When Christine and I met in town last week to shoot for an article I am working on for Your Living City, it happened to be the first official day of sales in Luxembourg and so we decided to have a little browse. I found this Zara coat on sale and because 15% of the coat is made of silk, the price was still slightly steep but worth it as 80% of it is wool which keeps me warm even without a thick jumper. This is great when I can quickly whip off my coat and cool down once I arrive at work after I pile out from the sardined-packed metro carriages with commuters, followed by a bit of a power walking from the station to work. Another sale find in Zara was this top which has leather shoulders details. I have never really been able to embrace the all-leather trend - with the exception of this skirt paired with my leather jacket - because I tend to prefer having subtle accents on clothing, like this top. My third, final and lastly but not least find was this bag. I love bags. But bags with several compartments? I love even more. Organising and sorting things into different sections of my bag gives me the impression that I am totally and utterly in control of the things in my life. Does that make sense? Probably not. On one side I keep my Filofax and gloves and on the other side I keep stuff which I will need to whip out several times a day such as my wallet or metro pass. This way I am not faffing around and searching in a bottomless Mary Poppins sack whilst holding people up. I like the idea of being able to categorise my handbag items into separate compartments and it is one of the reasons why I first fell in love with the Prada Galleria bag. A girl can dream.

Coat, top, trousers & bag - Zara
Boots - H&M