Premier Nytes

 Sorry for my lack of blogging yesterday. I was unpacking very unsuccessfully and then I was off to chill with my manfriend. This is basically what I wore: my new denim shirt with a simple white top + a belt by motel. Tonight I'm going to aralunaires festival (arlon, belgium) to see my manfriend play in the criime, and wihuuu renaissance man are playing too. I'll get a chance to use my new flash to the max. Ciao.


  1. Beautiful, I love your outfit (: x

  2. hey! i think i found you on someone's tumblr! I'm not sure if it's you but i somehow recognize it :p LOOOVE YOUR BLOG it's the best :D here's the link


  3. Hello hello!
    I'm french and I have just discovered your blog!
    I love your style, it's just amazing!!!

    I hope you had a good time in France ( I come from Bordeaux :p)

    See you soon

    PS : I'm sorry for my mistakes :/