Hey there, apologies for the nasty looking mirror. Here's a photo a snapped of the new dress I bought while I was in London the other day. I won't be getting it until Christmas so no outfit posts of  it until after then. But it's only two days till Christmas! Wuhuuuu. I've made Christmas tree shaped cupcakes and now I might bake a few cookies too. I went a bit crazy with baking haha.

Last night I met up with old school mates and tonight we're all going out again and even more people are back so it's going to be great! I can't fall behind on uni work though. I have a 2000 word research proposal to write for the week we go back and I need to study for my exams.

How are you guys celebrate the holidays?


  1. do you have a tumblr? all your pics are always on my dash x

  2. Naah I don't. I'm already finding it difficult to juggle my blog and my lookbook with my coursework, my work hours at hollister, my social life and my chill/down time so i think it would be silly of me to get involved with another media platform :) MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS xx

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