WUHUUU - finally some decent outfit photos! I had lunch in town with my parents and then we checked out the Nespresso. Exams here I come! A coffee machine will definitely be very useful once the exam period comes around. Well, it's basically already here. I'm just not in it yet. Ooopsi.. But tonight I'm working on my research proposal and then I'll try sort out my notes. I brought 7kg of books home with me, I refuse to let them go to waste. But Motivation, where are you?

I threw this outfit on last minute before going out. I haven't worn this cardigan in a while and I have no idea why because it is actually quite thick and cosy. It's 89% cotton with no wool so it's not itchy at all. I tend to wriggle a lot so even if jumpers or sweaters or cardigans are the slightest bit itchy it's a no-no for me.


Check out Fanny Maurer's make up page here!

Good evening! I just got back from dinner with some old classmates and now I'm trying to gather any form of motivation to clean up my room. Agh, WHY is it always messy?! I seriously don't know how or why I let it get this bad haha.

The above photos are from the shoot I had with Christine on Tuesday. It was a slightly gothic shoot with very heavy and dramatic make up which was done AMAZINGLY by Fanny. I usually do my own make up when I shoot with Christine so I could definitely see the difference in, well, quality and perfection. It was just simply amazing, I can't wait to see the final result!


Top & Skirt/H&M

Lips/Estee Lauder 18 Vintage Mauve

MERRY CHRISTMAS  I hope you guys have had a super duper Christmas with your families. After being away at university it certainly feels great to have this one hell of a feast with my family gathered together! I currently feel like I don't need to eat for two days.. At the moment I'm chilling in my new Hollister pyjama bottoms and I'm thinking about how wonderful a face mask would be right now. I'm ready to take off my Christmas make up and start a detox haha. I'll probably grab my Mama and see if she wants to have another Disney movie night with me. Sleep well you lot, I know I will.


Hey there, apologies for the nasty looking mirror. Here's a photo a snapped of the new dress I bought while I was in London the other day. I won't be getting it until Christmas so no outfit posts of  it until after then. But it's only two days till Christmas! Wuhuuuu. I've made Christmas tree shaped cupcakes and now I might bake a few cookies too. I went a bit crazy with baking haha.

Last night I met up with old school mates and tonight we're all going out again and even more people are back so it's going to be great! I can't fall behind on uni work though. I have a 2000 word research proposal to write for the week we go back and I need to study for my exams.

How are you guys celebrate the holidays?


Hey! I just wanna let you guys know that I am still here and I do still plan on continuing to blog, I just need to sort out my priorities and pick up a few time management skills along the way as my coursework should be my core focus. With that being said, I know it shouldn't be the only thing to focus on. Come on guys what happened to work hard play hard? You have to reward yourself sometimes and that's exactly what I'm doing tonight with a good meal out with my flatmates. 'Kay, not so much "play hard" but it will be fun nonetheless. Hope you're all doing well. Peace out.


Another outfit from when I was back home in Luxembourg last weekend. I really do miss it so much. Some people were so desperate to get away and I understand as there was not a lot to do but for me it's home. I love how in Luxembourg you can just chill at home without thinking you should be out and about actually doing something. If I was somewhere like London, New York or Paris I would feel like I would have to be constantly doing something, whereas when I'm in Luxembourg I feel like I can relax completely. I'll be home again in a month - just in time for Christmas! I better get that Christmas shopping done soon then. Do you guys like to make lists for the different things you plan on getting for people?


Hey there guys! I just got back from what should have been a pretty short day. I'm going to make this quick post and then dive straight into work. I seriously have to give myself a kick in the butt because I have an assignment coming up and an in-class test worth 50% of the module. FUN STUFF. In other news, I'm currently saving up for that lovely parka through the money I earn from my part-time job. Those boots are basically eye candy right now and I am drooling like a little kid in the Wonka Factory. LOOK AT THEM. How badass are they? They're currently sold out but that momentarily doesn't bother me as I currently have my eyes firmly set on the parka. I'm also looking for a new wallet to hold my bank cards and the numerous amounts of bus, train and discount cards I've managed to accumulate these past 2 months.

Do you ever have those days when you feel like time has sprinted away like Usain Bolt? I'm gradually starting to feel that every single day and it's not good! I seriously need to have a sit down and draw up a week to week schedule of what I need to do because other wise I just lose track of time too easily. I must get cracking with my coursework!


