Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Hello readers. Sorry for not posting yesterday, and please excuse for this crappy post today. You see, my manfriend is keeping me hostage and I don't really have a say. Hah no really I do feel a bit bad. We're going to have a movie night now with the line-up of Harry Potter, Megamind and Artificial Intelligence + crisps, fruit and red fruit flavoured juice/water mmhh. I bought some jewellery today so I'll try get that posted for you tomorrow. Have a lovely saturday evening you guys! Ciao.

PS, dress is from topshop. I've decided I definitely want a dark blue dress for my bal du bac.

And the people they were dancing to the music vibe

 Jumper/balenciaga (vintage), boots/timberland, bag/h&m

 Sneaky peeks
Good evening friends, I should get to sleep soon but I just wanted to make this post. I had a shoot with my friend Christine today. One part of the shoot was for her project (mental illnesses) and we did anorexia. Now, before someone rants about my thunder thighs (as I like to call them) and my spare tire, I realise I'm not the skinniest of bloggers but we wanted to give the illusion of anorexia with heavy contouring and accentuating the shadows around my collar bone. I can't wait to see how she edits it!

Moving on from the project, we couldn't waste the sunlight and ventured outside to take a few photos in my black maxi dress (first photo) followed by a climb onto a set of garages just around the corner (second photo + outfit photos). I stepped onto a weak party of the roof and I thought I was going to fall through at one point. Oooh, I started selling my clothes on facebook and I'm already meeting two girls tomorrow. After that I'm hitting the library for some hardcore chemistry and biology studying.

What junk do I have in my bag?

 My bag - it's from c&a
 Wallet from Mango
 Contact lenses, unopened pack of chewing gum (I'm always trying different flavours), cupcake plasters, tiger balm, estée lauder tinted moisturiser, eyedrops
L'oreal mascara, rimmel lipgloss, illamasqua red lipstick (it's not as dark as that; it's VERY bright and I used it on Emily in this shoot)
 Chemistry stuff - ughh..
My phone (samsung; no idea what model), pencil case and sunglasses. Nothing that interesting but I haven't done this before (right..?) so I thought why not? 

I see trees of green, yellow tulips too

Yay to my mama who took the photos, hehe. 
Hello bloggers, I finally wore my black maxi dress! It's so perfect for both warm weather and for when the sun is not that bright (just pop on leggings or footless tights). I think I'm going to buy more of the same one because it I don't remember it being crazy expensive. Perhaps in dark blue because I don't think I could dare to wear a white one. So guess who had a BLAH day today? I only got to see my manfriend for half and hour because I had a dentist appointment AND OH MY DAYS.. My face hurt so much after. I had to get a crown on my tooth and I got that anaesthetic injection a I felt like my lips blubbered when I spoke so when I picked up sushi for dinner I felt like a right old fool talking to the person at the till.

PS, I love this fringed tulip!


Today I didn't do much but I had this mini shoot for my friend's art project. I styled my hair this way and I thought it'd be a waste not to take any photos so voilà! This is what I wore to her place- simple, thrown together quickly, something I'd probably wear to school. The leggings+loose tank top combo is unbeatable. SOO I haven't done a lust post in ages but the thing is I've been trying to stay away from topshop's online store (DROOOOOOL). As heartbreaking as it is, I can't lust over little things because I really have to find a nice bal du bac dress (prom/party we have the night of graduation). Last year when I was looking for a dress for my party I came across a website which literally made your dress to fit down to the last mm (kay mebbeh not). They literally asked for every single part of your body to be measured so it fits like a glove. I found the most beautiful dark royal blue dress and I forgot to remember the website. FOOL. Yes, I am a fool because now I've let that dress go and I've been angrily googling for the same website since. Moving on, the only things I've been lusting after for the moment are: LEOPARD PRINT SOCKS. I don't know what it is about them but I think they look so cute with black wedges!

PS, pleeeeease link me a few websites which have good dresses besides boohoo, lipsy, missguided and all the usuals. I'm running out of time (kinda).

