I hope you guys have all been having a lovely week so far. My family came to visit last weekend and we went out and about in town. We of course checked out tk maxx and that is where I found this beautiful clutch for just 20 GBP (22.89 EUR). I have been wanting a clutch like this for so long but they were either too over the top or overpriced. I am so happy to finally have one! It's so badass.

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This is the only outfit post I have from my whole weekend in Köln because, to be honest with you, the Manfriend and I stayed in bed and koala-snuggled all day, almost everyday. We only made it as far as the supermarket and a bit of town but even that was only for one hour on the last day. Sometimes all you need is snuggles. These boots you see here are my new ones from Primark and GUESS WHAT. They were only 10 GBP (11.60 EUR)!!!!! I was excited when I found them. I love how they are quite simple and yet the studs give it that extra.... oomph? 

PS, I have been getting lots of lovely comments lately, and I totally forgot to address my two year blog anniversary last month! You guys are the best - thank you.

Hat and scarf - Japan
Coat - Zara
Bag - Topshop
Boots - Primark

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And here is that tartan scarf in action! I wore this outfit on Friday when I flew out to Cologne to see my man for the weekend. Deciding that it was going to be quite cold, I ended up swapping this Topshop jacket for my long black zara coat which I have been wearing tons of lately. I also changed these zara boots for a pair of bébé uggs as I just love keeping my feet super cosy. The pullover which you can see is from Primark and I am just IN LOVE with the way it has been knitted. The print is just so cool and adds something extra to that plain pullover look. The buttons on it are actually on the back which I guess is cool but when my knitting enthusiast grandma saw it she was just so confused.


I did do a fair bit of shopping while I was in Japan but it definitely was not excessive or that expensive! I have been tip-toeing around the idea of getting a tartan scarf and could never find one which was decent (or decently priced for that matter), so when I found this one for 700 JPY (5.64 EUR/4.77 GBP) I knew I had to get it. It is so incredibly soft I want to cuddle it all day. The other thing I got is that red quilt/chain bag. It is actually a lot more bordeaux colour than in the photo but man this bag is perfect. There is a back pocket, pocket just under the flap, the usual phone pockets inside the bag and the zip pocket. The material inside the bag is really good too, which surprised me because this bag cost only 1280 JPY (10.32 EUR/8.73 GBP)!


I had my first day of my second semester yesterday and I have to say that so far it has started off pretty good. Even though I was super jet lagged and had a 9am class I had a 6h break till my next class so I went to town with my buddies and we did a bit of shopping and had milkshakes (omnomnom). I was feeling pretty baddass when I woke up today so this outfit came together quite smoothly and the hat that I am wearing is actually one that I bought while I was in Japan. I was shopping with my grandma in the mall near my family's apartment and I saw a neon beanie which I really liked. It was about 1280 JPY (10.20 EUR/8.77 GBP) which I thought was not so bad but for some reason I decided not to get it. We continued shopping in the supermarket clothes bit where things are significantly cheaper and I spot the exact same hat but this time for 980 JPY!!! (7.82 EUR/6.69 GBP). I felt like this was a sign that I had to buy the hat haha. I miss Japan so much already though...


My first and probably penultimate outfit post in Japan. Even though I have been in Japan for almost a week now, I was spending most of my time with my grandmother and so I never had the chance to take photos. But the other day my mum joined us so I finally got some photos wuuhuu! Here I am wearing my new hat which I got for only 980 JPY (7.73 EUR/6.73 GBP). I did bring two pairs of shoes but I have been in my bébé uggs all week. I love how they brighten up my all black outfit. The bag is a hand-me-down from my mum and it is pretty much my go to "day out" bag. It fits my camera, wallet, keys and phone so it is absolutely perfect. I leave tomorrow night already and I am so sad to go. I wish I had more time here but Semester 2 is just around the river bend... 


I finally got my hands on this. Fudge magazine put together a book of about 100 girls and their personal style and I was one of them! If I remember correctly I met up with the team early in December and we went to a couple of stores around Carnaby Street and then did the interview at a place called Soho's Secret Tea Room. Oh man if you love tea and feel like you were born in the wrong time then this is seriously the place for you. The cosy little place is located above a pub at 29 Greek Street and as soon as you step through its doors it feels like you have time warped back into the 40s. The best thing about this whole thing is that not only is it a Japanese magazine but I was able to be in Japan just a few days after it came out and I took my grandmother to the bookstore to surprise her. She then proceeded to show every single person that I was in the book and as embarrassing as it was, it made me so happy to know that she is proud of me.

 I love the little speech bubble haha