Comfort is key

Hello, bloggerlings. It sucks this gloomy weather is back but I decided to take photos anyway due to my lack of photos yesterday. My face wasn't really cooperating with me today, hence the semi-decapitation. I hate wednesdays. Mainly because it's in the middle of the school week and it seems like I'm going nowhere. I have my third theory lesson tomorrow but i'm thinking of going to the french classes as well so I can speed up the whole getting my driving licence process by a little bit. Apparently it's hell waiting to do the practical and the final test.

PS, I'm gonna try to make pirate cupcakes for saturday wihuuu! I'm also making cupcakes for the sale/fundraiser for Japan which my mum is helping to organise (also on saturday, morning til afternoon) so if you have time please come along to the Centre Culturel Beggen and you can buy my deliiiiiicious cupcakes (that's enough to convince you right? Haha)

Oh you've done it again...

Don't you just hate seeing such lovely things and not having the money to buy them? I'm so in love with these items I think I'll have to purchase them.

PS, my friends seem to be picking up on my crazy ring addiction. Gosh I must have a problem.

Stripey stripey

Top/new look, ring&shoes/primark
What is up you guuuuuys? I'm pretty pumped right now because I got 9.4 on my maths test which I was totally freaking out about, wihuu! Today was another beautiful day so I decided to go for a slightly sheer stripey top, leggings and these brogue/pumps. I think I told you about these a while back. They're so comfy because they aren't made of hard material at all. I made these photos b&w because the sun was glaring down on my face and making me super orange on camera, I actually quite like it like this. Oh and excuse my pouty snooty face on the first photo.
I posted the outfit on lookbook so if you want to see it in colour no need to look too far. I find it hilarious how I managed to clearly decapitate myself in the photo hahaha. That's what happens when you have a make-shift tripod (I piled up a mobile phone box, a tissue box, a flower pot and a box that used to have a hard rock cafe glass in it. Creative, no?)

Please hype, thanks my readers. I'm just one away from 100, yaay.


A bit of a lazy post, sorry you guys. I went to a bar after school with my buddy (bad ass I know) to plan and book for our 18th/19th birthday bash. I then stopped off to buy sushi and got home later than usual and now chemistry is....BLABLABLA I'm sure you don't want to hear the excuses. I am in looove with this wallet but I really don't need a new one. And DAMN I need to start looking for a dress for my proclamation (=graduation)/ bal du bac soon. I already know what I'm wearing for the ceremony but I need to find a dress for the party after.

Long dress:
-Don't get many chances to wear evening dresses
-I've never worn one

Short dress:
-If I spend quite a bit of money on a short dress, I can wear it many times on several occasions unlike a long one
-Easy to dance in later in the night
-I've already spotted one which is kinda nice
-Covers bulgy wobbly bits


Check out my badass rings. I found my skull ring! I bought it at a market stall in Harajuku last year so I was super happy it found it's way bag to me. I have a love-hate relationship with this ram ring. It keeps trying to pull out little bits of thread with its horns but the ring is just too beautiful (from topshop btw!).
So um how nice was it today? I decided to only wear this cardigan over my top (tbh, it's quite chunky and thick, can you tell??) even though the morning was quite chilly. I didn't wear the fur "scarf" (what do you call it if it's not quite a scarf but still keeps your neck warm? Hm..) but instead I wore my mcqueen neckerchief which was an 18th birthday present last year from my brother. He has amazing taste!

My outfit from today is up! Like I mentioned above, I didn't wear a jacket to school and I'm so happy I didn't. I paired my outfit with these boots from primark. I think the boots, the bag, the top and the cardigan are my current fav pieces. I'm looking at all the s/s stuff on topshop, urban outfitters, dorothy perkins, river island + all my fav stores' websites and I can't help feeling googley-eyed but I'm going to Bordeaux (south of France) in the easter holidays so I keep telling myself I must be patient. Can't wait to discover the stores there!

Sunday lustings

It's officially spring in 1h! Which means I should already sleeping, oops. I'm really into the zip detail at the moment. I think it makes any top or skirt way more interesting, and I've been wanting a small gold casio watch ever since I saw in the edinburgh urban outfitters store. Birthday present maybe? My birthday's a while off though. Goodnight internet buddies. Ciao.