Second photo is not mine


 Manfriend & Bad Dancer
 Chillin' backstage

Gesaffelstein - what a charmer
 The two guys from renaissance man
 My man

Haha I love how in almost every photo my manfriend has his eyes closed. It was a pretty awesome night but a shame that more people didn't turn up. It was a pretty good line-up so, their loss! I'm going to finish watching an episode of Entourage (my new fav tv show! It's so great, I love it) and then get some hardcore studying done. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Ciao.

Premier Nytes

 Sorry for my lack of blogging yesterday. I was unpacking very unsuccessfully and then I was off to chill with my manfriend. This is basically what I wore: my new denim shirt with a simple white top + a belt by motel. Tonight I'm going to aralunaires festival (arlon, belgium) to see my manfriend play in the criime, and wihuuu renaissance man are playing too. I'll get a chance to use my new flash to the max. Ciao.

Dijon - almost home

We're in Dijon now (where they have the famous mustard, oui oui) and I'm back from having one of the yummiest dinners ever. I felt like such a fatty but screw that mmmhhh it was too good. As you can see I've already made a bit of a mess on the bed. I'm so terrible. Anyways, we arrived in Dijon and there was a huuuge shopping mall right next to the hotel! It was a half hour until closing time so of course my brother and I legged it (him to the video games and me to new look). Shopping under pressure was actually so much fun. It made me really think wether I wanted something or not before wasting time with trying crap on. Those shorts caught my eyes immediately and I'm glad they did because I love them now.  They cover a lot more of my butt than the topshop high-waisted shorts which I have to wear with leggings or tights if I don't want to look like a ho. I bought new sandals (since my other ones are a bit worn out and I've had them for over a year), these earrings and a necklace which I first saw in the new look in Bordeaux but didn't buy for some reason. Goodnight lovelies.

PS, with my new toy I can bounce the flash off the ceiling so that the flash doesn't pick up all the finger prints and dust on the mirror and so that my flash doesn't appear as one big flashy blob - Yay!
PPS, second photo was taken with the bouncy flashy thingy of the ceiling (yeah I don't know the technical term kay?) and I'm reaaaaallly glad that I bought the flash. I originally bought it for taking photos for nights out but now my indoor close-ups of items I bought look so much better without a direct flash.
PPPS, I'm going for realzies now, hehe.

Bordeaux III

 They were playing cool music
 Oh hai...
My pooch on the rue Ste Catherine
So here are a few photos around the centre of Bordeaux. They were actually all taken on the rue ste catherine besides the first one which was at place de la bourse. You can't see it on this photo but every now and then cold water was spraying from the ground. On the last photo you can see my floppy summer hat! And not so much of my face haha, but I could see through quite well and didn't walk into a lamp post - success! I'm off to have bubbly bath and read a translated version of the book I have to study for my french exam (sneaky sneaky). Ciao et bonne nuit.

It's tricky

001 Hello blogger buddies, how are you doing on this fine wonderful superbalicous wednesday evening? (if you're in my time zone that is). I'm back from dinner and here I am with a haul/shopping post. The first store I hit was a semi-vintage store selling a few old pieces and some new and that's where I picked up the RUN DMC top. Oooh, I finally bought a flash you guys! I can take some portrait photos for you when I'm back. On my first day in bordeaux I went into Darty, an electrical store, and the man was so rude and couldn't spell nikon or the actual product name (IT HAS TWO LETTERS, ahem..) and tried selling me the sb 600 flash which is insanely mahoosively unnecessarily big and pricey. I went into Fnac and the staff were so much more pleasant there and helped out straight away (and knew the product name haha).

002 Before the camera-ness I was in h&m (surprise surprise..) and I bought more or less everything I had been looking for (denim shirt see above, long black maxi dress, a black blazer and a floppy summer hat). After lunch I ended up in new look where I bought a pale pink/coral-y blazer (sans bouttons) and two pairs of shoes. As you can see, they're both the same style but the black one is suede and the brown is leather. I'm so happy with my purchases!

