Stripey stripey

Top/new look, ring&shoes/primark
What is up you guuuuuys? I'm pretty pumped right now because I got 9.4 on my maths test which I was totally freaking out about, wihuu! Today was another beautiful day so I decided to go for a slightly sheer stripey top, leggings and these brogue/pumps. I think I told you about these a while back. They're so comfy because they aren't made of hard material at all. I made these photos b&w because the sun was glaring down on my face and making me super orange on camera, I actually quite like it like this. Oh and excuse my pouty snooty face on the first photo.
I posted the outfit on lookbook so if you want to see it in colour no need to look too far. I find it hilarious how I managed to clearly decapitate myself in the photo hahaha. That's what happens when you have a make-shift tripod (I piled up a mobile phone box, a tissue box, a flower pot and a box that used to have a hard rock cafe glass in it. Creative, no?)

Please hype, thanks my readers. I'm just one away from 100, yaay.