Place de la Bourse

Whaddup you guys? Hope your weekend was good. I got back from bxl a while ago and I'm surprisingly not tired at all. I had an ok time but I found last year's europarty (in amsterdam) was way better. I ended up hanging out with my friend Alice (the beautiful blondie you see on the left), her boyfriend and his friends. After eating a incredibly late lunch, Alice and I went to new look and did a bit of shopping. I got the things above plus a black parka which was originally 45EUR (what the eff!) but I got it for 12EUR, wihuu.

Bxl minus 14-ish hours

Hello people, sorry for my absence yesterday (by 30mins hehe). I was off school because of a stoopid insane headache (grr..) and I had nothing to show you, but I when I went food shopping with my boyfriend in the evening I dragged him into h&m and I bought a top for the europarty, which is tomorrow, and this bag for 20EUR. This is my first non-black bag in ages so, go me! I'll be back on sunday but I can't promise you any posts. Ciao belle.


I couldn't resist stopping at my local delhaize on the way home and picking up some roquette, mini mozarella balls, dried tomatoes and a carton of innocent smoothie! Yumm. Outfit post coming up.

Monday morning

Cardigan/topshop, hat/accesorize, bracelet/accessorize, sunglasses/h&m
I have to goooooo, my dad is waiting in the car on the pavement haha. Have a great day you guys! Ciao.

Sunday lustings - topshop Jewellery

Topshop Jewellery
Why is topshop jewellery always so damn gorgeous? I should have ordered that pink ring! I love the little birds on it.

Ooh Na Na

I'm back from shopping! I had a really great time and only bought stuff from h&m. Here's a photo à la Lucy of one of the things I bought today. I've been looking for a blazer similar to the one rihanna wears in this video (LOVE HER OUTFIT) so I'm really happy I found one. I'm not too bothered about buying stuff which is recognizably from h&m. I actually kinda like seeing people with the same item of clothing because it's exciting to see how differently they're dressed and what kind of outfit they're wearing. It gives me inspiration to use the item in a different way! 

I'm off to my friends' party now. I decided to abandon the geek thing. The outfit just wasn't the same without the propeller hat haha.


Top/h&m, shorts/topshop, cardigan/river island, bag/linea@house of fraser, earrings/h&m, necklace/topshop
Hello dahlings. I have to be quick because I going to auchan with my dad and then meeting Fredrika to go shopping in town! My order from topshop arrived yesterday. They always impress with how fast they send things. I ordered on monday or tuesday, I got an email confirming they dispatched it on wednesday and there it was- just in time for the weekend! I love asos but topshop will always be my fav.

PS, it's touching to see how many people are worried about Japan and other pacific island/countries. I'm lost for words. The images that are coming through the television and on the internet have left me speechless. Minna gambattene <3


Top/cheap monday, cardigan/primark, jewellery/DP&vintage&primark&topshop, bag/marc b@topshop
HiBye. It'll literally be like that. I have a geo prebac tomorrow and I was at the battle of the bands rehearsal from 16h30 until 21h00. GREAT. Here comes a sleepless night ahead. This was my outfit from today. I wore it with my mcqueen scarf, parka (from C&A) and primark bow pumps.
STRESS STRESS STRESS (<-click). Ciao my darlings.

Happy International Women's Day

Top/topshop, jeggings/dr denim, necklace/topshop, bag/vintage louis vuitton
I have a big-ass test tomorrow in history so this won't be too long. I didn't really make an effort with my outfit today so I decided to take my hand-me-down louis vuitton bag. My bought it when she began her work as a stewardess on a domestic airline based in tokyo and it's so precious to me. Unfortunately the zip is KAPUT. Because it's so old my mother no longer has the pouch or the authentication card so I wasn't sure if they'd fix it for me but I went by the vuitton store today and they said that it wasn't a problem at all! Wihuuu. They also told me that it would take 8 weeks for it to be sent to Paris, fixed and returned for 80EUR. It's not so bad considering what I originally thought it would be. I'm terrified about sending it off in case they lose it because it's irreplaceable. To some people it's just another vuitton bag but to me it was my mama's and it's special in that way. HOKAY, short post my ass. I seem to like blabbering too much. I'm going, for real. Ciao.

PS, sorry for the crappy photos. Still no flash on ma cam. But with this sunny weather I should venture outside to snap photos!
PPS, this time I'm really going. No really, I am.