I had my first day of my second semester yesterday and I have to say that so far it has started off pretty good. Even though I was super jet lagged and had a 9am class I had a 6h break till my next class so I went to town with my buddies and we did a bit of shopping and had milkshakes (omnomnom). I was feeling pretty baddass when I woke up today so this outfit came together quite smoothly and the hat that I am wearing is actually one that I bought while I was in Japan. I was shopping with my grandma in the mall near my family's apartment and I saw a neon beanie which I really liked. It was about 1280 JPY (10.20 EUR/8.77 GBP) which I thought was not so bad but for some reason I decided not to get it. We continued shopping in the supermarket clothes bit where things are significantly cheaper and I spot the exact same hat but this time for 980 JPY!!! (7.82 EUR/6.69 GBP). I felt like this was a sign that I had to buy the hat haha. I miss Japan so much already though...


  1. love the beanie and also the bag:) where did you get the bag?:) xx

    1. thanks! it's from river island but I got it a few years ago. they tend to re-do bags so they might have something similar! :)

  2. haha, i know what you mean with the hat, half of my wardrobe is full of stuff that i bought because of "a sign" :D nice outfit, we should get together soon for the plans ;D

  3. I love the WHOLE outfit, Kaori! so jealous of the beanie, I'm beanie crazy atm and would love a neon beanie in pink or green. :)


  4. love your style! that beanie and the jacket are awesome!!
    following you now

  5. Great outfit! The pop of neon is so nice :)

  6. Great look. I like your beenie. :)

  7. ive been wanting to buy a neon beanie since foreveeer but it never looks goood on me! ahha gorgeous!

  8. Love the outfit! and your leather jacket is amazing!
    xx Ayesha