Oh I know I said I would post as soon as I got to Japan but I've been enjoying myself too much and the weather is actually quite terrible. There were hailstones this morning when I popped out to buy the newspaper! Luckily it cleared up but it was still freezing. I bought these sunglasses the other day when I went into Kyoto. How cool are they? 8bit sunglasses haha. I also bought two more pairs of sunglasses when I was in Kyoto again today because they were both 1050 JPY which is not much at all (9.80 EUR/8.10 GBP). They really huge, rectangular bug eyed sunglasses. I've been wanting a pair of OTT sunglasses for a while now and these are perfect. They feel quite sturdy and they should last me a while. Tomorrow is my last day in Japan before I head off to Beijing and Chengdu (TO SEE PANDAS - I'M STILL HYPERVENTILATING FROM THE EXCITEMENT). I'll probably head off to the huge mall, where I do most of my clothes shopping while I'm here, and do a bit of last-minute shopping. I wish I could be Japan for longer!