Good morning. Look who has an outfit post for you guys! I got back from Luxembourg last night and I had such a wonderful and amazing weekend. It felt so good to be home again and I can't wait to go back for Christmas to be with the famiglia and see everyone again. I arrived in Luxembourg late on Thursday night and the Manfriend picked me up so we could spend the one hour which was left of our anniversary together. I did some shopping the following day and on Saturday afternoon I met up with Kristiana to take photos and to grab a hot chocolate. Do you know how much I missed using euros? It's the little things like that which I miss. The familiar things.

I have to finish getting ready so I can run off to catch my bus. I never really leave enough time so I always end up power walking to the bus stop! Anyway, I hope you are all doing well.


BONSOIR ♥ What am I meant to do when it starts getting dark around 4pm and I'm not back from uni until then? I finish at 11 tomorrow but then I have a 5h shift at work so I won't be back until about 5pm. Sorry about this! I just don't have anyone to take photos for me right now. Perhaps I shall ask my neighbour from downstairs. How has your week started off so far? Good? Bad? Ugly? Today I took a power nap in my department's common room so I was super pumped for my lecture which I guess is a good thing but it means I'm not getting enough sleep at night. I really shouldn't be using university facilities to have a siesta.


Hey there you guys, thanks so much for your detailed suggestions about Prague! It's making even more excited about the trip now. I'm try to get back to all of you personally but in the meantime I'm snacking on tasty cinnamon squares cereal while reading up about Durkheim and pondering about how to write up my research methods assignment. I might start doing videos because I never really get the chance to take outfits photos.

This weekend I'm flying home to Luxembourg for the first time since I've been to uni - WUHUUU. I can't wait to be home. The Manfriend and I are celebrating 4 years together so I'm glad we get to be together on our special day!


The past few days have been so gloomy so it was great to see Tina release these photos which were taken back in April. I love how she has captured the light in them! We'll probably shooting together over the Christmas break so I better start saving up some inspiration photos for then. Being in England I'm obviously surrounded by a lot more photographers so I hope I'll get a few shoots done with people based in and close to London.

In other news, my friend and I will be going to Prague in December! I'm so excited as I haven't been to an eastern European country since I was about the age of 2 - so I obviously cannot remember much of it. It was a spontaneously chosen destination which gives it all the more excitement! Have you guys ever been to Prague and/or are Czech? I would absolutely love to be given suggestions on where to go, where to eat etc.


I love these doughnuts - original glazed all the way!

Sorry for another headshot you guys, I haven't seen my friend who takes photos for me and I'm not forcing my flatmates to do so, so this is it for now. I've been working on my essay which is due next week so I'll pretty much be a social reject over the next few days but tomorrow I'm going halloween shopping with a friend to buy things for our costumes! Can't wait. I haven't dressed up for halloween in ages. 10 years perhaps? It was never really my thing.

I bought these earrings in topshop the other week (gotta love student discounts) and I've spotted a pair of shoes I really like. It's one of those things where you keep going back to the store to go try on the shoes over and over and over again. For shoes and bags I try to wait at least a week or two to see if I really want them because impulse buying is the worst. I better be off to bed now!

PS, I'm having a Q&A so if you have any questions go ahead and ask away and I will answer them in my next post or the one after. It doesn't have to be fashion related it can be about anything but please try and keep it away from my personal life if possible (i.e. I'll be happy to talk about my boyfriend, family or hometown but I won't name any names or delve too deep into those aspects)


I was a few sprays from running out of my perfume so when I was at the airport catching my flight this weekend I decided to browse duty free and finally found a scent that I like. It actually reminds me of Japan for some reason. The bottle is 100ml and it came with a matching perfumed body lotion (also 100ml) all for about 48EUR, which I think is a pretty sweet deal!

The reason why I was at the airport was because I flew to Brussels to see the Manfriend. It was so lovely seeing him again and I really needed to get away from England for a bit. I know it's only been 3 weeks but I agree with Julia on this: I certainly feel like a European and I am quite proud to be. Isn't it strange that I'm now living in a country of one of my origins and I'm experiencing a culture shock? I do love the occasional friendly hello's from bus drivers and people around uni and stores in town but I truly miss being in a francophone environment.

