Hello! It's been a while. AGAIN. I'm so sorry. I've been cramming in crazy revision sessions at the library and I'm just living in baggy clothes at the moment. Who else is loving this heat wave?! Besides the fact that I'm melting like an ice-cream cone it's nice to finally have this lovely weather. The only downside is that why does this have to come just the week before my exams?! I'm in my room and it feels like a tropical cave in here. I have my curtains drawn, lights off and my window wide open which is just starting to let in gusts of wind, making me scootch further and further down my desk to avoid the crazy flapping curtains.

Anyway, yesterday after work my friends surprised me with these super cute penguin cupcakes for my birthday. It's not until tomorrow which added even more to the surprise! We played penguin bowling and "flying disk" (it wasn't even a frisbee haha). Ah it was such a lovely, chill evening - exactly what I needed at the end of the day.

This is my first birthday away from family and the Manfriend. I feel a bit sad but I have awesome friends to spend it with. I'm turning 20 and it's a pretty big deal in Japan. It's pretty much the age of adulthood and the January after the year that every turns 20 there's a coming of age celebration.

Another exciting thing about tomorrow is the Bloggers Boutique event! I can't wait to meet all the girls, especially Jessica who is my current blog/youtube favourite! Go check out her youtube channel and blog.