PS, with my new flash my camera kinda looks like wall-e!
PPS, more posts coming up..

Bordeaux I

Hello blogger friends! We arrived in the late afternoon and spent the day walking around city centre and mainly on the rue ste catherine. I bought I few necklaces (can't show you because most of them are birthday gifts for my friends back home; so many people are born in april&may!) and I discovered that there's a new look here!! Yes it's an english store but I'm so excited. I want to check out the cheaper stores as well because my spy-eyes picked out a few cute summer maxi dresses. We're off to dinner now, talk to you soooooon! Ciao.

PS, we're off to the beach tomorrow.


Yay free internet in the hotel! We're in Blois at the moment to break the drive down to Bordeaux. We're going to be arriving around midday so I think I'll spend the afternoon walking around (predicted weather is 25°C, wihuuu!) and then on Tuesday we're going to check out the beach. Wednesday will be the shopping day so I'll definitely be in flats for that haha. Talk to you soon - Ciao.

PS, second photo is from my shoot a while back with Christine Xuan.

Pleasurekraft - Tarantula

Hola. Sorry for the absence yesterday. I was spending my friday/saturday with my man-friend being super lazy. I should be packing right now. I have most of my clothes set out so I just need to toss everything in. Don't you find it so hard to pack? I tend to pick out outfits for ever day that I'm there + some evening outfits for dinner. But I end up using the same cardigan 2 or 3 times, or I buy new things while I'm there! We're driving to Bordeaux so weight isn't really an issue. Damn I have to study so much while I'm there as well. I need to read 2 french books, one of which I seem to have temporarily misplaced.. And there is A LOT of chemistry I have to go over. Ah damn I'm so effing terrified for my bac exams!!! Fingers and toes crossed that all goes well..

To buy in Bordeaux:
-Black maxi dress
-Denim jacket
-Faux leather jacket (I lost mine a while back, boohooo)
-All black canvas trainers
-Nikon SB 4000 flash

I'm aiming to find those things there and I've seen a black maxi dress in h&m but it's a tad see-through. I'm not really up for showing my bum around. My old faux leather jacket was from zara and it was amazing so I'm hoping to find another one in there. Come to think of it, I haven't shopped at zara, let alone look around in it, for ages. Must check out their blouses while I'm there. Ciao my lovelies.

Yaourt à la grecque

Bag/c&a, cardigan/river island, top/somewhere in japan, boots/primark
Hola. I must be off to my theory lesson in an hour. It's my second last one so in the second week of my holidays I'm hoping to do the test! After that god knows how long I gotta wait to start the practical. So here is my outfit from today! Nothing extravagant but I was comfy and warm and that's the most important right? My initial purpose of going to h&m was to take sneaky outfit photos but I couldn't just ignore all the pretty things they have in there. I bought a cream/white blazer (finally!), the above cardigan (3rd photo) in cream/white and a white top with leopard writing. Yes, I am preparing for the summer haha. Hm, now that I look back at this photo I'm not sure if I prefer it in cream/white or this light rusty colour. What do you think? Should I change it or stick with the white? I guess you can't really judge fairly without a second photo though.. Ah well, we'll see!

Funky Electric Metallic Blue

Hello! I was wearing a very simple outfit of a dark grey topshop jersery top, leggings and flats so I decided not to bore your eyes with an outfit post. I bought this nail polish today and I absolutely laaaav it. The title is the closest I could get to describing it; it's by rimmel and it's 819 green with envy. Oh gosh it's 8 already! This daylight is deceiving me. I better get back to researching angelina jolie. I'm doing a short presentation on her tomorrow and then I have to work on my extended essay (which has to be 5000 words long, ugh) for which I'll be reading many many maaany poems of Ted Hughes and the wonderful Sylvia Plath. Here's a link to my favourite poem by her. Ciao my blogger buddies and thank you for being so friendly.