touche à sa fin et il y a encore tant de choses que je voudrais faire - à part toutes les chose que je dois faire! Il ne me reste que quelques jours au Luxembourg, et rester assise devant l’écran de mon ordi n’est pas une priorité! J’avais l’intention d’ajouter une série de blogposts concernant des tenues que j’avais portées en Tunisie, mais malheureusement je suis tombée malade là-bas. La cause était probablement un système immunitaire affaibli par ma visite avec Christine au Festival e-lake au Luxembourg, où la pluie est tombée sans cesse. J’ai réussi quand même à profiter du soleil pendant les premiers jours en Tunisie – un jour nous avons fait une sortie en buggy (voir photo ici).

L’image d’aujourd’hui montre la tenue que portais au Festival. Elle était très simple mais tellement confortable. J’ai trouvé ce pull souple chez H&M et j’ai acheté ce pantalon en stretch chez River Island. Je ne me souviens plus comment il s’appelle, en ce qui concerne le style, mais je vous conseille d’aller donner un coup d’œil chez River Island, car je porte ce pantalon et un autre délavé à l’acide depuis que je les ai achetés. Et le sac blanc de Missguided: comment puis-je le vanter encore plus!? Pendant toute l’été ce sac a été mon préféré - le numéro de petits compartiments m’étonne toujours. On a apparemment réduit le prix de 3 livres, ce qui n’est pas grand-chose, mais s’il vous intéresse vous pouvez l’acheter ici.


Hallo from Tunisia! Before going on holiday, my dad had said to me to enjoy my time away and to relax. As much as i love sitting on the on the beach, there is only so much sun my head can handle and as it closes in on the midday raging rays I thought it would be a perfect moment to find a bit of shade and to finally updated the blog. It's funny because throughout this past year I was constantly thinking how when the summer rolled around that I would be able to dedicate a lot more time to the blog and upload more regularly before swanning off back to the UK for my final year. I don't even want to think about how much I'll miss Christine but we have an exciting project coming up which seems to be putting my separation anxiety at ease for the time being.

Here, I'm wearing my absolute favourite top which I bought in the smets store in brussels and it's a brand called misbhv which I haven't seen much of around the blogosphere but I think a few of you will love their stuff. I love that the cut of this shirt is so feminine - it reveals just the right amount of skin and I think it flatters the collar bone quite nicely. Considering just how much I've worn this top I can't believe that this is the first time it's making an appearance in an outfit post!


Bonjour de la Tunisie! Avant mon depart mon père m’a dit de m’amuser bien et de jouir d’une détente totale. Mais bien que j’aime lézarder à la plage, à un certain moment la chaleur est devenue trop forte. Sous le soleil de midi j’ai recherché l’ombre et commencé enfin à mettre à jour le blog. C’est bizarre: pendant toute l’année qui vient de s’écouler je croyais toujours qu’avec l’arrivée de l’été j’aurais pu consacrer plus de temps au blog et d’en faire des mises à jour régulières avant de m’en aller en Angleterre pour la dernière année de mes études. Je ne veux pas penser au fait que Christine me manquera tellement, mais nous avons un projet qui s’annonce très intéressant et qui calme mes préoccupations.

Ici je porte mon top favori, que j’ai acheté chez Smets à Bruxelles. La marque s’appelle "misbhv". Elle n’est pas tellement connue au monde des blogs, mais il y aura certaines d’entre vous qui aimeront ses créations. La coupe de ce tee-shirt est vraiment féminine, car elle n’expose qu’une partie de la peau et avantage la forme de la clavicule. Je porte souvent ce top et je suis vraiment étonnée qu’il apparait ici pour la première fois.