PS, I've had some problems with my previous email so if I haven't answered any of your questions which you've sent in the past two weeks or so please send them again to kaorianne@hotmail.com - I'm so sorry if you felt I ignored you!


Topshop ring
Hey there, I'm into my second week of uni. Although the early morning starts aren't exactly the most desirable I am really enjoying the classes. It feels so great to finally be studying something which really interests me. I've done a bit of reading and now I'm chilling with a cup of tea and the new HIMYM episode until my plagiarism policy session later this day. After that I'm heading to town with Emilia (don't forget to keep up to date with her lookbook here) for tea & biscuits and a bit of shopping in H&M. As much as I love my leggings I'm starting to get holes in the 3 pairs which I have with me so it's about time I bought a new pair or two. The weather has been acting up and finally winter seems likes it's about to jump out and hit you in the face so I might buy a chunky jumper too. Hope you all have a nice day today!


So, here we are as promised! Yesterday was such a nice day that Emilia and I decided to go out and take a few photos. I decided to experiment and shoot with the sunlight behind me (and her) and we got an amazing result! I do learn things from my shoots with Christine haha (link to her flickr here). I've just had my first lecture and so far so good. I think I'll be okay with the morning lectures but I just need to get a good sleep otherwise I'll be too tempted to stay in bed. I have two hours of free at the moment so I'm in my department's common room but I'll most likely head back to my room to pick up a few things. Have an awesome day you guys!


Hey there people! I'm still settling in but tomorrow I finally begin my lessons and despite the 9am start I am so excited. This past week (freshers week) has certainly been an experience. Being put into a situation where you know basically no one and you have to build up a base of friends from scratch is so hard and nerve-wracking but I have met some very nice people.

I haven't been into the town centre much but when I did go I picked up this ring from New Look. I don't have any rings with pink gem stones so this will easily add a pop of colour to a dull coloured outfit! I will try get back to outfit posts soon but in the meantime I hope you're all doing well.


I really did want to start posting a lot more and taking more outfit posts but settling into uni has been a great big fatty change to my life so I am a little glad that I couldn't get my internet working. I really do want to grab the chance to make new friends, good friends, who I'll treasure for the rest of my life and I can't really be doing that if I'm in front of a laptop can I? 

I officially moved into my room Sunday morning and it's been a bit difficult getting together as a flat but it's lovely now! We went to the club on campus and being around other people definitely eased it up for us. I have to be at uni around 10am tomorrow (uhm, actually today, ooops..) so I better get some sleep. I just wanted to let you know I am alive and I will get back into regular blogging once I've fully settled into my uni life. Thanks for sticking by me!


Hey there, it's been a while. Sorry about that. I've been packing and mentally preparing myself for my move. The other day I went to buy things which I'll need next year for uni which got me a little excited about settling in, but of course the thought of actually leaving my home sweet home keeps hitting. Luxembourg has become my safety blanket. I love it here and I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. The benefits this place has in terms of safety, education and diversity are beyond what any child could have asked for. How fun is this place? Well, many people my age or younger will say it's quite a boring quite and not so outgoing country to be in, but in my opinion places are boring only if you make it to be.


 Breakfast In America
 Tea in Ladurée
 See you at uni!
 Isabelle & Emily
Hey there! I'm in Paris at the moment about to get my train back home - Emily was kind enough to put me up for one night. I had the best time ever in NYC and I really hope I get to go back soon in the near future. We went vintage shopping yesterday and I found amazing things for such good prices! But they are winter-y things so you probably won't see it in outfit posts until winter comes along. Today we walked around a bit and hit my favourite store ever in Paris: Marc by Marc Jacobs. I really like its location and of course the lovely things inside! 


I'm in love with the litas
Good afternoon there. I've just come back from spending the day in Central Park Zoo and we're soon heading out to explore more of the area and do some last minute shopping. I would love to stay and write to you  little bit more but my brain has turned to goo since our trek across and up Manhattan yesterday. Maybe I'll take a nap like the little one!


