I was a few sprays from running out of my perfume so when I was at the airport catching my flight this weekend I decided to browse duty free and finally found a scent that I like. It actually reminds me of Japan for some reason. The bottle is 100ml and it came with a matching perfumed body lotion (also 100ml) all for about 48EUR, which I think is a pretty sweet deal!

The reason why I was at the airport was because I flew to Brussels to see the Manfriend. It was so lovely seeing him again and I really needed to get away from England for a bit. I know it's only been 3 weeks but I agree with Julia on this: I certainly feel like a European and I am quite proud to be. Isn't it strange that I'm now living in a country of one of my origins and I'm experiencing a culture shock? I do love the occasional friendly hello's from bus drivers and people around uni and stores in town but I truly miss being in a francophone environment.

PS, I've had some problems with my previous email so if I haven't answered any of your questions which you've sent in the past two weeks or so please send them again to kaorianne@hotmail.com - I'm so sorry if you felt I ignored you!