HEY GUYS! I'm super excited about this post so please excuse me if I find it a little difficult to contain myself. The people at Missbehaver emailed me a while back about sending me something and I had such a blast browsing the website. Now before I go on to the actual blazer, one thing I want to say is that I absolutely love that they use regular sized models because it's so much easier for me to tell how some things will look on me - I'm no size 6.

I had no trouble picking out this galaxy blazer - it immediately caught my eye! I've always wanted to try out something galaxy but because I gain most of my weight from my hips down so the leggings always made me look like I had tree trunk legs and a huge badonkadonk. I prefer attracting attention to my upper body with chunky accessories and blazers, so this one was perfect. I cannot wait to wear it on a night out with my spiked Litas.

Missbehaver has also given me a discount code to share with you guys so be sure to use blogger2299 at the checkout to get 10% off!