I was a little hesitant to wear this 3/4 length + black dress out and about in sweltering heat but because the material is so thin and airy, it turned out to be perfect. This LBD is from Primark and I am so happy I bought it. It'll be fantastic for city trips when I don't want to be stuffing a carry-on bag with a going out dress. In my last post, I mentioned a store to shop at if you are in Japan... If you are after a magazine, though, JELLY is one of my absolute favourites. There is so much visual content in terms of outfit ideas and the photos are a lot closer to blogging style rather than the traditional editorial campaigns you would usually see in print - i.e. fantastic for outfit inspo. JELLY have also recently brought out a hairstyle magazine which I used to see what kind of short cut I would like because for the longest time ever I have been wanting to donate my hair and I finally did it when I was in Japan! This will be my last post with long hair - eek. The next one will have a few shots from the day as well as more information about the charity I sent my hair donation to.


  1. Oh looking forward to see your new hair =). Although I love your long hair, its so healthy and pretty. But its just hair =). Gorgeous pictures, btw =)

  2. Nice dress! :)

  3. so great dress i like it so much

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