When I first got my iPhone over a year ago and first downloaded Instagram I had no idea how obsessed I would become with it. It was an instantaneously accessible source of inspiration and pick-me-ups for when I was feeling like a bit of a glum bum. I have been meaning to do an Instagram favourites for so long but for the past year I continuously discovered new and lovely pages that it was a little challenging to pin-point a selection of favourites. I now follow over 500 people and so sometimes it can be difficult to see people's updates but there are a few that I find myself going back to on a regular basis. So, in no particular order.... 

First up is Emma, whose Instagram I think I found from her liking a couple of my pictures. I absolutely love her minimalistic style, healthy food suggestions and of course her handsome little man Oscar who could melt anyone's heart. I was also featured on Mothrs, a website with a community of mothers supporting each other (read more about it here).

This account is a new found love. Over the last 6 months, Christine and I have gradually developed an obsession with dachshunds, or sausy dogs as we like to call them. One day when I was going through "#sausagedogs" I found Amanda's page and instantly fell in love her colourful posts and her little four-legged friend, Leif. Come on, how cute is this photo? Or this?! I just cannot handle this cuteness overload. The 28-year-old from Toronto has been a vegetarian for the past 10 years or so and has recently switched to a vegan diet. For recipes, health tips, home decor, fashion and DIY, check out her blog here.

I first met Caley back in my second last year of high school when she first moved to Luxembourg from Canada. It is crazy to think how long ago that was! Even though it makes me a little sad that we do not see each other as much as we could and should do, I am endlessly jealous of her city trips and globe trotting escapes. With photos documenting a lot of her trips, her Instagram page is hands down one of my favourites to go back to to cheer me up on a rainy day!

So how many of you remember this Pep Talk video uploaded by SoulPancake on YouTube in January of last year? I remember when I first saw it, I cried. I was going through a little bit of a dull few months with blogging, exams and life in general and watching this video made such a huge difference on the outlook I had on life. Robby (kidpresident) has such an incredibly infectious laugh (as you can hear here) and I cannot get enough of the goofy updates.

Adam, Adam, Adam... I had been reading Adam Gallagher's blog for so long and I remember his Instagram page was one of the first I followed. I absolutely loved Project Handsome which Adam ran on his blog that featured different well-dressed men talking about how they deal with the intolerance  towards handsomely dressed men and how they proceed forward "confidently, stylishly and handsomely." The Ryan Gosling of the blogosphere has impecable and exquisite style, and he can pull off a sleek tailored suit or a casual NYC walk-about outfit. I do love his gorgeous face, I shall let you know when I eventually meet this man, my future husband haha.

I remember I found Camilla's blog thanks to Kristiana when her and I first met the half American/half Danish gal at one of my first ever blogger events (see here). The English is so wonderfully written and I cannot hesitate to agree with Kristiana whenever she says how it is one of the few blogs that actually entices the reader to actually read rather than simply glance over the visual content. See her blog here and do check out her Instagram for tummy-ticklingly witty captions and beautiful photos.

Last but not least, we have Iggy Azalea. I become instantly obsessed with her song Work when the video first came out on YouTube in March last year. I fell in love with her even more when she posted this reaction video about going on tour with Beyoncé.

And that's it for now! Perhaps in a few months time I will have another batch of favourites but I am a creature of habit and so I find it quite difficult to regularly do favourites themed posts. I would love to know your favourite Instagram pages and please do leave the links below!


After our hair treatment, my best pal and I decided to take some outfit pics in my favourite park (with the Cinquantenaire arch) just as the sun was going down on us. I am really missing this sunny and breezy weather in Brussels! I really hope that my last month will be filled with lovely outdoor lunches and after-no-work drinks haha.

Here I was wearing my Motel Savannah dress in rich cobalt blue with one of my favourite necklaces from Galibardy. I have mentioned this jewellery brand a couple of times on here before but I have no idea why they haven't exploded yet. I love their quirky designs! Especially this little takeaway coffee cup.


A while back Christine and I were invited to have hair treatments at Christophe Robin's Atelier de Coloration (Rue de Namur, 65a - 1000 Bruxelles) and as soon as we walked in we could not help but notice how incredibly warm, cosy and welcoming it felt. It did not feel like we were at hair salon, but at home in a quiet little serene bubble. We were introduced to the different products that we could have our hair treated with and we were both amazed to see a hair scrub, something which I had never come across before! I also love that none of his products contain parabens or silicone, that gives the impression of silky soft but really it is only masking it and because it coats the hair, silicone can prevent any penetration of oils or other nourishing treatments.

The Christophe Robin products also do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS or SLES - a cheap cleansing agent) which is a godsend because it has been proven as an irritant and may cause issues with sensitive scalps. I have also read that continuous use of shampoos containing SLS may lead to hair loss but I cannot for the life of me remember where I read this.

It was so lovely that there were also volumising products for fine hair which better suited Christine's hair type. I have never been much of a beauty person but with more questions and compliments (thank you by the way) coming in over Instagram and through comments here on the blog about my hair, I am slowly developing an interest in well-rounded hair-care. Discovering the Christophe Robin products was definitely the place to start! I was gifted a day cream for my hair at the end of our experience but I think I need go back and buy one of the hair scrubs because the products are absolutely divine. You can have a browse of his products here or check where they are sold here.


When Christine and I met to take photos of this outfit it was such lovely weather outside that it even called for a cheeky ice cream to share - we felt a little too guilty having one each! It was actually a super chatty ice cream man that suggested we have a taste. It was refreshing enough but I had to tie up my hair because it was just too warm. I keep moaning about having to get my hair cut but I really do because having my hair up no longer feels like it is actually up. I have decided, though, that I will cut my hair in March of next year for reasons which will later be explained. A little clue: it will be around the time of RAG week at university.

French coming soon...