Hey guys this is just a quick post - I'm currently eating strawberries with a bit of melted nutella MIAM and I still have a lot to do. Earlier today I got back from an amazing weekend in Rome with the Manfriend. We went around the colosseo, fori imperiali, fontana di trevi, vittorio emanuele monument and so many other places. The first day involved a bit of a walk about and getting an ice cream, then the second day we saw Roma play Novara at the stadio olimpico. It was AWESOME. I love watching a live sports match. There was such a great atmosphere. Italian football fans are definitely some of the most lively ones I've seen. To finish off our trip we had dinner at a restaurant which claims to serve the best pizza in Rome. We had to give our names and wait 45mins for a table because they don't to reservations since it's so in demand.

Anyway, I better get going because tomorrow I'm leaving for my Japan/China trip. I've been waiting for this for so long! I have seen Japan during the spring for the past 3 or 4 years! I love going in the summer but sometimes it just gets soooo hot there. The highest it went when I was there last summer was around 38 or 39 degrees. The great thing is that around midnight or 1am if you feel like popping to the 24h convenient store it's still 24 or 26 degrees outside. I'll definitely get some videos done for your while I'm in Japan. Perhaps a few vlogs to show you around my little hometown and around kyoto? After a few days in Japan I'm heading off to China. First to Beijing and then to Chengdu to see PANDAS. Yes I'm going to the panda base. I'm so crazily excited to spend the day there. One of their pandas gave birth to twins back in August so I'm hoping to see them.

My next post will be from Japan, but until then SAYONARA.