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It's not very often that I get photographed for the blog, mostly because I feel a lot more comfortable behind the camera as opposed to being infront of the lens! Kaori convinced me to have my outfit photos taken this time as I was wearing this beautiful bright pink playsuit from Missguided, a colour which is very much the opposite of what I usually wear. It was a hot summer's day, the perfect weather to get my legs out and wear something a little bit out of my comfort zone. I have to admit I did feel like a giant pink candyfloss while wearing it but it was nice to not be wearing an all black look, which is my usual go-to. I decided to pair it with this light brown bag that I bought from New Look if I remember correctly, and these sandals from ASOS. I also decided to take this piece with me on my recent holiday to Mallorca to catch the last bit of summer and it was perfect for the 25C degree weather, it kept me cool and although the fabric isn't super lightweight I didn't feel too hot in it. Possibly not the most weather appropriate look to post given that it's currently rainy,cold and grey in Luxembourg at the minute, but it's one of my favourite looks and I couldn't resist posting it, even if it is a little bit overdue!


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would have noticed by now that I have become hat-obsessed more so than ever. I've just started my master's course and I am pretty sure my classmates have yet to see me without one. And now, a beautiful burgundy felt hat has been added to the growing collection. The weather has been up and down in Leuven but on this day, it was thankfully a perfect and sunny autumn day. I decided to wear my lace hem shorts over tights along with this white ribbed turtle neck sweater from Urban Outfitters which is SO soft and cosy and perfect for those kind of days where it's a little bit breezy.

With sitting out on the terrace of a bar being such a big thing in Belgium, turtle necks are a great alternative to having to lug around a huge chunky scarf. What are your autumn staples? Are there any colours that you have been absolutely loving?

Jacket - New Look
Hat & top - Urban Outfitters
Bag - TK Maxx
Boots - H&M

Photos by Robin Teuwens


blogueuse mode belge
I had never been to one of Emilie's (My Little Fashion Diary) blogging classes before, so I thought the photography one would be interesting to check out. For the longest time ever I shot blog photos on automatic or had them taken for me. Usually by Christine, and occasionally by my boyfriend. The point is that I wasn't sure how extensive my knowledge of photography was. What I found out is that I had actually learned a fair amount from the times I had more competent people take photos for the blog. The class was also an absolutely fantastic opportunity to meet other bloggers in Belgium, because the class was hosted at the Smets store in Brussels. It's always great fun to meet other like-minded people!

It was at this class that I found out about the brand Essentiel Antwerp. I had not heard about it before and I was incredibly curious to go check it out after I was told that there was a store in Leuven. As soon as I walked in, my eyes went straight for this bucket bag. I have banged on about this before but boy do I love my pockets and compartments on bags. There was a choice between black, brown and this stone-pink colours. Of course, my immediate thought was "do I play it safe and go for black?" but there was something about this rough-looking pink bucket bag that was calling out "LOVE ME. TAKE ME HOME".... So I did. It's so practical as a day bag because it's really easy to whip out a train or bus pass from the outer pockets. I can certainly see myself using this throughout the year to brighten up an outfit.

Here, I decided to pair the bag with a slightly subdued seventies look. If you walk into any highstreet store or browse any clothing brand Instagram accounts, you'll see that the seventies trend is very much here to stay. For me the denim flares, brown suedes and flowing florals are all a bit too much. Some people pull it off really well with high levels of sass, but for me? It's just not my thing. I've often mentioned here on the blog about my monochromatic tendencies in outfit combinations but you know what? To hell with that. I like to think I'm a fairly mellow person and that tends to reflect in my choice of colour palette - or lack thereof... I love the casual and laidback look of the seventies trend but it has been overwhelming until I found this beaut! It's right up my alley. It sits nicely on the chest and so a "hello" to my new go-to LBD is in order.

black seventies bell sleeve zara dress
essentiel antwerp bucket bag outfit
karina blog
autumn pull & vear outfit with essentiel antwerp kimmy bag
kaorianne blogessentiel antwerp kimmy bag
Photos by Robin Teuwens


I was a little hesitant to wear this 3/4 length + black dress out and about in sweltering heat but because the material is so thin and airy, it turned out to be perfect. This LBD is from Primark and I am so happy I bought it. It'll be fantastic for city trips when I don't want to be stuffing a carry-on bag with a going out dress. In my last post, I mentioned a store to shop at if you are in Japan... If you are after a magazine, though, JELLY is one of my absolute favourites. There is so much visual content in terms of outfit ideas and the photos are a lot closer to blogging style rather than the traditional editorial campaigns you would usually see in print - i.e. fantastic for outfit inspo. JELLY have also recently brought out a hairstyle magazine which I used to see what kind of short cut I would like because for the longest time ever I have been wanting to donate my hair and I finally did it when I was in Japan! This will be my last post with long hair - eek. The next one will have a few shots from the day as well as more information about the charity I sent my hair donation to.


