I love these doughnuts - original glazed all the way!

Sorry for another headshot you guys, I haven't seen my friend who takes photos for me and I'm not forcing my flatmates to do so, so this is it for now. I've been working on my essay which is due next week so I'll pretty much be a social reject over the next few days but tomorrow I'm going halloween shopping with a friend to buy things for our costumes! Can't wait. I haven't dressed up for halloween in ages. 10 years perhaps? It was never really my thing.

I bought these earrings in topshop the other week (gotta love student discounts) and I've spotted a pair of shoes I really like. It's one of those things where you keep going back to the store to go try on the shoes over and over and over again. For shoes and bags I try to wait at least a week or two to see if I really want them because impulse buying is the worst. I better be off to bed now!

PS, I'm having a Q&A so if you have any questions go ahead and ask away and I will answer them in my next post or the one after. It doesn't have to be fashion related it can be about anything but please try and keep it away from my personal life if possible (i.e. I'll be happy to talk about my boyfriend, family or hometown but I won't name any names or delve too deep into those aspects)


I was a few sprays from running out of my perfume so when I was at the airport catching my flight this weekend I decided to browse duty free and finally found a scent that I like. It actually reminds me of Japan for some reason. The bottle is 100ml and it came with a matching perfumed body lotion (also 100ml) all for about 48EUR, which I think is a pretty sweet deal!

The reason why I was at the airport was because I flew to Brussels to see the Manfriend. It was so lovely seeing him again and I really needed to get away from England for a bit. I know it's only been 3 weeks but I agree with Julia on this: I certainly feel like a European and I am quite proud to be. Isn't it strange that I'm now living in a country of one of my origins and I'm experiencing a culture shock? I do love the occasional friendly hello's from bus drivers and people around uni and stores in town but I truly miss being in a francophone environment.

PS, I've had some problems with my previous email so if I haven't answered any of your questions which you've sent in the past two weeks or so please send them again to - I'm so sorry if you felt I ignored you!


Topshop ring
Hey there, I'm into my second week of uni. Although the early morning starts aren't exactly the most desirable I am really enjoying the classes. It feels so great to finally be studying something which really interests me. I've done a bit of reading and now I'm chilling with a cup of tea and the new HIMYM episode until my plagiarism policy session later this day. After that I'm heading to town with Emilia (don't forget to keep up to date with her lookbook here) for tea & biscuits and a bit of shopping in H&M. As much as I love my leggings I'm starting to get holes in the 3 pairs which I have with me so it's about time I bought a new pair or two. The weather has been acting up and finally winter seems likes it's about to jump out and hit you in the face so I might buy a chunky jumper too. Hope you all have a nice day today!


So, here we are as promised! Yesterday was such a nice day that Emilia and I decided to go out and take a few photos. I decided to experiment and shoot with the sunlight behind me (and her) and we got an amazing result! I do learn things from my shoots with Christine haha (link to her flickr here). I've just had my first lecture and so far so good. I think I'll be okay with the morning lectures but I just need to get a good sleep otherwise I'll be too tempted to stay in bed. I have two hours of free at the moment so I'm in my department's common room but I'll most likely head back to my room to pick up a few things. Have an awesome day you guys!


Hey there people! I'm still settling in but tomorrow I finally begin my lessons and despite the 9am start I am so excited. This past week (freshers week) has certainly been an experience. Being put into a situation where you know basically no one and you have to build up a base of friends from scratch is so hard and nerve-wracking but I have met some very nice people.

I haven't been into the town centre much but when I did go I picked up this ring from New Look. I don't have any rings with pink gem stones so this will easily add a pop of colour to a dull coloured outfit! I will try get back to outfit posts soon but in the meantime I hope you're all doing well.