WUHUUU - finally some decent outfit photos! I had lunch in town with my parents and then we checked out the Nespresso. Exams here I come! A coffee machine will definitely be very useful once the exam period comes around. Well, it's basically already here. I'm just not in it yet. Ooopsi.. But tonight I'm working on my research proposal and then I'll try sort out my notes. I brought 7kg of books home with me, I refuse to let them go to waste. But Motivation, where are you?

I threw this outfit on last minute before going out. I haven't worn this cardigan in a while and I have no idea why because it is actually quite thick and cosy. It's 89% cotton with no wool so it's not itchy at all. I tend to wriggle a lot so even if jumpers or sweaters or cardigans are the slightest bit itchy it's a no-no for me.


Check out Fanny Maurer's make up page here!

Good evening! I just got back from dinner with some old classmates and now I'm trying to gather any form of motivation to clean up my room. Agh, WHY is it always messy?! I seriously don't know how or why I let it get this bad haha.

The above photos are from the shoot I had with Christine on Tuesday. It was a slightly gothic shoot with very heavy and dramatic make up which was done AMAZINGLY by Fanny. I usually do my own make up when I shoot with Christine so I could definitely see the difference in, well, quality and perfection. It was just simply amazing, I can't wait to see the final result!


Top & Skirt/H&M

Lips/Estee Lauder 18 Vintage Mauve

MERRY CHRISTMAS  I hope you guys have had a super duper Christmas with your families. After being away at university it certainly feels great to have this one hell of a feast with my family gathered together! I currently feel like I don't need to eat for two days.. At the moment I'm chilling in my new Hollister pyjama bottoms and I'm thinking about how wonderful a face mask would be right now. I'm ready to take off my Christmas make up and start a detox haha. I'll probably grab my Mama and see if she wants to have another Disney movie night with me. Sleep well you lot, I know I will.


Hey there, apologies for the nasty looking mirror. Here's a photo a snapped of the new dress I bought while I was in London the other day. I won't be getting it until Christmas so no outfit posts of  it until after then. But it's only two days till Christmas! Wuhuuuu. I've made Christmas tree shaped cupcakes and now I might bake a few cookies too. I went a bit crazy with baking haha.

Last night I met up with old school mates and tonight we're all going out again and even more people are back so it's going to be great! I can't fall behind on uni work though. I have a 2000 word research proposal to write for the week we go back and I need to study for my exams.

How are you guys celebrate the holidays?


Hey! I just wanna let you guys know that I am still here and I do still plan on continuing to blog, I just need to sort out my priorities and pick up a few time management skills along the way as my coursework should be my core focus. With that being said, I know it shouldn't be the only thing to focus on. Come on guys what happened to work hard play hard? You have to reward yourself sometimes and that's exactly what I'm doing tonight with a good meal out with my flatmates. 'Kay, not so much "play hard" but it will be fun nonetheless. Hope you're all doing well. Peace out.