azul by moussy
My first outfit pictures shot in Japan of course had to feature the jidou hanbaiki/vending machines. You may laugh and wonder why there are so many of them - sometimes only tens of metres apart - but after your third or fourth day of going from temple to shrine to temple in 32'C humidity, you begin to appreciate and to somewhat worship these machines. On one of our rest days, we went to the mall near my apartment to catch a movie (進撃の巨人 - Attack on Titan) which also meant a bit of shopping. If any of you go to Japan and want to do a bit of clothes shopping, I'd really recommend checking out AZUL by Moussy, where I found this high-neck top.

azul by moussy coordinate
azul by moussy
karina blog
azul by moussy
kaorianne blog


When I braced myself for the summer sales I had one thing in mind.. What could I wear and bring over into autumn? I was kind of after midi skirts but either they were a little too long or just a little too short for my liking. Then I found this one in H&M! I fell in love with it straight away because once it wasn't something black. I can't say the same about the sweater though. I was spending a few days in Leuven getting things set up in my new apartment when I decided to pop into Pull and Bear as we don't have one back in Luxembourg. I picked this up along with a few other things but told myself that I should limit myself to two buys only... but hoorah it turned out to be only 8 euros so I thought it couldn't hurt. Right? Isn't that what we all tell ourselves? Hahaha. The reptile-like texture is perfect making your casual everyday black sweater look that tad bit more interesting! (yes I'm still internally justifying my purchase. Guilty)


Summer in Luxembourg means having to be prepared when the weather turns from 24'C to something in the high tens. I tend to go for a long sleeved sweater that is quite lightweight as it means I can keep warm under a blazer but won't be melting should the sun come out. I bought this B&W blazer from H&M when I was on my trip around Andalusia, south of Spain, earlier this year. The bag, though, is the one I mentioned in my last post and it is a godsend for people like me who is obsessed with having different compartments in a bag. I especially love this one because despite it being quite open, you can zip away valuable is the middle section. The bag also has a flap where you can put business cards or tickets or much needed and easily accessible eyedrops if you're a contact lens wearer like me!

monochrome white blazer outfit for summer
multi print zara bag with zip


Hello from Japan! I've been travelling around Japan so much with my boyfriend and his family that I have barely had time to update other than the occasional Instagram post or two. It's coming to the end of our trip though and I have a few spare minutes to publish some of the back logged photos Christine shot of me. Earlier this summer I dared to take a peek at the summer sales and I found this gorgeous looking bag from Zara. The print is kinda crazy but I love it because my clothes tend to be on the tamer side. Keep your eyes out for a detail shot of the inside of the bag in an upcoming blog post! This playsuit rom H&M has been my absolute favourite this summer. I adore the lace details at the hems and how there is a double layer so I can eat and get bloated without worrying too much about my bulging belly. Trust me, when you have a kaiten (belt) sushi restaurant near your place with plates at 100 yen (0.73€/0.51£) for two pieces then you too would stuff yourself to the max. I may not have brought my hat to Japan with me because it's just too hot but it goes with pretty much everything.. I can't wait to bring it over to autumn outfits. How have everyone's summers been?

karina blog
japanese summer outfit

Playsuit - H&M
Bag & shoes - Zara
Hat - Forever 21

japanese fashion blogger
coffee shop luxembourg train station


So... I graduated from the University of Surrey last week and it feels utterly amazing! I woke up super early to put on my kimono with the help of my mother and graduated with some of my best friends (photo here). My university's grad ball had put on a funfair along with a Great Gatsby themed ball - I was so impressed with it all! It was strictly black tie but I managed to get away with wearing sneakers the whole night. It was such a busy and fun weekend but of course it all had to come to an end. We all said our see-you-soon's.

As soon as I was back, I had to start packing again but this time from Japan - a long awaited trip with my boyfriend and his family. It has been a while since I've spent a hot summer in Japan as in the previous years, I have taken advantage of my inter-semester break around February. I cannot wait for all the food and festivals!

I'm actually writing to you from Schiphol Airport waiting for our connection to Kansai International wearing my comfy new slip on sandals that I found in the sale at the Mano store in Auchan. They are from a brand called Blink Shoes which are also available on ASOS (similar style here)! I didn't fall in love with this style of shoe when it first hit the trend radar but I'm glad I waited out on buying a pair because I adore the jewelled design on this one!


Bag - Zara
Shoes - Blink

embellished and jewelled slip on sandals