HALLO, how are you all doing today? Before I dropped my brother off at the station we had a last little walk around the high street and popped into a pub. Although it's definitely a much older crowd in there it's really cosy so I'll probably be going back at some point. Maybe for a pub lunch, mmmhh I could do with a cottage pie right now.
The two new items I got are the spike necklace and the cream pullover - I'm so glad that I finally found one which isn't at all itchy! I wanted to buy a pair of thick burgundy leggings but they were sold out two days after I first saw them in-store. I'm heading up to London tomorrow so I might check out the Oxford street store.


I decided to go shopping after work today and I found this cute bow in topshop. I think it goes so well with red lipstick! I found a cream knit jumper and burgundy treggings but I wasn't so sure about them because of the prices. I've decided to leave it until Saturday - when I go into town with my brother. We might go up to London but that totally depends on money and whether we're bothered to and as my dad said, London is London and it will always be there. I haven't discovered all the charms of the town I now live in but I do have a few places on my list of where I'd like to take my brother. Dinner at wagamama or GBK fo shooo!

I've been using the chanel bronzer for almost a week now and my oh my how I love it so.. You really don't need a lot of the product on your brush to get a good amount of colour around your face and I have to mention again just how smoothy it goes over your face. I'm definitely happy with this product and I feel like I have not wasted my money. I popped into house of fraser again today to look for the laura mercier foundation primer and the girls are so adorable their. I signed up for a loyalty card and the put together a bag absolutely FULL of testers! Perhaps 13 different mini perfumes and a about 5 skin care testers. I cannot be the only girl that loves getting testers.. With perfume not only can you decide whether you like it or not over a week or so, you can pop it in your bag with you when you go out and you don't want to carry much but still want to spruce up in those stinky, sweaty smokey clubs.

As for the skin care testers I think it's really important to find what fits your skin the best. Some products might make you break out, you may not see a difference with some products.. I've been thinking of purchasing a moisturiser and toner from liz earle when I run out of the Simple ones that I have now. I want to start taking more care of my skin before it's too late to make any kind of difference as facelifts and botox are out of the question for me!

Hopefully I can get an outfit post for you guys sooonish! In the meantime, STUDY IF YOU GUYS STILL HAVE EXAMS 


Hey guys! I'm in a super good mood today because I just got back from doing the second of my total of three exams and it went way better than I expected. Well, it went better than the last one at least. Now all I have left is my afternoon exam on Wednesday and then I'm free for a week and a half wooop wooop. My brother is coming to visit on friday so maybe I'll have a little brother-sister outfit post for you hehe. He's coming to the end of exams party with me and then the next day we'll probably head up to London if we're not too dead! I'm so happy that central London is only 30mins away. My bank account on the other hand, isn't quite as joyous. Even if I don't spend crazy amounts on shopping I love being in London and in general, travelling to and from places. I probably get that from my dad! I'm pretty sure I mentioned on here before just how much I love being in airports.

Anyway, moving on, I wore this outfit (although you can see only a bit of it) the other day when I met up with a friend to have a chat and then study. So of course the planned 1h coffee meet-up turned into a 2h gossip sesh and catch up session since it had actually been a while since we saw each other. I did do some studying when I got back though! I promise.

I seriously cannot wait until exams are OVER. I really need to stop stressing and enjoy uni life. I feel like I haven't enjoyed it as much as other people. I'm not really into the going out weekly and yet I feel like I'm not living up to the student experience. My somewhat of another new year's resolution? Get my ass out more (not literally speaking about my booty) and stop being such a hermit! 


I went into town yesterday because I really needed a day for myself. I realised that since I started my part-time job I haven't really had a day just for me - doing what I want to do rather what I should do - so I went shopping! I checked out topshop because their usual 10% off for students is currently 20% but only until Sunday. I picked out some sunglasses as I lost my favourite pair in when I was in Phuket (Thailand) with le Manfriend. I also got an asymmetrical maxi skirt in black because I liked that NYE dress so much (click here to see).

