I went into town yesterday because I really needed a day for myself. I realised that since I started my part-time job I haven't really had a day just for me - doing what I want to do rather what I should do - so I went shopping! I checked out topshop because their usual 10% off for students is currently 20% but only until Sunday. I picked out some sunglasses as I lost my favourite pair in when I was in Phuket (Thailand) with le Manfriend. I also got an asymmetrical maxi skirt in black because I liked that NYE dress so much (click here to see).

After topshop I went to house of fraser to check out some of the bronzers you guys suggested and OH MY DAYS was I about to explode when I was in there. I walked passed the benefit stand and one of their girls came up to me asking me if I was interested in a free makeover to test out their newest products. I also said that I was interested in checking out the Hoola bronzer one of you girlies suggested. So my first issue: she didn't even take off the make up I was already wearing. How would it be a fair "test" if the products weren't being used on a fresh face? After piling on foundation, the hoola bronzer and a blush I had so much make up on it looked like it could be chiseled off my face.. Even though I do like wearing make up, I like to keep it simple unless it's for a special occasion. I was absolutely mortified when I looked in the mirror my face was like THIS. I asked for make up wipes and took it off instantly. I was not going to parade around looking like something out of a bad reality tv show. I'm sure Hoola is quite a decent bronzer but with the amount of stuff I had on my face, I really couldn't tell if I liked it or not.

I proceeded to the Chanel counter where I asked for the Soleil Tan de Chanel. She put a very discreet amount on my face to try it out before I purchased it. I instantly fell in love with the texture and how smoothly it went over my skin when she applied it. It felt a lot less cakey than a powdered bronzer. My old bronzer was Terre Indienne (in teint doré) by gemey-maybelline, the triangular shaped one. I had gone through my second triangle and as I mentioned a few posts back, I was ready to move onto a better bronzer. And YAY I found one I really like!

PS, please don't be discouraged by post if you want to try out any of benefit's products. I tend to like their products such as the eyebrow kit and their eye shadow bases but this was probably just a one-off bad experience.


  1. yay glad that you found this amazing bronzer as its kinda hard to find :(

  2. @anon - I knooow! Well actually I didn't until the lady at the chanel counter told me that they were out of stock since september of last year. Apparently they had only got it back in stock like a week ago!

  3. your blog is always the last one i check out bc I save the best for last =)
    you're gorgeous and your STYLE... <3

    Btw, may I ask what you study and at which university?

  4. @anon - aw thank you, that's so sweet of you! I'm studying criminology and sociology at a university south west of london (I'd rather not say specifically which university it is while I am still one of their students)

  5. thank you for answering =) sounds interesting! i love london and have always dreamed of studying there, but i guess i was just not brave enough...(btw i live near the luxembourg border and love coming over every now and then =))
    greetings from germany!