You know those days where you just want to sleep instead of doing something else? Yeah I'm having one of those days right now so it's time for a nap and then I have to get cracking with History! My oral is friday so I have a quite a bit of time but I still need to go in for a practice french and bio oral this week. Once all my exams are over I promise all this muttering about school will stop! SUMMER 2011 I AM SO READY FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. Just a few more days kaori, just a few more days...


Close up of the pyramid necklace my man gave me. Visit their website at and check out their awesome jewellery! Luxembourg is on their shipping list but if you want to check for another country click here. Have an awesome summery day peeps, ciao.

Wanna be a victim ready for abduction

I was asked a while back to do a DIY vest demonstration so here it is. I wasn't exactly sure how I should do this because I don't exactly have a third arm to hold the cam while I snip away and then isn't really a specific technique but here is the way I do it:
I fold the t-shirt in half and snip both sides a mark so I know not to make one arm-hole bigger than the other.

The hand with the blue hair band is my mother's. I find it easier to cut if I have someone else stretching out the t-shirt for me.

Make sure you cut just before the seam.

Make two marks on either side of the collar.

Cut the front of the collar off - the amount depends on how low you want the vest to be at the front. Cut the back of the collar off but not as much as the front unless you want it to swoop down quite low.

And there we go, that's it - simple as apple crumble. Another tip is to take scissors that cut smoothly. I don't have too much to ramble on about right now besides the fact that I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS TO BEGIN. In just under 3 weeks I will be graduating and I will finally be able to breathe. Four oral exams to go, and that's me done with everything.

PS, I'm loving Katy Perry's song ET right now (without Kanye West, though)


Hello, it is a bit of a late post but it is here so that's good right? Haha. Ha. Yes, I'm laughing it off. It was my manfriend's birthday yesterday so we ate out together and had a lovely lovely scrumpcialicous chinese dinner in town. This is part of what I wore when I went to meet him but it was just too warm to wear it so I opted for my lightweight McQueen scarf which my brother gave me as a birthday present. You know how you get older and you tend to know what you're getting from family members? Well this was certainly unexpected which made it all the much better (I'm not even sure but that's a correct english sentence...). So guys I have to get back to my guilty pleasure: the real housewives of new york city. What do you expect with all my other usual tv shows over for the summer?! I bet you I'll watch all the real housewives by the end of the summer haha. Oh god..

PS, how appropriate - my trip to NYC with my friend might be happening for realzies! I'm pretty excited but I don't want to get too excited yet, if you know what I mean. But holy jeez how many of you knew that F21 on times square is open until 2am?

No more writtens

Pyramid necklace from lazy oaf

Hey you guys! I had my last written exam today and it went so much better than I expected. I won't bore you with the details. I'm catching a bus in half an hour to meet some friends in town, who have finished as well, and I still need to shower, get dressed do my make up and eat. Can I do it in 30mins? Well of course! (I hope... hahaha)

PS, yay for an outfit post! 

River island love

I'm not really into the colour blocking but I do like it when there is an accent colour in an outfit. I'm very plain when it comes to pairing things together because I like one thing to stand out. One day it could be earrings, the next day it could be a long top with a crazy print or I could be wearing a bunch of rings (my friends know just how much I love my rings haha). I forgot to mention something! I got the coolest thing ever from my buddy emily: a macaron ring! It's a teeny macaron, ON A RING. How cute! Anyway, if you're a b&w (+navy/grey) lover like me then I think pieces like these could easily turn a dark winter combo into a very summery one without having to pull away from those comforting darks and whites. I must get back to philosophy revision if I want to bump up my average (considering how chemistry and french went I need all the marks I can get in other subjects).



Hi people. My younger brother has kindly let me use his computer so I'll try not to be on for too long. The manfriend is playing a gig in cologne (germany) tonight so my tech-savvy other half won't be able to figure out what's going on with my internet until monday or next weekend. Booo.. The cutie actually got me this awesome necklace for my birthday. I can't wait to wear it with an outfit. I can't wait to be done with my bac exams..
I feel like I've been neglecting my blog with a lack of outfit posts but if you could see what I've been wearing during exam time you'd be glad I haven't haha. Just your standard leggings, black converse, baggy top + cardigan combo.