After topshop I went to house of fraser to check out some of the bronzers you guys suggested and OH MY DAYS was I about to explode when I was in there. I walked passed the benefit stand and one of their girls came up to me asking me if I was interested in a free makeover to test out their newest products. I also said that I was interested in checking out the Hoola bronzer one of you girlies suggested. So my first issue: she didn't even take off the make up I was already wearing. How would it be a fair "test" if the products weren't being used on a fresh face? After piling on foundation, the hoola bronzer and a blush I had so much make up on it looked like it could be chiseled off my face.. Even though I do like wearing make up, I like to keep it simple unless it's for a special occasion. I was absolutely mortified when I looked in the mirror my face was like THIS. I asked for make up wipes and took it off instantly. I was not going to parade around looking like something out of a bad reality tv show. I'm sure Hoola is quite a decent bronzer but with the amount of stuff I had on my face, I really couldn't tell if I liked it or not.

I proceeded to the Chanel counter where I asked for the Soleil Tan de Chanel. She put a very discreet amount on my face to try it out before I purchased it. I instantly fell in love with the texture and how smoothly it went over my skin when she applied it. It felt a lot less cakey than a powdered bronzer. My old bronzer was Terre Indienne (in teint doré) by gemey-maybelline, the triangular shaped one. I had gone through my second triangle and as I mentioned a few posts back, I was ready to move onto a better bronzer. And YAY I found one I really like!

PS, please don't be discouraged by post if you want to try out any of benefit's products. I tend to like their products such as the eyebrow kit and their eye shadow bases but this was probably just a one-off bad experience.


Baaaad outfit post - I know - but it's the best I can do for now. I haven't posted in so long.. I feel kinda bad but I just don't have the time to take photos anymore. I have my first exam today. AGH. It's at 6:30.. PM. I'm going to be so tired by then! But I do have like 8 hours to study until then so I better get on with this post and get some last-minute revision done. So, I've been thinking of investing in a tripod - hmmmm. Being at uni I have no Mama to take photos for me so it could be worth the money. I'll have to look into it because I'm not exactly aware of the price range that most tripods fall into. Remember how I saved up money for that parka? Well the parka is gone. Yes, gone off the online shop so at first my face was like :( but now I'm like :) because this means I can put the money I saved up towards holidays, a tripod and anything else. I've also thought about investing in a decent video camera as my nikon doesn't have a video setting. I'd probably set my video camera budget to about 120/150 GBP. I really would like to explore the world of youtube a lot more.

On another note, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of suggestions I got for bronzers. YAY YOU! I'll definitely go out prowling Boots or Superdrug or House of Fraser for your suggestions.




I had a lunch date with the Manfriend today and this is what I wore (minus the crazy Litas, I wore flat boots to walk around cobble-y Luxembourg City). We ate some bagels and chilled until it was time to go. After that I headed off to a mall to get a few presents and to have a general browse for items which I may purchase in the future.

I've made a new year's resolution that I'll do my best to save up for items and have a good think about whether it will be absolutely necessary to by one. For example, I've finished the bronzer which I used pretty much every day so I think it would be okay for me to buy one which is a little more expensive. I like to try out cheaper products and if I find that I'm using them on a daily or regular basis and that I use them until they finish I see that it would perhaps be worth buying a similar product but with better quality. I wanted to try out metallic/glittery blue nailpolish once. I absolutely loved it for about two weeks (and it's still an AMAZING colour) but I ended up not using it enough so I'm glad I bought a rimmel nail polish instead of one from OPI. I did a similar thing with hot pink nail polish from sephora and found myself liking it a lot so in that case I bought a similar shade but from OPI. This way if I buy a beauty product and don't like it I won't feel too bad as it's at a drugstore price.

So guys, do you have any suggestions for bronzers?