I know you guys have seen this before but I just can't help but love this watch-bracelet combo! I've been wearing it almost every day for the past week. It's been gloomy today so I decided to throw on a loose white cotton shirt, some leggings and (surprise, surprise) my black converse. I've been super comfy all week but at the same time I am trying to make an effort with my outfits!


Not exactly a legit outfit post but it'll do eh? I spent 8h in the library today. EIGHT HOURS. I feel like such a genius right now. Considering the fact that I had planned to have a library day, I threw on something quite simple and chill in the morning. I even filmed it, yay! So go check it out and don't forget to follow me on twitter you guys! I'm still getting used to it but it's so addictive haha.

happy face!


HELLO, look who has a semi-not-so-brilliant-but-still-somewhat-okay outfit post for you! Thanks to the glorious weather here in south-west england I have pretty much been living in short this past week. Today was spent in the library studying for my criminal justice exam (it's 100% towards the module - waaaaihn) and this is what I wore:

Top - F21
Shorts - Hollister
Watch - "borrowed" it from the Manfriend, hihi
Bracelet - Topshop


So the other day I went to the bloggers boutique event and my oh my did I have a fabulous time. Hats off to Shope, Shore and Amy who pulled off the event. They did such an awesome job!  I was feeling a tad nervous about going because, well, to be honest I didn't really know anyone that was going. Being the socially awkward penguin that I am, I thought I would act like a silly fool. I was milling around the edges of the shabby-moreonthechicside restaurant/bar (The Drift) trying to think of what to do with myself until Jessica and I went over to a table, and sitting there were some of my favourite bloggers and youtubers. Do you know how silly I felt inside? Haha, apologies to you girls if I was such a weirdo. It was so lovely meeting everyone. It's been a bit difficult settling into England and so it was definitely nice to get to know a few of the girls. I'm so glad I went! I had such a blast. I had so much fun that I barely took any photos, but here are the few snaps that I did take.


I feel so bad for not putting up an outfit post in so long.. I barely have any time because I really have become such a library bug lately! It's also so hot to go outside. EXCUSES. I know. I'm terrible! I absolutely love taking photos and I'm still saving up money for a remote switch for my camera. I have my friend Tina visiting next weekend. I'm so incredibly excited! I did see her at her degree show in London but we haven't actually hung out in so long.

Moving on.. These are a couple of snaps of my current favourite accessories. I'm starting to wear more silver lately ever since I got that bag from zara. I've also been loving huge bug eye sunglasses! They actually do keep a lot of the sun out and well, you guys, in these weather you have to do everything to protect yourself eh? I got that wing necklace from topshop a while back and I'm sad to say but I had actually neglected it for ages. I have matching wing earrings but it just gets a bit OTT with it all. I also have a gold wing necklace but I've been thinking of setting up an ebay account and selling it off. I won't be selling just that of course, but living here in uni accommodation has made me realise just how much stuff I don't need and don't use anymore.

Happy Sunday peeps - xoxo


Hello! It's been a while. AGAIN. I'm so sorry. I've been cramming in crazy revision sessions at the library and I'm just living in baggy clothes at the moment. Who else is loving this heat wave?! Besides the fact that I'm melting like an ice-cream cone it's nice to finally have this lovely weather. The only downside is that why does this have to come just the week before my exams?! I'm in my room and it feels like a tropical cave in here. I have my curtains drawn, lights off and my window wide open which is just starting to let in gusts of wind, making me scootch further and further down my desk to avoid the crazy flapping curtains.

Anyway, yesterday after work my friends surprised me with these super cute penguin cupcakes for my birthday. It's not until tomorrow which added even more to the surprise! We played penguin bowling and "flying disk" (it wasn't even a frisbee haha). Ah it was such a lovely, chill evening - exactly what I needed at the end of the day.

This is my first birthday away from family and the Manfriend. I feel a bit sad but I have awesome friends to spend it with. I'm turning 20 and it's a pretty big deal in Japan. It's pretty much the age of adulthood and the January after the year that every turns 20 there's a coming of age celebration.

Another exciting thing about tomorrow is the Bloggers Boutique event! I can't wait to meet all the girls, especially Jessica who is my current blog/youtube favourite! Go check out her youtube channel and blog.


Apologies for the indoor and badly positioned photos - I was trying to make do with the light that I have in my bathroom haha. I had this playsuit kindly sent to me by AX Paris and even though I received it really quickly, as I realised in my uni email "post at reception" update, I didn't have the chance to go pick it up until recently. I chose this playsuit because I don't have that many printed things and I think the different elements which are incorporated into it are really nice: the sea, gold chains and pastel. I tend not to get clothes which are 100% polyester because they crease so easily and aren't so great if you're going away on holiday but when this came in the mail it wasn't that badly crinkled and I've had it up on a hanger since then. I can't wait to wear this once the hot summer comes around! They also have a strapless playsuit and a tank top in the same print so be sure to check those out as well as the 40% off sale items. I'm currently browsing the maxi dress section and trust me, there are some really nice dresses in there!


I got this hair serum about a month ago while I was in Japan and I've been using it 2-3 times a week since I got back to Europe. The main thing I love about it is the smell. It's so rose-y and it reminds me so much of a lot of products used in Japan from air freshener to shampoo to soaps.. I just really love the smell. But, seeing as it's a hair serum that shouldn't be its best quality I haven't had a haircut in over 2 months and I haven't been to a hairdresser's in over 3 or 4 years. The only time I've ever come out of the hairdresser's happy was when I got it done in Japan (by happy I mean not having a panic attack in the seat. Yes, I was a hairdresser's worst nightmare). I remember that at first I didn't like it so much but by the next hour I really liked what they had done. On the other I haven't been able to trust European hairdressers in quite a while. Anyway, getting to the point, I haven't had a decent hair cut in a while so taking that into considering this hair serum does a pretty decent job. I'll probably repurchase it when I got back this summer or try scavenge for a different one. Happy sunday everyone! xoxo

PS, found it on ebay here!


WHAT IS UUUUP. I'm heading off to uni to pick up an essay I handed in before the easter break and then I'm cramming a in a coursework/study session. YES I do plan on spending my friday night at the library. I feel like I've been slacking off just a little too much and it's not like I need to go out every night. So here's a little video for you as well. Apologies for the quality. I have no camera - waaihn xoxo.