When I braced myself for the summer sales I had one thing in mind.. What could I wear and bring over into autumn? I was kind of after midi skirts but either they were a little too long or just a little too short for my liking. Then I found this one in H&M! I fell in love with it straight away because once it wasn't something black. I can't say the same about the sweater though. I was spending a few days in Leuven getting things set up in my new apartment when I decided to pop into Pull and Bear as we don't have one back in Luxembourg. I picked this up along with a few other things but told myself that I should limit myself to two buys only... but hoorah it turned out to be only 8 euros so I thought it couldn't hurt. Right? Isn't that what we all tell ourselves? Hahaha. The reptile-like texture is perfect making your casual everyday black sweater look that tad bit more interesting! (yes I'm still internally justifying my purchase. Guilty)