Hey guys! I was really in the mood to take photos today because it was so lovely but unfortunately the light was just too harsh in the morning! I've found a backdrop I like, my own little outfit-photo-taking-area, and the direction I like to shoot in just wasn't good for the position of the sun. BOOHOO. I did make a little more effort with my outfit than usual and I seemed to get funny looks for some reason. It's not like I was wearing my JC litas on campus.. I wore my current favourite top (the lace one from Azul by Moussy), a nude/camel blazer from F21, my black leather dr martens and I topped it off with this hat and gold choker from topshop. I have a presentation on DNA tomorrow for my criminal justice systems module. OH JEEZ, me and public speaking is really not a great combo. Especially when my speaking partner is the girl who I'm always in fits of childish giggles with. This won't go down well. Wish me luck.


LONG TIME NO TALK EH? What is wrong with me, I totally thought I would be posting a lot more but hey, I didn't think I would be this busy. I actually have been doing quite a bit of studying. I would probably say it involves a lot of reading and marking and post-it-ing the notes I took in class so I know what questions I need to ask my lecturers or what notes I'm missing so I can ask my classmates. I love post-its. Besides that I've been spending a lot of time with my mum and the Manfriend. I've also done shopping here and there. I filmed a haul video last week which never went up until now because, well, I'm a lazy bum. SO HERE IT IS (well, down at the bottom of this post to be precise). At some point in the video I saw that I don't think I'll be doing that much more shopping while I'm here. I totally lied to myself. How often do you go into the same store twice or three times in one week and always find something new? That happened to me..

 So excited to wear this on a night out or in summer

 I love that the brushes came with this little caps - it's so useful!
I've been dying to buy one of the naked palettes but I never knew which one to go for and I never saw the two palettes in the same store to be able to compare... until the other day. I had a little date with the Manfriend and before heading off to watch the hunger games, I dragged him around zara and sephora. AND YAY I finally got to stand there in the store with the two palettes side by side. I'm not really a silver eye shadow kinda girl so what won me over is the fact that the naked 2 has blackout and pretty much only silver eyeshadow. I also like the fact that it comes with a two ended brush and that it shuts quite securely. I never wear eyeshadow during the day but I think this neutral shimmery palette will motivate me to make a little bit more of an effort with being too over the top.


I wore this outfit when I met up with the Manfriend for some delicious bagels and a little stroll around town. We checked out Extrabold and I bought some new Dr Denim Kissy jeans because I ripped a mahoosive hole in them when I took a tumble 2 months ago while on the cobblestones of Edinburgh. It was not pretty and I still have the scar. I decided to get a black and a dark grey pair they are so comfy! I absolutely love how stretchy they are. I normally live in leggings and I really hate jeans so these are perfect for me. I've been wanting to get a pair of pastel coloured trousers in either pink or mint. I've also had my eyes on the floral patterned trousers from Topshop.

I'm sitting on my bed and currently trying to find the motivation to finish all the things I have on my list: presentation research, qualitative interview design and overall revision. I have all that to do just for uni and there are so many things I still want to do while I'm here in Luxembourg. I was originally going to go to Ikea to check out some furniture for our living room but it started pouring down with rain and I guess it was kinda of a kick in the butt for me to get into my work. I'm going to start off with the easiest assignment (which luckily happens to be the first one that's due in) and then build up my motivation from there.

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I wore this outfit yesterday when I went into town with my mum to have lunch and do a bit of shopping. A collective haul video is on its way! I wore the same lace shirt but this time I went for a bit of a darker look by wearing it with my topshop leather jacket, black leggings and my new black boots from R&E. I was surprised to see that a Gucci store has opened because last time I was in Luxembourg there was no sign up announcing the opening. Come on Marc Jacobs. I'm waiting for yoooou. By the looks of it, considering the condition it is in right now, I doubt it will be opening anytime soon - booohoo.


