I feel so bad for not putting up an outfit post in so long.. I barely have any time because I really have become such a library bug lately! It's also so hot to go outside. EXCUSES. I know. I'm terrible! I absolutely love taking photos and I'm still saving up money for a remote switch for my camera. I have my friend Tina visiting next weekend. I'm so incredibly excited! I did see her at her degree show in London but we haven't actually hung out in so long.

Moving on.. These are a couple of snaps of my current favourite accessories. I'm starting to wear more silver lately ever since I got that bag from zara. I've also been loving huge bug eye sunglasses! They actually do keep a lot of the sun out and well, you guys, in these weather you have to do everything to protect yourself eh? I got that wing necklace from topshop a while back and I'm sad to say but I had actually neglected it for ages. I have matching wing earrings but it just gets a bit OTT with it all. I also have a gold wing necklace but I've been thinking of setting up an ebay account and selling it off. I won't be selling just that of course, but living here in uni accommodation has made me realise just how much stuff I don't need and don't use anymore.

Happy Sunday peeps - xoxo