azul by moussy
My first outfit pictures shot in Japan of course had to feature the jidou hanbaiki/vending machines. You may laugh and wonder why there are so many of them - sometimes only tens of metres apart - but after your third or fourth day of going from temple to shrine to temple in 32'C humidity, you begin to appreciate and to somewhat worship these machines. On one of our rest days, we went to the mall near my apartment to catch a movie (進撃の巨人 - Attack on Titan) which also meant a bit of shopping. If any of you go to Japan and want to do a bit of clothes shopping, I'd really recommend checking out AZUL by Moussy, where I found this high-neck top.

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azul by moussy
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azul by moussy
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  1. I love how your shirt's material looks so soft !
    Nice photos :)