HOLA, so this is the rest of the outfit from that photo I posted a few days back. It was so cold in Japan that I actually got quite a lot of use out of my Timberlands before heading to China. I'm back in Luxembourg now but I'm feeling a little homesick. Japan is my other home and I already miss it and my family. There are so many things which I prefer in Japan than in Europe. Like the way girls (and mothers for that matter) dress. They always make and effort. You hardly ever see girls in sweatpants and if you do then they definitely don't look sloppy the way some brit girls dress. Girls over here just go out in leggings, flats/uggs.. although it can look nice you should see the way they dress in Japan!  Not every single japanese girl dresses like THIS or THIS so get over mkay? I've never seen an outfit on a japanese girl that looked bad, although I, myself, might not have picked it out because of my personal taste. Another thing is how friendly shop assistants are. Even if it may get a bit annoying when you just want to browse it always perks up my day when they're smiling back at you as they hand over my change or when they offer to find me another size. Another thing on my list? Efficient transportation and oh good god the English town I'm living in should be ashamed of themselves. When I'm waiting for the bus to go to town or uni sometimes it just doesn't come. One time a friend was on the last bus from town and the driver didn't want to go as far as our accommodation blocks so decided to cut the route short by two stops whereas in Japan you'll get an apology over the speakers if the train is 3-4 minutes late. ANYWAY, excuse my little rant there. I'll be back again this summer and this time for much longer so I'm really looking forward to that. I've have a few videos planned for you and a mega asia haul video so hopefully I can get them up for you soon. Love you all and thanks for still sticking by me and my blog.


blazer - h&m
top - azul by moussy
leggings - topshop
boots - timberland
bag - marc by marc jacobs
YAY OUTFIT POST: This is what I wore on my first day out in Kyoto. It was absolutely freezing and I definitely should have wrapped up warmer. I did have a jacket, which I took off for the photo, and even that wasn't enough. I absolutely love being in Japan and I'm grateful that I've been able to come back so often. It definitely makes me feel more attached to my roots. A lot of my childhood memories consist of spring and summer holidays spent in Japan, playing with my cousins and slowly growing up. I feel like I can now appreciate the japanese clothes stores a lot more than I did when I was 12 years old. I'll have a massive fashion and beauty haul for you once I get back to Luxembourg. Maybe even a food haul as I've picked up so many cute japanese biscuits, chocolate and candy.

On another note, I won't be able to blog, tweet or youtube while I'm in China thanks to the Great Firewall of China. It doesn't bother me too much as I'll be out most of the day while I'm there or I'll be travelling. I'm so excited!


Oh I know I said I would post as soon as I got to Japan but I've been enjoying myself too much and the weather is actually quite terrible. There were hailstones this morning when I popped out to buy the newspaper! Luckily it cleared up but it was still freezing. I bought these sunglasses the other day when I went into Kyoto. How cool are they? 8bit sunglasses haha. I also bought two more pairs of sunglasses when I was in Kyoto again today because they were both 1050 JPY which is not much at all (9.80 EUR/8.10 GBP). They really huge, rectangular bug eyed sunglasses. I've been wanting a pair of OTT sunglasses for a while now and these are perfect. They feel quite sturdy and they should last me a while. Tomorrow is my last day in Japan before I head off to Beijing and Chengdu (TO SEE PANDAS - I'M STILL HYPERVENTILATING FROM THE EXCITEMENT). I'll probably head off to the huge mall, where I do most of my clothes shopping while I'm here, and do a bit of last-minute shopping. I wish I could be Japan for longer!


Hey guys this is just a quick post - I'm currently eating strawberries with a bit of melted nutella MIAM and I still have a lot to do. Earlier today I got back from an amazing weekend in Rome with the Manfriend. We went around the colosseo, fori imperiali, fontana di trevi, vittorio emanuele monument and so many other places. The first day involved a bit of a walk about and getting an ice cream, then the second day we saw Roma play Novara at the stadio olimpico. It was AWESOME. I love watching a live sports match. There was such a great atmosphere. Italian football fans are definitely some of the most lively ones I've seen. To finish off our trip we had dinner at a restaurant which claims to serve the best pizza in Rome. We had to give our names and wait 45mins for a table because they don't to reservations since it's so in demand.

Anyway, I better get going because tomorrow I'm leaving for my Japan/China trip. I've been waiting for this for so long! I have seen Japan during the spring for the past 3 or 4 years! I love going in the summer but sometimes it just gets soooo hot there. The highest it went when I was there last summer was around 38 or 39 degrees. The great thing is that around midnight or 1am if you feel like popping to the 24h convenient store it's still 24 or 26 degrees outside. I'll definitely get some videos done for your while I'm in Japan. Perhaps a few vlogs to show you around my little hometown and around kyoto? After a few days in Japan I'm heading off to China. First to Beijing and then to Chengdu to see PANDAS. Yes I'm going to the panda base. I'm so crazily excited to spend the day there. One of their pandas gave birth to twins back in August so I'm hoping to see them.

My next post will be from Japan, but until then SAYONARA.