I'm kinda loving this lipstick!

Snapshots taken with my fujifilm instax mini

I bought those earrings in a shopping trip where my sole aim was to buy brightly coloured stuff. I'm not usually the colour person but now that I've purchased a few things I am kinda liking it! Will do a haul post of my coloured things soon.

Hey there, so here are some previews as I said. The photos are for an online magazine so I'll have to wait until they're up to be able make a post with the finished photos but I'll link you to their site as soon as they are! Meanwhile keep up-to-date with Tina's work here and check out the cool remix of Adele's song.

It's a Monday and I'm a bit lost because I don't know what to do, but I guess I should spend this time chilling and cleaning up my room. Don't you guys feel like you're ALWAYS cleaning your room? Well I do anyways. It's probably because I'm so messy. I bet that when I'm living in my own room at uni I'll be buried up to my chin in clothes.. OH JEEZ.. But that reminds me, I'm going cutlery shopping at Ikea soon. Mama said it might be better to that once I'm over in the UK but I want to have everything already so I can settle in straight away.  


  1. Nice snaps sweetie!
    Just stumbled across your blog

    Totally agree on your lipstick
    -wish I could pull it off :/

    And yes ALWAYS feels like I've gotta clean my room and yet I still never find anything I was looking for hmm

    Following :)

    Much Love,

  2. Love that lipstick! your gorgeous:)x

  3. stunning shots! beautiful :)