I'm not sure when my next post will be so here's a double post for today. I'll be travelling in these clothes tomorrow: Cheap Monday tshirt, Allamanda (Japanese brand) striped cardigan and an dark blue h&m parka (bought on sale btw but that was a while back).

I'm looking forward to the train journey because I love travelling. Kay, how many times have you heard that? "I love travelling". Most people say that meaning they love being in new places, discovering new countries etc.. Don't get me wrong I'm fascinated by new places - as I may or may not have mentioned already, it shall be first time in Thailand - my point is though I love getting from point A to point B. I looove flying long haul flights. I love checking in/saying bye to my suitcase, knowing I'll (hopefully) see it again at my destination, I love being in the waiting area and what I love most about going to Japan is being in transit.

I'm not sure where this love of going through airports came from. Perhaps it's because I've been lucky enough to go home to Japan once/twice a year since I was a baby or because my mother used to be a stewardess when she lived in Japan or maybe it comes from dad's love of traveling? Who knows, but at times I do feel like I'm the only one out there who loves the airport process.

Kaori chill, you're only taking a train tomorrow. Goodnight m'lovlies. I'm off to take a bath with  candles and a book. Best way to end the day!


Do you remember me mentioning a macaron ring around the time of my birthday? Did I even mention it? Well the buddy I'm going to NYC with bought it for me while she was in Paris and I am so going to hunt down that store. I lost the little card with the info on it I'm so pissed at myself (it's probably buried in my room somewhere...)

Okay so I have basically JUST booked the hotel for Paris. We had a few bumps along the way and it was a very last minute booking but all's well. I leave tomorrow with the girls at 7pm so we're planning on having a sushi (or maybe subway. Or both) dinner on the TGV. Plans for tomorrow night? Probably chill and then go out and about.

PS, free WiFi in the hotel! Hopefully it works.


I'm kinda loving this lipstick!

Snapshots taken with my fujifilm instax mini

I bought those earrings in a shopping trip where my sole aim was to buy brightly coloured stuff. I'm not usually the colour person but now that I've purchased a few things I am kinda liking it! Will do a haul post of my coloured things soon.

Hey there, so here are some previews as I said. The photos are for an online magazine so I'll have to wait until they're up to be able make a post with the finished photos but I'll link you to their site as soon as they are! Meanwhile keep up-to-date with Tina's work here and check out the cool remix of Adele's song.

It's a Monday and I'm a bit lost because I don't know what to do, but I guess I should spend this time chilling and cleaning up my room. Don't you guys feel like you're ALWAYS cleaning your room? Well I do anyways. It's probably because I'm so messy. I bet that when I'm living in my own room at uni I'll be buried up to my chin in clothes.. OH JEEZ.. But that reminds me, I'm going cutlery shopping at Ikea soon. Mama said it might be better to that once I'm over in the UK but I want to have everything already so I can settle in straight away.  


Hello. I disabled my blog for a little while because I had to take care of a few things as some of you have noticed or will notice. I need to re-upload and resize my photos on a different platform. I really don't want to delete my past posts as I myself have enjoyed going through many pasts posts of new bloggers I become interested. Not saying my posts are very interesting but, you know.. The most recent posts are back to life and slowly the others will be too but for now I'll continue posting.

EDIT - here are two more photos from this look

PS, I had a shoot with Tina yesterday and it was great. I have some previews which I'll try put up soon!


I bought this headband in primark a few months ago but the jewelled bit fell off. I finally got around to sewing it back on. I'm usually not a headband kinda girl but I like this one.

I painted my nails with topshop's "gone fishing" and a simple glitter nail polish

Hello peeps. I'm sitting in Coffee Lounge at the moment because the internet still doesn't work with my laptop. It works fine with my Manfriend's and my laptop can connect to any network except mine. BLEUH. I guess this gives me the excuse to get out of the house more. I discovered a new cafe today and it's super cute. If they have wifi there as well I'll migrate there because they have comfy leather couches.

So here I am sipping on a white mocha looking like a fool editing pictures of myself. I'm sure the two guys beside me though I was a tad odd. I'm meeting the Manfriend in an hour and we're going to eat at Vapiano and then watch the new Tom Hanks film. He's my fav actor ever! I could totally have a Tom Hanks movie marathon. 

I'm off to h&m now. I have shoot with Tina tomorrow and I'm going to browse the sales to see if I can find any treasures. Yepp I know, I know I did say I wanted to save up but I really don't have anything bright in my closet (which is the theme we're going for) and if I do find something nice, it won't be a waste as I'll also be able to wear it this summer.


Hello guys, yes it's a tad late on my end but after my odd nap the other day my sleeping pattern has been a bit off the charts. I finished my exams Tuesday afternoon and I've been relaxing since then. Tonight I'm having a dinner at my place with some girls and then we are going to CELEBRATE. Although of course the real celebration will be on Saturday after our graduation. I've been thinking of posting a sneaky preview of what I'm wearing for graduation but a few of you know already hehe..

Holiday update: Mr Manfriend and I have finally booked our holiday and we're going to Thailand next month! You have no idea how excited I am. Our hotel is very near Kata beach (in Phuket) which is quite chilled compared to Patong so it's going to be so relaxing. Trust me, I do loving city, shopping, seeing, walking holidays but sometimes you just need one were you can relax. We've found a cute secluded little hotel behind walls in a lovely garden with only about 55 rooms: it's perfect. So basically this long "introduction" is so I can say "hey guys I bought a bikini for Thailand". I love h&m bikinis. So inexpensive.