Oh what a stunner. She was dancing in those boots btw!
Video of what we saw
I almost have no words for how awesome my day has been. A small blog post doesn't seem sufficient. We first had lunch at this AMAZING japanese restaurant near Emily's aunt's work and then we headed off to the UN building (where I bought way too many books). After walking from 1st Ave to 9th (basically across manhattan) we went to Macy's for FASHION'S NIGHT OUT where we saw Coco Rocha, a few more models from Ford, Derek Warburton, some basketball player who's apparently quite amazing.. BUT OH GOSH COCO ROCHA (sorry for all the capital letters. I hate it when people do that but I feel like it's highly appropriate right now). After Macy's we went up the Empire State and had the most amazing view of Manhattan. We then basically walked from there to Columbus Circle/Central Park (34th st to 59th). My feet/neck/back/butt and all the rest has never hurt so much in my life but today has been one of the best days and perhaps the most memorable but for more reasons than just Coco which I'll keep to myself.

PS, the two beams of light in the last photo is where the twin towers used to stand.


Hey there! So I have so good/bad news.  Emily and I just found out that our flight had been moved to 24h later so I need to change my train ticket from Paris to go home BUT it means we have an extra day in NYC! Today we're going to check out the Empire State Building and B&H which is a mahooooosive electrical store and then it's Fashion's Night Out. Coco Rocha will be at Macy's (@Herald Sq)!!!!! How awesome.. I can't wait! What a great time to be in NYC.


 The one in the middle, furthest away is the Empire State Building
 Emily - don't forget to check her blog!
 One of the views
 Alone at the top of the Rock
I have a bit of a different post for you guys - a tourist post! We ended up buying city passes for 79USD which allows us to go the top of the Rock (or entry to the Guggenheim), top of the Empire state, entry to the MoMA, entry to the MET, tour of Ellis and Liberty Island aaand entry to the Natural History Museum. Such a great deal! Despite the gloomy weather we decided to go up to the Rockerfeller. It was amazing. The first photo more or less sums up our wonderful view. It looked so mysterious with the steam and the clouds. After the Rockerfeller we went to the MoMA but on it's closed on Tuesdays. How great! So we decided to bounce to a mahoosive electrical store called B&H on 9th Ave. You walk in and I guarantee you that you feel like it's the mother of all electrical stores. Tomorrow we will fiiiinally (after many days of planning to, haha) get to go to the Natural History Museum with Emily's bébé-cousin. Sorry for all this tourist talk - I'll try get an outfit post for you tomorrow! Goodnight.


Oh yes that's right! I bought them when we were in Soho the other day. I wore them out today when we went to buy Emily's bébé-cousin a new fish and to UO + barnes & noble. I can just imagine wearing them in England, in the winter with my tootsies all warm. So I suppose you noticed I didn't mention anything about the Natural History Museum? Maybe not, but let me tell you we really did mean to go. Kay it's not nice to blame things on kids but this little (and adorable may I add) bébé-cousin of Emily's woke up around 5am and I got up around 6h30. We watched the shadow scene from Peter Pan about 6 times until half way through the film. By the afternoon I was utterly exhausted and had to take a nap, haha. Tomorrow we are planning (and planning to follow through with it this time) to go to the Museum and maybe Central Park Zoo if the bébé-cousin isn't too cranky or sleepy. Two big outings in one day is a bit much, but we'll see. As for now I am going to get ready for bed and enjoy my sleep while it lasts. Goodnight.


AWW YEEEAH - I went for the patent leather ones and I am in looooooove. Emily and I are planning on going grocery shopping in them just for the hell of it (and to get out of the apartment for a bit). YES they are as comfortable and wonderful as everyone says they are. These will be perfect for going out in winter - I'm really happy I purchased these! Emily's aunt and bébé cousin will be arriving home soon so we have to do that panic super speed cleaning up and the head down to Whole Foods (yummiest food EVER).


First of all, I must apologize for "wet hair look". My hair was actually wet as I more or less had just jumped out of the shower. We had quite a late start to the day and I assume that will be the case tomorrow as well (it's currently midnight here). We did quite a lot today. We rode the subway, totally messed up, ended up three stops further than we had planned to so we had to do everything on our list but backwards. We went to see the site where the World Trade Centers were and we also popped into the memorial site preview exhibition. It was very emotional to see but what really tugged on our heartstrings was when an audio clip sounded throughout the room of the accounts of the victims' families. From there we walked down to Pier 17 (a place where I used to go whenever I was in NYC with my family), had lunch in Chinatown, found the Dr Martens store in soho and a store selling Jeffrey Campbells (guilty....). My friend Emily and I are now proud owners of Litas. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE AND PRETTY AND GORGEOUS AND OHMYGOSH. It's like you're walking on heaven.